Chapter 2150 - Lord Pavilion Master

Chapter 2150 - Lord Pavilion Master

“W-W-What’s going on?” Wang Qiang asked in a puzzled manner.

“Hey, brats, are the two of you trying to die? You must kneel and kowtow to the people of Luyang’s Pavilion when they pass by. If you do not wish to kneel, you must hide yourself immediately.”

Suddenly, from not far away, an old middle-aged man with sideburns shouted at Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

Although that man had the appearance of a middle-aged uncle, his actual age was at least two hundred years old. He had already surpassed the age range of the younger generation.

“W-What? W-We need to k-kneel and k-kowtow just from t-them passing by? T-They a-are this a-arrogant?”

“I r-refuse. I-I’m not going to k-kneel. I s-shall see w-w-what they can do t-to me,” Hearing the advice from the middle-aged uncle, Wang Qiang instead decided to go against it. He placed his hands on his hips and held his head high up. It was a fearless appearance.

“The hell! You ugly fellow without clothes on, have you truly grown tired of living?” Seeing that Wang Qiang was refusing to hide, and instead revealed such an arrogant appearance, the middle-aged uncle grew worried.

“A-Aiyah! W-Who a-are you calling u-u-ugly?” Wang Qiang was immediately displeased by the middle-aged uncle’s insult. As he spoke, he began to walk toward that uncle.

Seeing that, Chu Feng started to shake his head with a smile on his face. He was able to tell that Wang Qiang did not really plan to beat up that uncle. After all, he had warned them out of kindness.

Wang Qiang was merely giving himself a reason so that he could get off the stage. He actually also wanted to hide.

As for Chu Feng, as he was not familiar with what that so-called Luyang’s Pavilion was, he would naturally not take risks. After all, they had just arrived in this place. As such, they should do things with care.

Thus, Chu Feng followed Wang Qiang and arrived at that uncle’s hiding place.

“What is this? You’re planning to attack me after I warned you out of kindness?”

“Come, come, come. Although I am not fond of bullying the weak or the young, I, Liu, will not pamper such a shameless bastard as you.”

That uncle was not made afraid by Wang Qiang walking toward him aggressively. He placed both hands on his waist, raised his neck and emitted the aura of a rank three Half Martial Emperor.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and secretly laughed. Both him and Wang Qiang had seen through that uncle’s cultivation long ago.

However, that uncle was actually still showing off his aura at such a time. It was clear that he was very confident in his cultivation.

At the very least, he did not place Chu Feng and Wang Qiang in his eyes.

“Uncle, please don’t be m-mistaken. I am n-not planning to f-f-fight you. I have m-merely come to r-r-reason with you.”

“T-Tell me, t-there are n-neither g-grievances nor g-grudges between us, w-why w-would you a-attack me personally a-after j-just meeting me?” Wang Qiang said with an expression of unreconciliation.

“My, what is this? I can’t speak the truth?” The uncle was also unreconciled. However, his expression suddenly changed. With a lowered voice, he said, “Brat, we’ll settle this later.”

After he finished saying those words, the uncle carefully turned his gaze toward the sky. At the same time, he started to hide himself even further away.

Seeing that, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang also turned their gazes toward the sky.

At this moment, not only was the ear-piercing bell growing louder and louder, a large group of troops were moving about in the sky in a majestic manner.

This group of people were covered by purple clouds. It was simply impossible to see through the clouds. Other than the many Luyang’s Pavilion’s banners that fluttered in the air, one could only heard the grandiose sound of footsteps. Those footsteps were from people walking in the air.

However, after Chu Feng unleashed his Heaven’s Eyes, he was able to see through everything.

Monstrous beasts and humans were traveling together in the purple clouds. However, regardless of whether they were monstrous beasts or humans, they were all wearing the same sort of outfit. From this, it could be seen that they should be from the same power.

Merely, in the Holy Land of Martialism, the monstrous beasts and humans possessed their respective powerful factions. Only very rarely would there be a power composed of both monstrous beasts and humans.

Furthermore, the people in this power all possessed very powerful cultivations. Regardless of whether they were monstrous beasts or humans, they were all Martial Emperor-level experts. Furthermore, there were more than eight thousand of these sorts of experts in total.

A total of over eight thousand Martial Emperors. Just thinking about it, once could very well imagine how terrifying this sort of disposition of forces was. Furthermore, the overall quality of these Martial Emperors was not low either. In fact, many among them were peak Martial Emperors, existences a single step away from becoming Half Martial Ancestors.

In addition, there were several tens of war chariots among this group of people. Furthermore, all of the war chariots were headed by Half Martial Ancestors.

Among the war chariots, one was the most dazzling. It had the appearance of a mobile castle. Through his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was able to see that the war chariot was truly splendorous and majestic.

Not mentioning the precious ornaments all around the chariot, there were also several tens of beautiful young women around it.

Those women were wearing exposing clothing. Their cultivations ranged all over. Generally, they were all not very powerful.

Furthermore, there was a common aspect to them; they were all very young. Even the oldest among them should not be more than thirty. As for the youngest, they were only in their teens.

These women were either serving tea or showing their grace. They were all surrounding a single man.

To be exact, it was a young man wearing gorgeous clothing. His appearance was very distinguished and elegant. Although Chu Feng was unable to see through his cultivation, he had a faint sensation that man’s actual age was most definitely not as young as his appearance. That man was most definitely an old codger that had lived for hundreds of years.

A several hundred year-old man was actually being served by this many young women. Chu Feng felt truly disgusted by it.

It would be one thing if he took care of the women serving him. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that this man viewed the women to be nothing more than playthings.

“That is?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze shone.

He was shocked to discover that the man was wearing an unusual headdress, That headdress should be a treasure. Most importantly, on that headdress was a single character.

The character ‘Chu!!!’

At the moment when Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression, the crowd kneeling on the ground started to shout in unison.

“We pay our respects to Lord Pavilion Master!!!”

“We pay our respects to Lord Pavilion Master!!!”

“We pay our respects to Lord Pavilion Master!!!”



The people from Luyang’s Pavilion came rapidly and left rapidly.

In merely a short moment, they were already far away in the distance. Hearing the tolling of the bell grow further and further away, the people kneeling on the ground began to stand back up.

“I wasn’t chosen again. If this is to continue, I’m not kneeling again.”

At this moment, some of the people who had knelt on the ground earlier sighed and complained. However, for the great majority of them, they reacted as if nothing had happened, and continued on with what they were doing earlier.

They actually did not feel the slightest humiliation in kneeling and kowtowing to the people from Luyang’s Pavilion. It was as if what they had done was only natural.

“Hey, u-uncle, w-what’s going o-on here?” Wang Qiang asked that uncle.

“The two of you have just arrived, right?” That uncle was frowning as if he had seen a monster as he looked to Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

“Y-Y-Yep,” Wang Qiang nodded his head with on his face. That fellow’s attitude changed extremely fast.

It was no wonder that he would end up being knocked around in the Sealing Ancient Village even though he was extremely powerful. At this moment, Chu Feng truly pondered whether Wang Qiang was someone fond of being mistreated.

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