Chapter 2388 - Else, I’ll Have You Dead

Chapter 2388 - Else, I’ll Have You Dead

Finally, Chu Feng finished setting up the grand unsealing formation. Chu Feng activated the grand unsealing formation, and began to wholeheartedly focus on unsealing the burial mounds.

By relying on the keen observational ability of his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng had already discovered the entrance to the burial mounds. Although the entrance was sealed, Chu Feng possessed absolute certainty in being able to undo the seal.

After the grand unsealing formation was set in motion, everything happened as Chu Feng had expected.

The Golden Mountain began to subside after being battered by the pounding from the grand spirit formation.

A bottomless passage that led to an unknown place appeared on the Golden Mountain, after which Chu Feng entered it without the slightest hesitation.

Chu Feng firmly believed that this passage was only the entrance to the burial ground.

The passage was very deep, unimaginably deep. Chu Feng had not encountered any hurdles in the passage. Just like that, he continued downward. Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to sense that Xue Ji was right behind him, that she had followed him into the passage.

However, Xue Ji was very cunning. She had deliberately tailed behind Chu Feng because she was afraid that there would be dangers ahead. She was trying to make Chu Feng a scapegoat should there be dangers.


Finally, a speck of light appeared in the depths of the pitch-black passage. Furthermore, as Chu Feng continued deeper, the light grew brighter and brighter.

“We’re here.”

Chu Feng stopped. Before him was a gate. He knew that it was a world spirit gate that should lead to the burial grounds.


Everything was as Chu Feng anticipated. It was indeed a world spirit gate. Chu Feng managed to easily pass through it.

After passing through the gate, dazzling light stabbed Chu Feng’s eyes, causing him to feel a slight pain.

This was a world spirit space. There was no sky or clouds overhead. Rather, there was only dazzling white light.

In contrast to the dazzling white light above his head, the ground of this world spirit space was filled with bones.

It was a boundless sea of bones where layer upon layer of bones were piled upon one another. It was truly a stunning sight to behold.

After all, the masters of those bones had all previously been alive.

As Chu Feng looked at the surrounding bones, he would from time to time see enormous bones reaching several hundred meters.

It turned out that there were not only a large amount of humans who had died there, there were also monstrous beasts that had died there as well.

Most importantly, all of the bones were glimmering with light. At a glance, they looked like treasures. They were extremely eye-catching.

Furthermore, their source energies were all present.

“Heavens! There’s this many bones, and all of their source energies are actually still here. Milady Queen, this is indeed a treasure deposit! This is a treasure deposit prepared for you!”

At that moment, Chu Feng was endlessly excited. He felt that his blood was racing from head to toe. Compared to finding treasures that he could use, this brought him even greater joy.

Chu Feng had felt that he had let down Eggy all this time. He had always wanted to find treasures that Eggy could use.

Without a doubt, the treasure deposit before him had been prepared for Eggy.

Even though not many of the people that had died here were truly powerful… the number of bones was simply too numerous. Chu Feng firmly believed that those bones would provide an enormous help to Eggy.

To world spirits and Evil Spirits, this space was simply akin to paradise.

“There’s this many intact source energies. It would seem that this Queen will be able to enjoy a hearty meal today,” At that moment, Her Lady Queen was equally excited.

“Sure enough, this battlefield was left intact,” A beautiful figure landed beside Chu Feng. It was Xue Ji, who had followed after Chu Feng.

“You knew about this place beforehand?” Chu Feng turned to ask Xue Ji.

“Of course. This is a battle that occurred in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm a long time ago. Countless sects and schools were gathered in this place to battle. In the end, all sides suffered enormous casualties, and were nearly wiped out here.”

“Although their cultivations were generally not very strong, their source energies were intact. With this enormous amount, they would be of great assistance to me,” Seeing the scene before her, Xue Ji was unable to contain herself from licking her lips. Her sexy appearance was truly alluring.

However, she soon turned around, looked to Chu Feng and said with a smile, “Chu Feng, I must truly thank you for helping me get here.”

“Don’t mention it. After all, I also need the treasures here,” As Chu Feng spoke, he opened his world spirit gate and prepared to let Her Lady Queen out so that she could refine the source energies here.


