Chapter 2395 - Unpredictable World

Chapter 2395 - Unpredictable World

“Rest assured, I am not a careless person,” Zhao Hong said with a smile.

“Then, where are we to meet one another again after today’s separation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Let’s meet up at the Darknight Ghost Forest after everything is done,” Zhao Hong said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng said.

“The people from the Kong Heavenly Clan are still waiting for you two. Let’s go our separate ways here,” As Zhao Hong spoke, she planned to remove the concealment formation covering the three of them. She was planning to leave.

“W-wife,” Right at that moment, Wang Qiang suddenly called out. Even though Wang Qiang was always a shameless individual, he actually revealed a rare hesitating appearance.

“Husband, go ahead and say what you want directly. For you to hesitate like this is quite uncharming,” Zhao Hong said with a smile.

“Since you are willing to be my w-wife, I will definitely m-marry you grandly in the f-future. Merely, b-before t-that, I hope that you do not c-continue to w-willfully slaughter the innocent,” Wang Qiang said to Zhao Hong.

“Did you really consider me a demonic woman?” Zhao Hong asked.

“N-no, t-that’s not w-what I meant. I merely…” Wang Qiang started to become frantic after hearing what Zhao Hong said. He hurriedly tried to explain himself.

“Haha… look at you…” However, seeing Wang Qiang’s reaction, Zhao Hong suddenly burst into loud laughter. Then, she said, “I was only joking. Look at how panicky you became. Turns out that you’re this stupid.”

“D-damned woman, I-I-I… I was t-trying to…” Wang Qiang was still trying to explain himself while stuttering.

“Husband, it’s alright. I know very well what you are worried about.”

“However, I do not blame you. It is true that I was a demonic woman, and had willfully slaughtered innocents and committed countless crimes.”

“At that time, I possessed enormous grievances and killing intent. Ineffably, I felt enormous hatred toward all men of the world.”

“It was as if killing lustful men was my life’s mission. Even if you want me to explain my state of mind back then, I would not be able to explain it. However, it is true that the me from back then was a demonic woman who viewed human life as grass.”

“However, the me now is no longer the same as the me from back then. So, you can rest assured, I will not do those sorts of things again,” Zhao Hong said.

“Zhao Hong, I do not care about the lives and deaths of others. However, as you are my friend, I am very concerned about your safety. You must definitely remember to not overdo yourself on this journey,” Chu Feng said again.

“Chu Feng, why have you also become mawkish like this? This is not like you at all,” Zhao Hong smiled slightly. However, suddenly, her expression turned extremely serious. A strong sense of apology flickered in her eyes. She said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, I was excessively impulsive earlier. If you really consider me a friend, I hope that you will not take it to heart.”

What Zhao Hong was apologizing about was naturally in regard to not listening to Chu Feng about the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond, and that she had instead started to clash with him.

Seeing the apologetic Zhao Hong before him, Chu Feng’s heart was moved. How could a true friend possibly hold a grudge over this sort of quarrel? Chu Feng had already forgotten about that matter. The only thing that he was concerned about the entire time was Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang’s safety.

Thus, Chu Feng laughed mischievously. He copied Zhao Hong’s movement and tone and said, “Zhao Hong, why have you also become mawkish like this? This is not like you at all.”

“Really! I am earnestly apologizing to you here. Why are you instead bullying me like this?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Zhao Hong laughed. Furthermore, she punched Chu Feng’s chest. That punch did not contain even a tiny bit of resentment. Rather, it was filled with affection.

“It seems that the two of you are in no rush to leave. However, I am in a rush to obtain my treasures. Thus… farewell.”

After Zhao Hong finished saying those words, she undid the concealment formation and directly left.

She did not plan to bid her farewells to the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan. The reason for that was because she did not care about etiquette, nor was she concerned about how those people would view her.

This was Zhao Hong, a seemingly cold-hearted yet affectionate and true woman.

As long as you entered her heart, she would most definitely be a friend that you could depend on.

“Boy, it seems that you’ve started to have true feelings now. Did something happen while I was away?” Chu Feng asked Wang Qiang after Zhao Hong left.

In the past, Wang Qiang was fully determined to find an opportunity to escape from Zhao Hong’s evil clutches. However, earlier, when they were parting ways with Zhao Hong, Wang Qiang revealed deep concern for Zhao Hong. That was not a hypocritical show of affection. Thus, it was absolutely not a completely uncalled-for change.

“S-Sure enough, I c-can’t h-hide anything from you,” Wang Qiang said with a mischievous laugh. Then, he began to narrate to Chu Feng what had happened during the time when he was away.

It turned out that the journey to obtain Wang Qiang’s inheritance was not smooth-sailing at all.

Two things happened on the way there.

