Chapter 2338 - The Dangerousness Of The Remnants

Chapter 2338 - The Dangerousness Of The Remnants

Chu Feng did not care about how the others viewed him. The reason for that was because he felt that if he had not arrived when he did, the ones that would have died would have been the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall. Furthermore, if he had not possessed the protection of the crystal giant, even he would have been killed.

Chu Feng was someone who would never keep those that wanted to kill him alive.

The reason was very simple; Chu Feng felt that all those that wanted to kill him deserved to die.

“Elder Ning Shuang!!!”

“Lord Elder!!!”

Immediately afterward, several more figures flew over from the sky. They were Xu Yiyi, Song Biyu and the others.

In fact, they had been there since long ago. Merely, they’d been hiding within the void and not showing themselves. As for the reason why no one was able to sense their existences, it was because of Zhao Hong’s abilities.

After Xu Yiyi, Song Biyu and the others landed on the ground, they joined the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall.

The people present began to mention to Xu Yiyi and the others the dangers that they had encountered earlier, while Xu Yiyi and the others began to mention to those people their encounter with Chu Feng and the Infant Soul Sect.

When the people there found out that Chu Feng had actually used a heaven-defying spirit formation to defeat the greatly renowned Old Demon Rakshasa, and used a Demon Armament to scare away a True Immortal, the gazes with which the crowd looked at Chu Feng changed enormously.

For many of the disciples from the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley, they deeply revered their parents, master or their school’s headmaster.

However, at that moment, they had changed the person that they revered to Chu Feng instead.

After all, Chu Feng’s conduct and deeds were something that their parents, master and even headmaster could not accomplish.

Moreover, Chu Feng was also a member of the younger generation like them. This caused them to feel greater admiration and reverence toward him than anyone else.

However, at that moment, Jiang Hao was feeling even more complicated. After all, he had been extremely excessive toward Chu Feng before, and had even wanted to kill Chu Feng.

At this moment, he was truly filled with remorse. If he knew that Chu Feng would be so powerful, even if he were to be given a hundred sets of balls, he would not dare to deliberately make things difficult for Chu Feng again.

Right at the moment when Jiang Hao was worried about whether Chu Feng would retaliate against him, Chu Feng began to talk to Elder Ning Shuang, completely ignoring Jiang Hao. Chu Feng began to tell Elder Ning Shuang his purpose for being there.

“Chu Feng, you’re actually planning to enter the remnants?” After finding out that Chu Feng wanted to enter the remnants, Elder Ning Shuang was deeply shocked. In fact, a dense amount of worry emerged in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, could it be that you are looking down on us?” Zhao Hong said in a slightly displeased manner.

“No, this old man does not have that opinion at all,” Elder Ning Shuang knew that Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang were Chu Feng’s friends. Thus, he did not want to offend them, and hurriedly explained with a smile on his face.

“Then what is the meaning of your astonished expression?” Zhao Hong continued to ask.

“Little friend, please don’t misunderstand. I am truly not looking down on you all. Merely, the remnants are truly dangerous. It is not a place where ordinary people can explore.”

“The majority of the people from our Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall have retreated from the remnants already. The reason why this old man is still here is precisely because I was waiting for Yiyi and the others to come. Now that they’re here, I am also planning to withdraw from this place,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“Hehe, t-to speak t-the truth, s-senior, what we f-fear the least is d-danger,” Wang Qiang said with a proud expression.

“If you all really plan to continue into the remnants, this old man will not stop you all. However, it remains that our Sunset Cloud Valley’s people have been into the remnants before. As such, we know a bit about the situation inside. Might you all be willing to hear me out?” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“Senior, please go ahead,” Chu Feng said politely.

“As far as I know, the Immortal Sword School, Buddha’s Heavenly Temple, the Zhou Heavenly Clan and the Kong Heavenly Clan, those four tier one powers, have all dispatched peak Martial Ancestor-level experts into the depths of the remnants.

“Furthermore, even a True Immortal-level expert was dispatched by Buddha’s Heavenly Temple.”

“Furthermore, according to the rumors, even Grandmaster Prophet, who has been withdrawn from worldly affairs for a very long time, was asked over by the Kong Heavenly Clan. Right now, he is also in the depths of those remnants,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“Grandmaster Prophet?” Many of the people present were startled upon hearing that name. The reason for that was because they did know much about the situation in the remnants.

