Chapter 2363 - The Power Of Lightning Mark

Chapter 2363 - The Power Of Lightning Mark

Kong Cheng’s voice sounded again. This caused Chu Feng and the others to turn their gazes toward him.

At that moment, the crowd were greatly disappointed.

Kong Cheng spoke very aggressively. This caused the crowd to think that he had managed to break free from those two world spirits.

However, upon looking over, the crowd discovered that not only was Kong Cheng unable to handle the two world spirits, he was also being suppressed by them, and forced into a disadvantaged state.

“S-say, w-with the way you are, y-you’re p-powerless to even d-defend yourself. Y-yet, you s-still dare to threaten others?” Wang Qiang mocked.

“You all really think that I am unable to take care of these two world spirits?”

“I shall let you all experience the true power of a Heavenly Bloodline!!!” After Kong Cheng finished saying those words, the nine colored lightnings that flashed in his eyes grew brighter and brighter. Then, the nine colored lightnings in his eyes began to move from his eyes to his skin and then gathered at his forehead.

Soon, the lightnings that had gathered at his forehead formed a pattern.

That pattern was squirming nonstop. However, the crowd were able to faintly tell that it seemed to be the character ‘mortal.’

At that moment, that Kong Cheng’s aura increased once again. His battle power also increased alongside his aura.


Suddenly, Kong Cheng shouted. Following his shout, the Incomplete Ancestral Armament he held in his hand reacted like a ferocious beast that had just been awakened. It too let out a berserk sound, and then began to emit overwhelming power.

seeing the situation, the expressions of the two Fairy World Spirits changed enormously. They moved away from Kong Cheng.

Although Kong Cheng’s cultivation had not increased, his current battle power was incomparable to before. He had already surpassed those two world spirits.

Kong Cheng, who was originally at a disadvantage, had managed to turn the situation around instantly. He was now suppressing the two world spirits.

“Lightning Mark! That is the Lightning Mark formed from the Nine Lightnings Fusions!”

At that moment, Chu Feng was staring at the squirming lightning symbol on Kong Cheng’s forehead with a serious expression. He knew that that was the Lightning Mark that his father had spoken of.

His father had said that when the possessors of Heavenly Lightning Bloodline reached Martial Ancestor level, one’s nine colored Divine Lightnings would reach a state of Nine Lightnings Fusion. With that, one would be able to condense one’s Divine Lightnings into a corresponding Lightning Mark.

The Lightning Marks were of different strength in correspondence with the Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques. They were respectively the Mortal Mark, the Earthen Mark, the Heaven Mark and the Divine Mark.

Although what Kong Cheng had condensed was merely the weakest level Mortal Mark, his battle power had increased enormously from it. Else, it would be impossible for him to obtain the power to contend against those two world spirits.

As this was the first time that Chu Feng was seeing a Lightning Mark, he was inevitably feeling excited. After all, what he trained in was the strongest Self-punishing Mysterious Technique, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

“When Mortal Marks are already like this, I wonder how the Divine Mark that you will form after becoming a Martial Ancestor would be like?” Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded. Her tone was filled with anticipation.

“I am also looking forward to that day. Merely, it seems that the current situation is unfavorable to us,” While Chu Feng was very excited, he was also very worried. He felt that regardless of how powerful Zhao Hong might be, those two world spirits would most likely be her limit. If those two world spirits were to be defeated by Kong Cheng, they would likely suffer today.

“Rest assured, as long as his cultivation doesn’t increase, my world spirits will be able to handle him,” Zhao Hong seemed to have sensed Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s worries. Thus, she said that to reassure them.

Chu Feng looked to Zhao Hong and discovered that she really did have a confident appearance. It seemed that she was extremely confident in her world spirits.

“Merely world spirits, what makes you all think that you can handle me?” After Kong Cheng gained the upper hand in the battle, he became confident, and started to insult the two world spirits while suppressing them.

“Humph,” Faced with Kong Cheng’s insults, anger flashed past the eyes of the two world spirits. Then, the two world spirits looked to one another, seemingly as if they had come to some sort of decision. Then, golden radiance shone from the eyes of the two world spirits.