One of them was that Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong had encountered ferocious beasts created by mechanisms at the location where the treasures were. At that time, the situation was very serious. Wang Qiang had been trapped, and if Zhao Hong did not escape rapidly, she would end up dying there.

However, regardless of how Wang Qiang urged Zhao Hong to escape, she refused to listen to him, and risked her life to save him. In the end… Zhao Hong managed to successfully rescue Wang Qiang. However, she was seriously injured in the process.

Wang Qiang was not a heartless individual. Seeing Zhao Hong treating him like that, Wang Qiang was emotionally moved.

However, what had truly affected Wang Qiang was another matter.

At the beginning, Zhao Hong had treated Wang Qiang with such passion because Wang Qiang had used his special love potion on Zhao Hong during his moment of crisis.

However, that was still only a potion. Sooner or later, the effect of the love potion would wear off. In fact, the effects of the love potion had already worn off.

Thus, Zhao Hong’s actions toward Wang Qiang were actually already no longer due to the effects of the medicine. Rather, Zhao Hong had truly fallen in love with Wang Qiang.

Something like love was without logic to begin with. Perhaps even Zhao Hong herself did not know when she had fallen in love with Wang Qiang.

However, what happened had happened. As such, Zhao Hong began to be hell-bent on treating Wang Qiang well.

However, with how intelligent Zhao Hong was, she naturally knew that Wang Qiang had used the love potion on her so as to save his life. Thus, when the love potion’s effectiveness wore off, she had been keeping that to herself the entire time, and never mentioned it to Wang Qiang. She was afraid that Wang Qiang would avoid her once he discovered the truth.

However, during the moment of life and death crisis back then, Zhao Hong told Wang Qiang everything.

Everyone’s hearts were made out of flesh. When someone treated you like that, how could anyone not be moved?

After Wang Qiang found out about that matter, it was unknown whether he was emotionally moved and became impulsive. Or perhaps it might be that Wang Qiang had already fallen in love with Zhao Hong unknowingly.

However, it remained that Wang Qiang no longer felt disgust towards Zhao Hong. Instead… he accepted the relationship of being husband and wife with Zhao Hong.

If the relationship that the two of them had before was a one-sided relationship from Zhao Hong, then their current relationship was accepted by both parties.

“As I got to know her during this period of time, I felt that Zhao Hong was truly a very good woman. Her origin is also very pitiful. If possible… I do hope that you will be able to treat her properly,” Chu Feng said to Wang Qiang.

“Haha… d-do I l-look like a fickle p-person?” Wang Qiang asked with a beaming smile.

“You d-definitely do,” Chu Feng said while copying Wang Qiang’s manner of speech.

“Hey! You’re a-actually m-mocking me!” Wang Qiang said in disdain.

“Haha, I’m only joking around. Come, brother, let’s go, the seniors from the Kong Heavenly Clan are still waiting for us,” Chu Feng said with a loud laugh as he placed his hand on Wang Qiang’s shoulder. Then, the two of them began to fly toward the direction of the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan.

Kong Shunlian had actually already guessed that Zhao Hong might not be planning to be a guest of their Kong Heavenly Clan.

Thus, he did not show any trace of surprise or regret when he found out that Zhao Hong had left. To him… being able to successfully invite Chu Feng was enough.

Just like that, the curtain dropped on Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s trip to the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond. Chu Feng followed the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan and began to proceed for the Kong Heavenly Clan.

However, after Chu Feng and the others left, the humanoid clay monster emerged from a certain corner of the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond. Most importantly, there were actually two such humanoid clay monsters there.

Furthermore, the humanoid clay monsters revealed an apologetic expression from their empty eye sockets.

They said, “The world is truly unpredictable. Never would have I expected the person to help me obtain the power of the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone to be you.”

“Chu Feng, I owe you another favor now. Unfortunately, I still cannot return their bodies to you. Thus… I also cannot let them see you.”

“However, once I am done with everything, I will definitely repay you. Even if you want my life, I will not refuse.”

After the two humanoid clay monsters finished saying those words, they entered the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond together.


Suddenly, dazzling light once again shone from within the black pond water. The light was extremely bright, and soared straight into the sky.

It was the light of a spirit formation. If one could determine the strength of the spirit formation through the intensity of the light, then the spirit formation would be extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, in an uninhabited place like this, no matter how stunning and magnificent that sight may be, no one was able to appreciate it.

Else, people would definitely exclaim in astonishment.

Soon, the light of the spirit formation gradually vanished. The sky once again turned pitch-black.

Never would anyone have imagined that there was such a formidable spirit formation underneath the pond water.

Furthermore, never would anyone have imagined that there would be two humanoid clay monsters doing something unbeknownst to anyone in the spirit formation.

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