Chapter 2360 - Becoming Famous

Chapter 2360 - Becoming Famous

The remnant in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds was Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnant.

Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong had become the people who had obtained the inheritance of Grandmaster Kai Hong.

Not long after news of this matter spread, the four tier one powers, leading various other powers with them, all made announcements that they would protect Chu Feng. Should anyone dare to touch Chu Feng, it would mean that they would be making an enemy out of them.

When news of those two grand events spread, it immediately caused the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to burst into an uproar.

If the previous Chu Feng was only slightly renowned, then the current Chu Feng was, without a doubt, one of the most famous individuals in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

After all, Chu Feng had currently obtained a new title. He had become the successor of Grandmaster Kai Hong.

Many people felt that Chu Feng might be the existence that would surpass Young Master Li Ming, that he would be the most dazzling genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

In fact, it was not only Chu Feng, as Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong had also caught the attention of the crowd. The crowd felt that the two of them were no small matter, and that they must possess enormous backgrounds too.

In fact, many people began to investigate the identities of Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

That being said, at the moment when the people of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm were wildly discussing this matter, the main characters of the discussion, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong, simply did not know about what was happening.

The three of them had proceeded for the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond after departing from the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds that day.

The Drought Demon’s Damned Pond was a forbidden area. Due to the special characteristic of that place, it was desolate and devoid of human activity. In fact, it could even be said that very few living things could be seen there.

In fact, it was not only the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond that was devoid of life, even the area surrounding the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond possessed very few people. It was a forgotten land.

If it wasn’t for the coincidence that the Hundred Refinements Stage was constructed in that region, it was likely that no one would ever go there.

As a result, no one would go to spread the news in that region even if something major were to happen in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

As Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were proceeding toward the direction of the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond, they would naturally not have heard about the recent news.

“Husband, husband, I suddenly recalled something.”

Suddenly, an extremely gentle and pleasant-sounding voice sounded from Zhao Hong’s mouth.

Once that voice was heard, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed. Then, he turned his gaze to Zhao Hong.

When Chu Feng saw Zhao Hong’s shy appearance, he revealed a sympathetic smile. Then, he turned his sympathetic gaze to Wang Qiang.

Sure enough, Wang Qiang’s complexion had turned blue. He was sweating cold bullets from fear. Cautiously, he asked Zhao Hong, “W-wife, w-what sort of t-trick d-do you have in mind t-this time? C-can you n-not bully me?”

Actually, Wang Qiang’s response was understandable. The reason for that was because Zhao Hong had abused Wang Qiang many times on their way here. The two of them had been arguing with one another repeatedly on their journey. Although Wang Qiang was a stutterer, his mouth was not to be reckoned with. Thus, Zhao Hong was truly no match for Wang Qiang in terms of quarreling.

Every time Zhao Hong was unable to win against Wang Qiang in their quarrel, she would begin to use force. As for Wang Qiang, he naturally ended up suffering by her hands.

However, Wang Qiang just so happened to be unable to control his mouth. He would end up refuting Zhao Hong every single time. Last time around, he was oppressed relatively miserably. As such, he had managed to learn from his previous mistakes, and would always nod silently regardless of how much Zhao Hong tried to pick a quarrel with him.

Zhao Hong’s sudden gentleness was simply too strange. This deeply frightened Wang Qiang.

“Of course not. I merely suddenly recalled one thing,” Zhao Hong said with a beaming smile.

“Wha-what is it?” Wang Qiang asked with trembling fear.

“Husband, let’s set up a Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation on one another!” Zhao Hong said.

“W-what? S-soul-linking S-spirit Formation Incantation?”

“W-why a-are w-we to suddenly s-set up a Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation? D-do y-you know how scary that is?!!!” Hearing what Zhao Hong said, Wang Qiang immediately opened his mouth wide.

Even Chu Feng started to frown, and his heart started to tighten.

What was a Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation? It was akin to a kind of curse created using world spirit techniques.

It was a very powerful spirit formation. It was not something that ordinary people could set up, nor was it something that ordinary people knew of. It was a sort of spirit formation that only Immortal-cloak World Spiritists could set up.