As the dazzling light filled the air, the two world spirits’ bodies also began to emit dazzling golden light. The light grew brighter and brighter. It was so dazzling that many people were unable to open their eyes, and no longer dared to look at the light head-on.

However, the dazzling light did not continue to shine forever. Soon, it ceased to shine.

When the dazzling light stopped shining so brightly, everyone could see that a change had actually occurred to the bodies of the two Fairy Spirit World world spirits. They were emitting a layer of golden light from their bodies. Furthermore, their battle power had also increased.

“So what if you possess a Heavenly Bloodline. We shall have you experience the power of our Fairy World Spirit’s bloodline.”

As the two Fairy Spirit World’s world spirits spoke, they brandished the weapons in their hands and rushed to launch a counter-offensive against Kong Cheng.

As for Kong Hong, he was not to be outdone. Once again, he collided with the two world spirits. Merely, this time around, neither side possessed superiority over one another. Once again, they entered a stalemate.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly waved his arm. Then, a ray of light flew out from his palm and pierced into that Zhao Yu.


After that flash of light passed through, Zhao Yu immediately let out a miserable scream. Chu Feng’s attack had directly sliced off half of Zhao Yu’s arm.

Furthermore, Chu Feng used a special method to make the pain that Zhao Yu was feeling right now much more painful than the pain of having one’s arm cut off. That was the reason why Zhao Yu screamed so miserably.

“Speak!!!” Chu Feng had lost his patience. The killing intent in his eyes grew denser and denser. If this Zhao Yu were to continue to delay, Chu Feng might really end up killing him. After all, this matter concerned his beloved ones.

“Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me. I’ll tell you right away,” That Zhao Yu did not dare to conceal this matter from Chu Feng any longer. Thus, he took out a map from his Cosmos Sack and tossed it to Chu Feng.

Upon opening the map, Chu Feng discovered that it was a map of the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond. On the map was a route. At the destination of that route was the symbol of two women. Evidently… Zhao Yu and the others had come prepared.

“Is this real?” Chu Feng asked seriously.

“Real, absolutely real,” Zhao Yu hurriedly nodded his head.

“Chu Feng, someone like him cannot be trusted. The way I see it, we should experiment with him and use the Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation on him,” Zhao Hong said.

“There’s no need,” Chu Feng shook his head. Through his observation, Chu Feng firmly believed that the map Zhao Yu had given him was real.

Chu Feng took a glance at the sky. The two Fairy World Spirits and Kong Cheng were still fighting. Seeing that, Chu Feng started to frown.

Evidently, the two parties were at a stalemate right now. However, Chu Feng had no idea as to whether or not these members of the younger generation from major clans and powers would have reinforcements. It would be fine if there weren’t any reinforcements. However, if there were, they would likely be no match for them.

Thus, after pondering for a while, Chu Feng said to Zhao Hong, “It wouldn’t do to continue like this. Let’s retreat for now. Zhao Hong, are we able to get away safely?”

“That’s simple,” Zhao hong smiled confidently. Then, she extended her hand and made a grabbing motion. She gathered all of the remaining people from the Kong Heavenly Clan before her.

“Big brother Kong Cheng, save us! Big brother Kong Cheng, save us!!!” The people from the Kong Heavenly Clan all thought that Zhao Hong was going to do something to them and were scared witless.

In response, Kong Cheng started to panic. “Impudent! If you dare to do something to my clansmen, our Kong Heavenly Clan will definitely massacre your entire family and your extended family!!!”

“If you want them to live, cease your attacks immediately,” Zhao Hong said.

“You! You’re truly despicable and shameless!!!” Kong Cheng seemed to have realized what Zhao Hong wanted to do. Thus, he cursed out at her.

“I have never once declared that I am an honorable person. I’m telling you to cease your attacks, so you’d best do it. Else, I will slaughter them,” Zhao Hong threatened.

“Come at me if you dare. Do not injure them,” Although that Kong Cheng was proud and arrogant, he was concerned about the lives of his clansmen, and thus actually stopped his attacks.

At that moment, the crowd all felt that Zhao Hong would take advantage of the situation to attack Kong Cheng.

However, to the crowd’s surprise, after Kong Cheng stopped his attacks, Zhao Hong’s two world spirits also stopped their attacks. They did not seize this opportunity to attack Kong Cheng.

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