Chapter 2390 - The Truth Revealed

Chapter 2390 - The Truth Revealed

After Chu Feng and Xue Ji left the Hundred Refinements Stage, they did not stop, and instead rapidly flew into the distance.

As for the entrance Chu Feng had opened, it soon quietly reformed itself not long after the two of them left.

Chu Feng and Xue Ji had disappeared. No one chased after them. However, they had no idea that their actions were actually being seen completely by the eyes of the guardian clan’s Clan Chief.

It was not only the scene of Chu Feng and Xue Ji’s escape; everything that had happened in the Hundred Refinements Stage earlier was seen by him.

“A descendant of the Chu Heavenly Clan has finally come to retrieve the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.”

“Merely, this descendant of the Chu Heavenly Clan, he’s actually already an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist at such a young age. Furthermore, he brought forth that sort of lightning. Frightening, truly frightening,” The guardian clan’s clan chief placed his hands behind his head as he muttered softly.

When seeing all that, even though this person was a True Immortal-level expert, he still had an unconcealable, frightened expression on his face.

“Lord Clan Chief, this is bad!” After a short moment, Hu Xuanyi, who was seriously injured flew back leading all of the other injured elders.

He knelt in midair and spoke in a manner filled with grievances, “Lord Clan Chief, that Chu Feng has managed to collude with a traitor among our clan using some unknown method and actually managed to enter the Hundred Refinements Stage. Furthermore, he even stole the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone!”

“There’s also that Xue Ji. She and Chu Feng were actually acquaintances. The two of them colluded with one another and seriously injured us. Lord Clan Chief, please activate the grand formation to kill them. We absolutely cannot let them escape.”

“They have already left,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“They… they have already left?!”

“But…” Hu Xuanyi was stunned. The reason for that was because he had clearly asked the elders guarding the entrance when he was leaving the Hundred Refinements Stage. He had found out from the elders in charge of guarding the entrance that the entrance gate had been closed the entire time he had been in there. Thus, it shouldn’t have been possible for Chu Feng and Xue Ji to have escaped.

“Could it be that they’ve all received Chu Feng’s benefits?! Damn it! I shall severely punish them!” Hu Xuanyi thought that it was those elders in charge of guarding the entrance that had released Chu Feng and Xue Ji. After he made that declaration, he turned around and planned to immediately proceed toward the Hundred Refinements Stage’s entrance.

“Chu Feng left through his own means. Likewise, he came in by himself. There was no traitor in our guardian clan,” The guardian clan’s clan chief declared.

“Ah? He actually entered and left by himself?... But… How could that be possible? How could our Hundred Refinements Stage’s grand formation possibly be…” Not to mention Hu Xuanyi, the other elders present also had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

“Fools, has there been anyone among our guardian clan that has ever managed to move the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone? Yet that Chu Feng managed to do so. Do you all still not understand what that means?” The guardian clan’s clan chief said angrily.

“......” Hu Xuanyi and the others began to ponder. However, they were unable to think of what that could possibly mean. Thus, they asked, “We are foolish, Lord Clan Chief, please explain it to us.”

“Only the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan are capable of moving the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“Ahh!!!” Hearing those words, the expressions of Hu Xuanyi and the others changed enormously. At that moment, they were acting like they'd been struck by lightning. They felt their scalps going numb as fear filled their hearts.

To the guardian clan, the Chu Heavenly Clan was no small matter.

To put it simply, the Chu Heavenly Clan was the master, while the guardian clan was the servant.

The master and servant relationship was engraved into the hearts of everyone from the guardian clan. Even though they were daring enough to make anyone an enemy, they never dared to disrespect anyone from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Even if a True Immortal-level expert from the guardian clan were to face a child without cultivation from the Chu Heavenly Clan, they would still be extremely respectful, and not dare to show the slightest bit of disobedience.

The reason for that was because the Chu Heavenly Clan had helped the guardian clan enormously.

Even the strongest formation of the guardian clan, the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, was something that the Chu Heavenly Clan had taught them.

However, earlier, Hu Xuanyi and the others had actually tried to use the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation to kill Chu Feng. This was simply akin to having committed a capital offense. As such, how could they not be alarmed, not be scared?

“But, if Chu Feng i-i-is a member of t-the Chu Heavenly Clan, why did he not say so?” Hu Xuanyi was so scared that his voice started to tremble.

“Just because he didn’t mention it doesn’t mean that he is not a member of the Chu Heavenly Clan. However, one thing is certain: that is, only people from the Chu Heavenly Clan are capable of moving the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.”

