Chapter 2386 - Golden Mountain Burial Grounds

Chapter 2386 - Golden Mountain Burial Grounds

“What’s going on? Could it be a mistake?”

“But, with Xue Ji’s ability, she shouldn’t have mistaken her target,” The surrounding crowd were all puzzled.

“Xue Ji, what are you doing?! Have you gone insane?!” Hu Xuanyi pointed at Xue Ji and shouted furiously.

“I’m sorry Elder Xuanyi. My attack missed its mark,” Xue Ji smiled in an embarrassed manner. Then, she waved her sleeve again.


A golden ray flashed as Xue Ji shot forth another burst of martial power. Her attack was aimed directly at Hu Xuanyi.



Hu Xuanyi was knocked flying a hundred meters up into the air before ruthlessly crashing down onto the ground. When he landed, his body was covered with blood, causing him to be powerless to stand back up. With a shivering finger and rage in his eyes, he pointed to Xue Ji. Unfortunately, he was unable to utter a single word.

“Oh, I’m sorry Elder Xuanyi. It seems that my attack missed its mark again,” Xue Ji had a harmless smile on her face. It was a very enchanting smile. However, when Hu Xuanyi saw the smile, he grew even more furious.


Hu Xuanyi’s mouth opened, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out. Then, his knees grew weak, and he crashed to the ground. He had been beaten unconscious by Xue Ji.

In fact, it was not only Hu Xuanyi who was furious; the other elders of the guardian clan were also furious.

If missing one’s target once might be understandable, then for it to happen again was definitely impossible. Likely, only fools would believe that Xue Ji had missed her target.

That said, even though they clearly knew that Xue Ji had done so deliberately, the guardian clan’s elders were unable to do anything about it.

They knew very well that Xue Ji was extremely powerful. Although she was someone that was training here, she was an existence that even they, the elders, had to respect.

After all, she was truly a demon-level character.

“Why are you still standing there? If you wish to leave, follow me,” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng. After she finished, she proceed to fly toward the depths of the Hundred Refinements Stage.

In response, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and directly followed after her.

It was not that Chu Feng did not wish to escape. Rather, Xue ji possessed strength surpassing his own. If Xue Ji refused to let him go, even if he tried to escape, he wouldn’t be able to.

Furthermore, Chu Feng wanted to know why Xue Ji had saved him.

Soon, Chu Feng was brought to a mountain range by Xue Ji. This mountain range was very special; it was completely golden. The mountain flickered with light, and was gorgeous and magnificent. This was the legendary Golden Mountain.

However, Chu Feng did not possess the heart to appreciate the Golden Mountain. Rather, his eyes were fixed onto the exceptional beauty before him the entire time.

Merely, Chu Feng did not have the heart to appreciate the beauty of the woman before him either. Instead, restraining fear filled his heart.

Xue Ji was originally a world spirit in Chu Feng’s body. Merely, due to being sealed in Chu Feng’s body, she felt deep hatred toward Chu Feng, and had declared that she would kill Chu Feng countless times.

And now, she was standing before Chu Feng and possessed the strength to kill Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, it has truly been a very long time since we last met. It seems that you haven’t changed much either,” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile on her face. Her charming gaze actually did not possess the slightest trace of hostility. It was as if she were seeing an old friend.

“Don’t try that with me. Exactly why did you save me?” Chu Feng said to Xue Ji.

“Look at you, why are you not gentle at all towards a girl? Could it be that you also speak like this to that silly girl who declared herself to be a queen? I seem to remember that to not be the case, no?” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng.

“Enough of your superfluous words. Do not waste both of our time. Else, once the reinforcements from the guardian clan arrive, neither of us will be able to escape,” Chu Feng said.

“Reinforcements? Rest assured, there will not be any reinforcements. Even if reinforcements are to come, they will be no match for me. There is a special restriction in the Hundred Refinements Stage. Those above Half Martial Ancestor are unable to enter this place,” Xue Ji said.

“Then exactly why did you save me? Don’t you tell me it’s because of old affection. I remember very well that right after I released you at the Nangong Imperial Clan, you were determined to kill me. If it wasn’t for Eggy concealing me with her ability, I would have already been killed by you,” Chu Feng said to Xue Ji.