Furthermore, it was a sort of spirit formation that had been lost for a very long time. Likely, very few people knew of that spirit formation in the world.

Even for Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong, they only knew about that spirit formation from Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance, because it was one of the many spirit formations from the inheritance.

As for the so-called Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation, it required someone to make an oath. Upon making the oath, the Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation would go into effect and take the form of a character. That character would then attack one’s soul.

If the person who had a Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation placed on them decided to violate their oath, the spirit formation curse would activate. In less serious cases, their souls would be shattered from the spirit formation curse and they would die. In more serious cases, they would not die, but instead go insane and live a life more miserable than death, forever tormented by that spirit formation curse.

And now, Zhao Hong wanted to set up such a frightening thing on Wang Qiang. How could Chu Feng not be startled by it?

“Zhao Hong, don’t fool around. That sort of thing is not to be fooled around with,” Out of consideration for the safety of Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong, Chu Feng spoke to advise against it.

“Chu Feng, I bet you don’t understand. Although the Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation is dangerous, one will not suffer its punishments as long as one does not go against one’s oath.”

“Wouldn’t this be great to constrain my husband and I? Unless…” As Zhao Hong spoke, she looked to Wang Qiang, “... unless you will be unfaithful towards me.”

Wang Qiang summoned up his courage and asked, “H-how could I? G-go ahead, t-tell me what s-sort of o-oath I must make.”

“It’s very simple. My demand is not high. When I am setting up the Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation on you, you merely need to say…”

“Wife, I will love only you for eternity. My heart will never change. I will be good to you forever. Every night, I will wash your feet all the way till old age.”

“If you beat me, I won’t fight back. If you scold me, I won’t answer back. I will also make delicious food for you and accompany you till the ends of the world. I will bring you to see all the beautiful sceneries in the world. If I am unable to accomplish that, I will break my hands and break my legs. I shall have no descendants. In the end, I shall be split into pieces with my head buried in cow manure, unable to reincarnate for eternity,” Zhao hong said excitedly.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. The reason for that was because he knew that Wang Qiang had wanted to escape Zhao Hong the entire time, that he simply did not like Zhao Hong at all. If Wang Qiang were to make that sort of oath, he would undoubtedly die.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to sigh in his heart. He thought to himself that this Zhao Hong was truly ruthless. She actually wanted to force Wang Qiang to make such a ruthless oath. If Wang Qiang was to make that oath, his life would truly be inferior to death.

When Chu Feng was already feeling that way, Wang Qiang’s expression would naturally be even uglier. However, Wang Qiang pretended to be calm and asked, “You w-want me to m-make such a r-ruthless oath. It’s n-not that I can’t do it, but can you do it ?”

In response, Zhao Hong’s eyes narrowed. Then, she smiled complacently and said, “I’ll leave behind only one word, yes!!!”

“Yes?” Hearing that word, Wang Qiang’s face immediately turned fiery red. Then, he looked to Zhao Hong and shouted, “Get the fuck out of here.”

“You… you dare curse at me? You have truly grown tired of living,” Zhao Hong shouted at Wang Qiang. Then, she grabbed Wang Qiang, who had been planning to escape.

After that, screams began to sound from Wang Qiang’s mouth nonstop.

Although Zhao Hong was angry, she was not ruthless in her attacks. Thus, her beating of Wang Qiang was within his ability to endure. She did not really bring harm to him.

Furthermore, even though Wang Qiang was captured by Zhao Hong, she did not force him to make that vicious oath and set up the Soul-linking Spirit Formation Incantation. From this, it could be seen that Zhao Hong’s words earlier were only meant to toy with Wang Qiang.

Although his brother was being tormented, the smile on Chu Feng’s face grew wider and wider.

Although the one being bullied had always been Wang Qiang, Chu Feng felt that those two buffoons were quite a match for one another after seeing their interactions throughout their journey.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng turned his gaze downward, his gaze suddenly changed.

According to the information that they’d gathered on their way here, the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond should be right ahead. That should be a place without life.

However, at that moment, a large group of people had appeared ahead of them. Many among them were people of the younger generation. However, there was no lack of experts among them. In fact, many of those people ahead possessed strength superior to Chu Feng’s.

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