“Likely, there is a reason why Chu Feng never mentioned his identity the entire time.”

“Thus, we must definitely keep the matter of Chu Feng being a part of the Chu Heavenly Clan confidential. This matter absolutely cannot be told to anyone. It is an absolute capital offense to anyone who dares to leak this information.”

“This is especially true for you, Hu Xuanyi. I know that you possess an extraordinary relationship with the Kong Heavenly Clan. However, I hope you keep in mind why our guardian clan was able to survive to this date,” The guardian clan’s clan chief used an ice-cold gaze to look at Hu Xuanyi.

“This lowly one wouldn’t dare, this lowly one wouldn’t dare forget the grace the Chu Heavenly Clan has shown our guardian clan.”

“This lowly one was truly foolish today. However, that was all because I didn’t know Young Master Chu Feng’s identity. If I had known, even if I were beaten to death, I wouldn't dare to attack Young Master Chu Feng,” Hu Xuanyi knelt to the ground. His aged face was covered in weeping bitter tears.

Most importantly, he did not appear to be pretending, but rather regretting from the bottom of his heart.

“What about you all?” The guardian clan’s clan chief turned to ask the other elders.

“We wouldn’t dare leak this matter,” Those elders declared in unison.

“As Young Master Chu Feng has not mentioned his identity today, you were all unaware of it. As such, you are not to be blamed for your actions today, and I will not look further into it,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“Thank you for pardoning us, Lord Clan Chief!!!” Hu Xuanyi and the others were all extremely grateful. After all, to them, this was truly akin to having escaped a calamity.

“You all don’t have to thank me. If you want to thank someone… thank Young Master Chu Feng,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said. As he spoke, he turned around and looked to the direction Chu Feng had left in.

Looking at the direction where Chu Feng disappeared, the guardian clan’s clan chief suddenly had a change in expression. He turned around and asked, “Earlier, that Kong Zheng came to retrieve the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone because he wanted to save someone, right?”

“That’s right. He said that his elder brother was trapped at the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond, and could only be saved with the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone,” Hu Xuanyi said.

“Oh no!” Upon confirming this matter, the guardian clan’s clan chief started to frown. Then, his body shifted, and he disappeared.


Chu Feng and Xue Ji were worried that the people from the guardian clan would chase after them. Thus, the two of them were journeying rapidly, and only stopped after they’d gotten very far away from the Hundred Refinements Stage.

“We’ve escaped this far without anyone chasing after us. It seems that there really isn’t anyone chasing after us,” Xue Ji said.

“What do you plan to do next?” Chu Feng turned to ask Xue Ji.

“Regardless of what I plan to do, I wouldn’t be telling you. Why, could it be that you want to accompany me?” Xue Ji asked with a beaming smile.

“I merely wanted to advise you that it is best that you not commit outrageous atrocities. Else… I will not spare you,” Chu Feng said to Xue Ji.

“What are outrageous atrocities? This is a world where might is right. As for right and wrong, who could possibly determine that?”

“Perhaps what is right in your heart is wrong in my heart, whereas what is wrong in your heart is right in my heart. Thus, it is best that you not weigh me according to the rights and wrongs that you have in mind.”

“Furthermore, let me remind you of this. If I wanted to, I could take away your little life right now. You simply do not possess any qualifications to threaten me,” After Xue Ji finished saying those words, her eyes suddenly started to flicker, and a boundless oppressive might restricted Chu Feng.

That was the oppressive might of a Martial Ancestor. Once that oppressive might appeared, that region of space started to distort and let out strange noises.

“What are you planning to do?” Chu Feng asked with a stern voice.

Chu Feng was actually not afraid of Xue Ji, as he had been holding onto his Evil God Sword the entire time. Even though Xue Ji’s oppressive might was very powerful, as long as Chu Feng activated the Evil God Sword, he would still be able to easily cut through her oppressive might.

Xue Ji did not answer Chu Feng. Instead, with alluring steps, she stepped into the air and arrived before Chu Feng.

Suddenly, her lips were raised upward, and a sexy and alluring smile appeared on her alluring face.

She raised her slender and fair-skinned hand and gently caressed Chu Feng’s cheek. Then, she moved her alluring mouth toward Chu Feng’s ear. With a very ambiguous voice, she said, “Don’t be afraid, I am still reluctant to kill you.”

After she finished saying those words, her oppressive might suddenly disappeared. At the same time, Xue Ji’s figure also disappeared.

Xue Ji had disappeared without a trace.

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