However, right at that moment, a crimson sword suddenly appeared in Xue Ji’s hand. That sword was very strange. It did not look like an ordinary weapon. However, being held by Xue Ji, the sword emitted an extremely powerful aura.

At that moment, Xue Ji did not aim her crimson sword at Chu Feng. Rather, she aimed it at the world spirit gate that Chu Feng had just opened.

“What are you doing?” Chu Feng frowned and asked uneasily.

“If that little girl dares to come out, I will immediately kill her,” Xue Ji said.

“Didn’t you say that we would divide the treasures here evenly? Are you planning to go back on your word?” Chu Feng asked with a cold voice.

“I am always one to keep my word. Thus, how could I possibly go back on them? However, I merely declared that I would divide them equally with you, and never said that I would divide them equally with her,” Xue Ji said.

“Since that’s the case, I should be able to refine the source energies here, no?” Chu Feng asked.

As matters stood, the familiarity between Chu Feng and Eggy was extremely high. As long as Eggy was awake, she would be able to directly refine source energies through Chu Feng’s body.

When Chu Feng was killing his enemies before, he would always destroy them till not even a speck of them remained. However, before killing them, Her Lady Queen would have already refined their source energies through Chu Feng’s body.

Thus, Her Lady Queen actually did not even have to come out of the world spirit gate to refine the source energies here.

“That won’t do. While I can give all of the remains here to you, you are not allowed to touch an ounce of source energy,” Xue Ji said.

“And what if I am to touch them?” Chu Feng narrowed his brow and asked coldly.

At that moment, Xue Ji narrowed her eyes slightly and revealed a devastatingly beautiful smile. With a very gentle voice, she said to Chu Feng, “If you dare to touch them, I will have you die here and be buried along with these bones.”

“Chu Feng, forget about it, we have been deceived by this Xue Ji. As expected, she is untrustworthy.”

“However, at the very least, she is only interested in this treasure deposit, and does not have the intention to kill you. Thus, let’s forget about it.”

“After all, she was the one to discover this treasure deposit to begin with. Even if we cannot obtain it, we will not have suffered any losses,” Seeing that the situation was bad, Her Lady Queen actually began to urge Chu Feng against it.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt enormous pain in his heart.

Chu Feng knew very well what sort of person Her Lady Queen was.

Although this girl had a gentle appearance, she was actually extremely vicious and cruel. She was definitely not someone that was afraid of anything. When she did something, she disregarded thoughts of life or death even more than Chu Feng.

Had it been otherwise, she would definitely not accept the losses today.

However, she had decided to accept the losses. It was not because she was cowardly. Rather, it was because she was truly worried about Chu Feng.

She did not wish for Chu Feng to sacrifice his life in vain for the sake of her interests.

“Eggy, listen to me. All these years, you have done an enormous amount of things for me. I, Chu Feng, remember all of them.”

“I am not trying to repay you because with the relationship that the two of us have, there is simply no need to pay one another back. However, it is precisely because of this that I must seize what should be yours today.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, his palm streaked across his Cosmos Sack. Then, a crimson sword appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Upon seeing that crimson sword, Her Lady Queen’s heart was moved. She revealed a startled expression on her exceptionally beautiful face, and her beautiful eyes revealed a complicated gaze.

She had managed to recognize with a single glance that the crimson sword Chu Feng held in his hand was that unfathomable weapon, the weapon that possessed an enormous amount of martial power, but also hit its user with an extremely terrifying bashlash, the Demon Armament Evil God Sword.

Even if he should brave the dangers of dying to the backlash, Chu Feng must still strive for Her Lady Queen for the source energies that belonged to her.

“What are you trying to do?” Xue Ji looked to the Evil God Sword in Chu Feng’s hand and asked with a beaming smile.

After all, the Evil God Sword only looked like an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. Before an expert like Xue Ji, a weapon like that was only a plaything that did not pose any threat.


Suddenly, Chu Feng pointed the Evil God Sword at Xue Ji’s throat. His gaze was akin to a torch, and his killing intent was overwhelming.

One word at a time, Chu Feng coldly said, “Abide by your promise. Else, I’ll have you dead.”

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