Chapter 2340 - The Key To Force Open The Gate

Chapter 2340 - The Key To Force Open The Gate

After Grandmaster Prophet arrived at the remnants, he did two major things.

The first major thing Grandmaster Prophet did was to declare that the remnants was indeed that of Grandmaster Kai Hong.

As for the second major thing, Grandmaster Prophet made a prophecy.

He prophesied that Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants would only begin to transform after a fated individual arrived.

Else, regardless of how heaven-defying one’s power or abilities might be, they would not be able to obtain the slightest bit of Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance.

Furthermore, that so-called fated individual was not someone to be trifled with either. That fated individual was someone who would shake the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, and cause experts from all over to live in endless fear.

Merely, the people present did not believe in Grandmaster Prophet’s prophecy too much.

Naturally, there were reasons why they did not believe Grandmaster Prophet’s prophecy.

Firstly, they had waited at the entrance for a very long time. Yet, no such fated individual had yet appeared.

And, most importantly, Grandmaster Prophet’s prophecy mentioned that that fated individual was a person from the younger generation. Furthermore, that person from the younger generation would obtain Grandmaster Kai Hong’s personal techniques.

If the person Grandmaster Prophet prophesied about was a renowned individual in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, then perhaps the people present would have believed him.

However, that prophesied individual was a member of the younger generation. How could that possibly be possible?

Even though they had indeed not managed to obtain any inheritance or treasures from Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants, the dangers that they had faced on their way there were still vivid in their minds.

Although they had managed to break through the mechanisms and traps, those mechanisms and traps were capable of restoring themselves. As such, with the strength that individuals from the younger generation possessed, how could a person from the younger generation possibly be able to enter that place?

“I know that you all are skeptical of this old man. However, you all absolutely must not doubt this prophetic crystal ball of mine.”

“The reason for that is because till this date, all that my prophetic crystal ball has pointed out has ended up being true.”

“It is capable of seeing through mysteries known only to heaven, and finding out about the future,” Grandmaster Prophet looked to the crystal ball in his hand as he spoke.

After Grandmaster Prophet finished saying those words, Grandmaster Prophet fixed his gaze onto the prophecy crystal ball. He once again began to stare at the scene inside the crystal ball.

At that moment, his gaze once again turned clear, like the eyes of a child. There was not the slightest trace of impurity.

It was as if he did not dare to use any ill-intended gaze to view the prophetic crystal ball because he felt enormous respect for it.

In response, the crowd revealed helpless expressions.

It was not that they did not wish to look at the prophetic crystal ball. Rather, they had already been staring at it for quite some time now. Many people had appeared in the prophetic crystal ball. However, no one was capable of changing the situation at hand.

At that moment, the crowd had already lost confidence. After all, it had already been many days since they had arrived.


Right at that moment, a sound was suddenly heard from that simple, unadorned and enormous wooden gate.

At that moment, everyone turned their gazes to the wooden gate, with astonishment filling their eyes.

One should know that it was the first sound that they had heard from that wooden gate in the many days they had been there.

“He’s here! The fated individual has arrived! That person who is able to obtain Grandmaster Kai Hong’s personal techniques has arrived,” At that moment, Grandmaster Prophet stood up with excitement. He had an extremely emotional expression in his eyes.

Hearing what Grandmaster Prophet said, everyone present turned their gazes to that prophetic crystal ball.

At that moment, this surroundings became abnormally quiet. The only sound present was the sound of everyone’s breathing and the beating of their hearts.

They all wished to see exactly who that so-called fated individual might be.

At the moment when the various grand characters had fixed their gazes on the crystal ball, three figures finally appeared within it.

The three individuals were extremely fast. They practically flashed by in an instant. However, the people present all managed to firmly capture the appearance of the three individuals.

“It’s actually him?”

At that moment, the people present all revealed astonished expressions.

The reason for that was because the three individuals that had flashed past in the crystal ball were none other than Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

The crowd present did not know Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang. However, they knew Chu Feng.