“Don’t you speak of yourself so highly either. Back then, when you released me, you merely did so to save yourself. In other words, I was your savior at the Nangong Imperial Clan. Furthermore, I have saved you just now too. Thus, shouldn’t you be thanking me?” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng.

“Thank you? Very well, tell me how you want me to thank you.” Chu Feng asked with a sneer. He wanted to know exactly what this Xue Ji was planning.

“How about sleeping with me?” Xue Ji said with a charming smile.

“Truly shameless,” Hearing what Xue Ji said, Her Lady Queen was unable to contain herself and cursed out.

As for Chu Feng, he would naturally not believe that Xue Ji would actually want him to sleep with her. Furthermore, who was Xue Ji? She was a truly poisonous woman, someone who was extremely dangerous.

Even if Xue Ji really wanted Chu Feng to sleep with her, Chu Feng would not dare to do it, because he feared that if he did, he would not even know how he had died.

“No matter what, I must thank you for saving me today. However, I am preoccupied with something that I must take care of. Since you do not need anything from me, I will take my leave,” Chu Feng clasped his fist at Xue Ji. Then, without waiting for Xue Ji to say anything, he turned to leave.


However, Chu Feng had only flown a short distance when a boundless oppressive might arrived from behind him. It overtook him, and then blocked off the path ahead.

“Exactly what do you want?” Chu Feng turned around and looked at Xue Ji. After all, the oppressive might that was blocking his path was Xue Ji’s.

“You are truly impatient. I still remember that you did not treat that silly girl in this manner.”

“However, that’s fine. After all, you have already managed to guess the reason why I saved you. Thus, I might as well tell you the truth.”

“I need your help,” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng.

“Continue,” Chu Feng said.

“You are now an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Thus, have you not noticed that this Golden Mountain is strange?” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng.

After hearing what Xue Ji said, Chu Feng turned his gaze downward toward the Golden Mountain.

Earlier, he was only concerned about Xue Ji, and did not bother to carefully inspect the mountain. However, upon closer inspection, Chu Feng’s gaze immediately changed.

That Golden Mountain was indeed extremely extraordinary.


Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes. Before his Heaven’s Eyes, everything became clear.

“This is a burial ground,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right. This is indeed a burial ground. Furthermore, it has existed since before the Hundred Refinements Stage was constructed.”

“Furthermore, as Martial Ancestor-level experts are unable to enter this place, and this place became a place where trash from the Lower Realms gathered, no one noticed that there was such a treasure in the Hundred Refinements Stage.”

“How about this: since you’ve already seen it, I might as well share. You help me open this treasure deposit, and we’ll divide the treasures evenly,” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng.

“How am I supposed to trust you?” Chu Feng asked Xue Ji. For some unknown reason, Chu Feng did not feel that exceptional beauty before him to be trustworthy.

“By the fact that I’ve saved you,” Xue Ji said.

“Chu Feng, with the situation at hand being like this, you might as well give it a try. Perhaps this treasure deposit will be very beneficial to you,” Eggy said to Chu Feng.

“Very well, I will trust you this once,” Chu Feng agreed to help. However, he did not immediately descend to the ground. Rather, he stood in the sky and set up a concealing formation to cover the entire Golden Mountain. Then, he descended to the ground.

He did this to prevent the people from the guardian clan from chasing after him. With this concealment formation, unless they were to search for Chu Feng using the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, they would definitely be unable to discover Chu Feng and Xue Ji.

“As expected from an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. The speed at which you set up your spirit formation is truly fast. However, this Golden Mountain is no small matter. I truly wonder whether or not you will be able to open it,” Xue Ji said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

“You merely need to keep your promise,” Chu Feng said to Xue Ji.

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to set up a grand unsealing formation.

When the magnificent spirit power fluttered in the sky and moved about under Chu Feng’s control, even Xue Ji who had questioned Chu Feng earlier revealed an astonished gaze.

She had realized that Chu Feng would most definitely be able to open the burial ground.

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