Chapter 2375 - Revenge

Chapter 2375 - Revenge

“Senior, as you’re an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, you most definitely possess extremely powerful observation methods.”

“Can you check to see if there are people from the guardian clan there?” Ma Yue said to Chu Feng.

It turned out that the reason why Ma Yue and Tian Yi stopped was because they were afraid that there were people from the guardian clan guarding that place.

“Mn,” Chu Feng did not hesitate, and immediately used his Heaven’s Eyes to observe the area ahead.

Actually, Chu Feng was still some distance away from his intended goal. Not to mention ordinary cultivators, even world spiritists might not necessarily be able to see what was ahead clearly.

However, before his Heaven’s Eyes, everything became clear.

Ahead of them was an altar. The altar was not very large. However, it was very exquisite.

As for the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone, it was placed at the center of the altar.

It was jade green in color. Its size was about that of a watermelon. Looking from afar, it really did only resemble a jadeite stone. Apart from that, there was seemingly nothing special about it.

However, for some unknown reason, the seemingly ordinary Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone gave Chu Feng a particular sensation. It was as if some sort of special power was attracting Chu Feng’s blood.

There were hundreds of people gathered outside the altar. Those people all possessed Half Martial Ancestor-level cultivations.

From the outfits that those people were wearing, Chu Feng was able to guess that they were most likely all cultivators from Lower Realms.

For the sake of their safety, Chu Feng surveyed his distant surroundings. After discovering that there was no one from the guardian clan among them, Chu Feng felt relieved, and turned his gaze toward those people once again.

With his sharp perception, Chu Feng could tell that those people possessed an intimate bearing with one another, and resembled colleagues. Most likely, they were discussing something whilst gathered there.

Before Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, everything was clear. Not only was Chu Feng able to capture each and every movement from those people, he was also able to determine what they were saying by reading their lips.

It just so happened that the topic of conversation between those individuals was actually related to Ma Yue and Tian Yi.

“Big brother Zhou, we have truly searched carefully. We have nearly rummaged through the entire Hundred Refinements Stage. However, we were unable to find Ma Yue and Tian Yi. We have no idea where they’ve fled to. Could they have reported to the elders and been taken away by them?” Someone asked worriedly.

“That’s impossible. Even though that Ma Yue is quite talented, she is still only trash in the eyes of the elders. As such, how could they possibly care about her life and death?” Someone rejected that possibility.

“Logically, as that Ma Yue was injured, she shouldn’t be able to get far away.”

“That Tian Yi is truly an expert in hiding. He actually managed to hide Ma Yue so well.”

“So what? Big brother Zhou’s poison is not something that Tian Yi can cure.”

“That’s true. After all, big brother Zhou is my idol.”


The several hundred individuals were all surrounding a man and flattering him nonstop.

As for that man, his age was about the same as Tian Yi’s, several hundred years old. However, he had not changed his appearance to that of a middle-aged man. Rather, he disguised himself as a young man.

Furthermore, his appearance was very handsome.

If he was born that handsome, it would be fine. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that his handsome appearance was fake.

That man’s original appearance was extremely ugly, so ugly that one would feel nauseated looking at him.

However, even though he was clearly ugly, that man had changed his appearance to be such a handsome young man. That alone was sufficient to show how much of a sham the man was.

However, one thing worthy of mentioning was that his cultivation was not that of a rank three Half Martial Ancestor like Tian Yi had declared.

Rather, his cultivation was actually that of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

“Big brother Zhou, why did you not kill that Ma Yue directly during your confrontation that day?” Someone asked.

“Are you stupid?”

“You too know about the rules of a public match. One can only injure one’s opponent, and not kill.”

“Furthermore, there were many elders present that day. If I were to kill her, even if the elders were to shield me, I would definitely still be punished,” Zhou Zongzhi said in a very displeased manner.

“I am slow-witted, I am slow-witted,” The person who had questioned him earlier immediately started apologizing.

“That said, brothers, you all do not have to worry anymore. Back then, I was afraid of Ma Yue because she possessed the same level of cultivation as me.”

“However, I have now managed to successfully reach a breakthrough and become a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Even if that Ma Yue is able to heal her injuries, she will still be no match for me. She will forever be trodden under my foot until the day the Hundred Refinements Stage’s entrance is opened.”

“At that time, I will be chosen as a core disciple by a powerful sect. As for that Ma Yue, even if she manages to obtain decent standings and treatment, she is destined to be beneath me,” When mentioning that, Zhou Zongzhi was immensely proud of himself.

“Of course. How could trash from the Elm Lower Realm possibly be able to contend against our big brother Zhou?”

“That’s right. That Elm Lower Realm is the worst trash among the various Lower Realms.”

“As for our big brother Zhou, he’s from the strongest Splendor Night Lower Realm. Merely with that status, that Ma Yue can forget about standing on equal footing as big brother Zhou,” The crowd declared.

“No, you all are mistaken.”

“The trashiest Lower Realm is not the Elm Lower Realm. Rather, it’s the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm,” Suddenly, someone refuted.

“How many years has it been since that Ancestral Martial Lower Realm has had anyone reach this place? I bet they might have already ceased to exist by now.”

“Even if the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm still exists, it is most definitely a gathering place for trash, a place simply not worth mentioning. Hahaha.”

The crowd were feeling extremely delighted. At the same time they started to ridicule the Elm Lower Realm, they actually also started to ridicule the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.

From this, it could be seen that the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm was most likely an object of constant ridicule for them.

As Chu Feng was carefully observing ahead, Ma Yue’s voice sounded. “Senior, are there people from the guardian clan there?”

“There aren’t. However, your enemies are all gathered there. Are you prepared?” Chu Feng asked with a smile. He indicated to Ma Yue that the time for her revenge had arrived.

“I’ve been prepared,” After Ma Yue finished saying those words, her eyes started to flicker, and her long hair started to flutter.

Her aura was also changing. A layer of purple gas was being emitted from her body. Like flames, they revolved around her.

As that happened, her aura started to grow stronger.

Divine Body. This Ma Yue was actually a Divine Body.

Not only that, Chu Feng was able to clearly sense that this Ma Yue actually possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting two levels of cultivation.

In other words, although Ma Yue’s cultivation was that of a rank three Half Martial Ancestor, even ordinary rank five Half Martial Ancestors would likely not be a match for the current her.

This Ma Yue really could be considered a genius.


As Ma Yue flew ahead, Tian Yi also furiously flew after her.

As for Chu Feng, he naturally also followed after them. After all, he knew very well that the current Zhou Zongzhi was not someone who Ma Yue could defeat. Thus… he would not look on as Ma Yue and Tian Yi ended up being beaten up.

“Zhou Zongzhi, you damned despicable bastard. You actually dared to poison me?! You are simply as despicable as one can be!” After Ma Yue reached the altar, she shouted furiously.

She held a purple Incomplete Ancestral Armament sword and pointed it forward. Immediately, the sky started to change. She had directly unleashed a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

From this, it could be seen that she knew how powerful Zhou Zongzhi was. She did not want to waste time, and wanted to defeat him with one strike.

That Heaven Taboo Martial Skill seemed to have fused with Ma Yue’s Divine Power. It turned into a purple whirlwind. The whirlwind was not very large. However, it possessed extraordinary power capable of shaking her surroundings.

At that moment, the expressions of the great majority of people at the altar all changed enormously. Fear filled their faces. Involuntarily, they began to move behind Zhou Zongzhi.

As for that Zhou Zongzhi, he seemed to be completely prepared. He lightly waved his sleeve, and a burst of boundless martial power appeared out of thin air.

His martial power forcibly neutralized Ma Yue’s Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

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