After all, the Ying Heavenly Clan had already spread Chu Feng’s portrait all over the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm for the sake of capturing him.

Moreover, due to what Chu Feng had done on Mount Cloud Crane, even these grand characters had, more or less, paid attention to Chu Feng. As such, practically everyone present knew that Chu Feng was a newly emerged genius among the younger generation.

“Haha.” However, right at the moment when the crowd present were astonished by the fated individual being Chu Feng, the mother of the Four World Spiritist Emperors let out a cold laugh. She said, “Grandmaster, it is not that I do not trust you. Merely, I fear that your prophecy this time around might be mistaken.”

“Why are you so certain that my prophecy is a mistake?” Grandmaster Prophet asked in a slightly displeased manner.

“Not only is that Chu Feng a member of the younger generation, his cultivation is also only at the Half Martial Ancestor realm. As for those two friends of his, I presume that their cultivations will not be much stronger than his either.”

“Judging from the scene earlier, only the three of them, three people from the younger generation, have entered. There doesn’t seem to be anyone from the older generation protecting them.”

“Thus, I am able to be certain that, with the cultivation the three of them possess, not to mention reaching this place, they will not even be able to pass the first half of the remnants.”

“I would like to ask, how could someone who is unable to pass through the remnants possibly cause a transformation to the remnants? How could someone like that possibly be able to obtain Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance?” The mother of the Four World Spiritist Emperors asked loudly.

“That is true,” The crowd present began to nod at the words spoken by the Four World Spiritist Emperors’ mother.





However, right at that moment, strange sounds began sound from the simple, unadorned and enormous wooden gate.

At the same time, many strange ripples began to expand from the wooden gate.


The very next moment, many golden gaseous substances visible to the naked eye began to flow out from the wooden gate.


After the golden gaseous substances appeared, the entire remnant started to rumble.

The rumbling sound was very strange. It did not sound purely like something trembling. Rather, it sounded more like a ferocious beast letting out a deep growl.

It was as if a ferocious beast had been awakened by the summoning from that gaseous substance.

“It would appear that my prophecy was accurate,” Seeing the change before him, Grandmaster Prophet let out a joyous laugh.

At that moment, the crowd asked in unison, “Grandmaster, in that case, it would mean that the fated individual capable of opening this remnant would be Chu Feng?”

“That’s hard to say. After all, three people have entered together. It might also be possible for it to be one of the two other individuals who entered alongside Chu Feng,” Grandmaster Prophet said.

“Grandmaster’s prophecy is truly accurate. Grandmaster, you are simply a godly individual,” The crowd began to praise Grandmaster Prophet nonstop. After all, things were progressing precisely as Grandmaster Prophet had prophesied.

‘It would appear that brat by the name of Chu Feng truly cannot be looked down upon,’ At the same time the crowd praised Grandmaster Prophet, they all had a new opinion of Chu Feng in their hearts.

Even though Grandmaster Prophet had clearly declared that he could not be certain that the prophesied individual would be Chu Feng, it remained that Chu Feng was already famous. Thus, the people present had already come to their own judgement that the person capable of affecting this remnants and obtaining Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance was Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At the moment when the crowd was gasping with awe, the golden gaseous substance began to gather together, forming a boundless vortex. As the vortex spun, many symbols began to flicker within it. Soon, a grand formation was formed.

That grand formation illuminated their surroundings like a bright sun.

It was extremely imposing, and gave rise to waves of strong wind. Even though the people present were all powerful experts, they were still forced back by the wind.

Finally, the grand formation finished forming. It was an extremely powerful defensive formation. As for that powerful defensive formation, it was not protecting the wooden gate. Rather, it was protecting a coffin.

That coffin was standing straight in the center of the formation. It was sealed, and the crowd was simply unable to see what was inside.

However, on the coffin was aggressively large writing. Three huge words were inscribed onto the coffin...

Gate Opening Key!!!

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