“Who is that Grandmaster Prophet?” Chu Feng asked curiously. From the reaction of the crowd, Chu Feng was able to tell that this Grandmaster Prophet seemed to have an extraordinary origin and was an extraordinary individual.

“Grandmaster Prophet is a godly individual in our Hundred Refinements ordinary Realm. He is able to prophesize many things. Furthermore, till this date, all of the things that he has prophesied have come true.”

“Thus, Grandmaster Prophet possesses an extraordinary status in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. It is generally very difficult to request his help. Likely, the Kong Heavenly Clan has paid a great price to request Grandmaster Prophet’s assistance.”

“However, even though Grandmaster Prophet was asked over, and many experts from all around the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm were inside the remnants, none of them seemed to have been able to make any leeway and gain anything from the remnants yet.”

“Furthermore, it is said that… the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s True Immortal-level expert was seriously injured in the remnants, and has been sent out of this place. As of now, it is uncertain whether that person is dead or alive,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“The True Immortal expert from Buddha’s Heavenly Temple was actually injured? Furthermore, it is uncertain whether he is dead or alive?”

“The traps and mechanisms within those remnants are actually that powerful?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

When Chu Feng had encountered the True Immortal from the Infant Soul Sect, he had experienced how powerful a True Immortal was. The fact that an expert that powerful was actually injured and might even lose his life clearly demonstrated how dangerous the remnants were.

This caused Chu Feng to have no choice but to reevaluate the dangers of the remnants.

“No, it was not caused by traps or mechanisms. Reportedly, he was injured by someone,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“What? He was injured by someone? To be able to injure a True Immortal, it would mean that the person that injured him must be a True Immortal too. Exactly who injured him?” At that moment, the crowd were all confused.

“No one knows who injured the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s True Immortal expert. The only thing we know is that that person is extremely powerful. That being said, one thing is certain. The person who injured the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s True Immortal is not a part of the four tier one powers, but rather, an unknown individual.”

“Furthermore, there was another rumor stating that the person that injured the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s True Immortal was simply not a human, but rather a humanoid monster with a body covered with long red fur,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“Monster? A monster capable of defeating a True Immortal? Heavens! Never would I have expected the remnants to be so dangerous!”

“Elders, it is better that we leave this place quickly.”

At that moment, the crowd from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall grew more fearful toward the remnants. Many people were itching to leave the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds right away. They were afraid that a monster might appear from the remnants and injure or kill them.

After all, True Immortals were already the strongest experts in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. They were beings capable of calling upon the wind and summoning the rain. They were the greatest omnipotent individuals.

Yet, that monster was capable of defeating a True Immortal. Naturally, the crowd would be terror-stricken by the news of that monster.

“It would seem that these remnants are quite interesting then,” However, at the moment when the others were afraid, Zhao Hong’s lips were raised into a smile.

It was not only Zhao Hong that was smiling, Wang Qiang was also smiling.

As for Chu Feng, even though he did not reveal an expression of anticipation, there was not the slightest trace of fear on his face.

Seeing the reactions from the three of them, Elder Ning Shuang shook his head helplessly. He knew… he had said all those things in vain.

He had been trying to warn Chu Feng and the others of how dangerous the remnants were so that they would be scared and not enter them.

However, it would appear now that not only did his words not manage to scare them, he instead made them more interested.

At that moment, Elder Ning Shuang realized that one simply could not compare the mindsets of geniuses with those of ordinary people.

The courage and insight that geniuses possessed truly surpassed others.

“Chu Feng, there is no time to lose. Let’s go,” Zhao Hong said impatiently.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. Then, he bid farewell to Elder Ning Shuang, Xu Yiyi and the others.

After bidding his farewells, Chu Feng, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang immediately began to proceed toward the remnants.

“Chu Feng, wait a moment.”

However, right at that moment, a figure suddenly walked out from the crowd of disciples. That person arrived before Chu Feng and stopped him.

When that person appeared, the expressions of Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang changed slightly.

The reason for that was because that person was not only someone that they knew, he was also someone that Chu Feng knew.

That person was Jiang Hao.

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