Chapter 2335 - An Aura

Chapter 2335 - An Aura

That Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal-level expert had left. Rather than saying that he had left, it would be better said that he had escaped.

This completely stunned the crowd. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng became even more complicated.

Astonishment, confusion and loss filled their eyes.

What was happening?

An Incomplete Imperial Armament actually scared away a grand True Immortal?

Although that was the truth of what had happened, the crowd found it difficult to accept. After all, this was truly too baffling, too irregular, too ridiculous and too incredible.

It was only because the people present saw it with their own eyes. Else, if they were to hear about this, no one would be willing to believe it.

“What’s happening? Could it be that he sensed the power of my Evil God Sword?”

“But I have clearly not unleashed the power of the Evil God Sword yet.”

At that moment, it was not only the crowd that was puzzled, Chu Feng was also very puzzled. Even though his Evil God Sword was very powerful right now, it was something that only Chu Feng felt. For others, they would simply not be able to determine or sense the power it contained.

“B-brother, e-exactly what did you do?” Wang Qiang and the others all looked to Chu Feng with bewildered expressions.

“It might be because of this sword,” Chu Feng had a smile on his face as he showed the Evil God Sword to the crowd. Then, he returned it to his Cosmos Sack.

Chu Feng was not trying to cause a sensation among the crowd. Rather, he had truly felt the power contained in the Evil God Sword. That power surpassed the power of Martial Ancestors. If he were to use the sword, he would definitely bring enormous harm to himself. However, it would also allow him to fight against True Immortals. That was the truth.

The reason why Chu Feng told everyone that the Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal might have fled because of the sword was because he wanted to use this opportunity to instill deterrence in the crowd’s hearts.

Chu Feng felt that he would be able to handle the people he had offended in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm before. However, the Infant Soul Sect was different. They could be said to be the most dangerous existence in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, something that the Ying Heavenly Clan absolutely could not compare to.

Chu Feng had to show his ability so that the people from the Infant Soul Sect and the others that wished to bring harm upon him would feel fear toward him.

Even if he were to encounter extremely powerful individuals in the future, he wanted them to feel some restraining fear toward him. Else, with the strength that Chu Feng currently possessed, it would truly be difficult for him to survive in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

After all, Chu Feng’s true cultivation was only that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. Not to mention True Immortals, there were countless Martial Ancestors that were capable of killing him.

“It really is because of that Incomplete Imperial Armament?”

“But, how could that Incomplete Imperial Armament be able to scare away a True Immortal?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, a huge uproar immediately occurred among the crowd.

Even without Chu Feng mentioning it, the crowd already felt that it was very possible that the Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal was scared away by Chu Feng’s Incomplete Imperial Armament. Merely, they were truly confused as to exactly how that Incomplete Imperial Armament was capable of possessing such a power of deterrence.

Right at that moment, Wang Qiang said, “I-I re-remember now. Chu Feng, t-that weapon of yours, i-isn’t it that legendary D-Demon Armament?”

“Demon Armament?” Hearing those words, the eyes of the crowd immediately shone. The reason for that was because a Demon Armament was no small matter.

Demon Armaments could not be discussed alongside ordinary weapons. There were generally two characteristics that Demon Armaments possessed. One, they exhibited a frightening demonic nature. Two, they possessed heaven-defying might.

If the Incomplete Imperial Armament that Chu Feng possessed was truly a Demon Armament, then it truly could not be considered to be an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament.

At that moment, someone asked, “But, even if it is a Demon Armament, isn’t it still only an Incomplete Imperial Armament?”

The crowd began to nod their heads toward that question. After all, a lot of famous Demon Armaments had also appeared in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, and while it was true that Demon Armaments were extremely powerful, and not something ordinary Ancestral Armaments could compare to, the key point was that those Demon Armaments themselves were Ancestral Armaments. That was why they possessed heaven-defying battle power ordinary Ancestral Armaments couldn’t compare with.

However, what was with that Demon Armament Chu Feng possessed? It was merely an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Even if it were a Demon Armament, it shouldn’t be able to possess the power to scare away a grand True Immortal.

“Hahaha…” Right at the moment when the crowds’ tongues were wagging, Wang Qiang let out a laughter filled with contempt. Then, he turned to the crowd and said, “T-that Demon A-Armament my b-brother possess is no o-ordinary Demon Armament. It’s name is the E-Evil God Sword. It was c-created by a Demon God.”

“It c-can split a-apart the heavens a-and d-divide the earth. It is s-so mighty that it can e-extinguish all living things.”

“How could a T-True Immortal p-possibly be able to c-contend against it?”

While Wang Qiang was a stutterer, he possessed an exceptional boasting ability. It was unknown whether he was planning to boost support for Chu Feng or merely boasting, but he had boasted Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword all the way to the sky.

Surprisingly, after hearing Wang Qiang’s boasting, the crowd looked to one another, and many people actually began to believe his words.

After believing what Wang Qiang said, they began to have a whole new level of respect toward Chu Feng. After all, those that were capable of subduing a Demon Armament were all extraordinary individuals. As for subduing a Demon Armament like the one that Chu Feng possessed, it was even more so.

That being said, there were also many people that remained skeptical. They still felt that the Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal had left for some other reason, and not because of the Incomplete Imperial Armament Chu Feng had revealed.


At that moment, the Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal was still rapidly flying in escape. His speed was speechlessly fast.

Not only was he flying rapidly, he would even turn around every now and then. His gaze was extremely cautious, and there was even a trace of panic in his eyes.

“Seems like he didn’t follow us.”

Finally, that Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal stopped. Although he had always been a calm individual, he actually closed his eyes and took a deep breath at that point.

Seeing that scene, Old Demon Rakshasa and Hun Lian looked to one another. Astonishment and confusion filled their eyes.

The two of them knew this Lord Protector of theirs to be a person who was not startled by anything. It was the first time that they had seen their Lord Protector reveal such a panicked expression.

Furthermore, the panic their Lord Protector revealed had never once been interrupted during their whole escape.

“Lord Protector, why are we leaving?”

Confused, Old Demon Rakshasa stepped forward to ask, “Could it be that the weapon Chu Feng took out is truly an extremely powerful treasure?”

“Weapon? That is merely an Incomplete Imperial Armament. How could it possibly be an extremely powerful treasure?” The Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal chuckled.

“Then, Lord Protector, why did you not kill that Chu Feng? That child is clearly set on becoming our Infant Soul Sect’s enemy. I fear that leaving him alive will be akin to nurturing a tiger that will bring about calamity,” Old Demon Rakshasa said.

“How could I not understand that? Is there even a need for you to teach me that?” The Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal revealed a displeased expression.

“This subordinate wouldn’t dare,” Old Demon Rakshasa hurriedly kneeled in midair. His aged body was actually slightly trembling. From this, it could be seen that he was extremely fearful of this Lord Protector.

“Lord Protector, please quell your anger. My master absolutely did not have that intent,” In response, Hun Lian also hurriedly kneeled before the Lord Protector and began to beg for forgiveness on Old Demon Rakshasa’s behalf.

“I felt an aura earlier. The owner of that aura was able to easily erase me,” The Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal said in a profound manner.

“What? Erase you, Lord Protector? Hearing those words, Old Demon Rakshasa and Hun Lian’s expressions changed enormously.

Their Lord Protector was a True Immortal. He was a true grand character. Only a very few people in the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm would be able to contend against him.

Yet, their Lord Protector actually said that someone was capable of erasing him, and erasing him easily on top of that. This meant that individual’s power was extremely strong.

“Could it be that the four tier one powers have, for the sake of obtaining the treasures in Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants, sent out even their strongest experts, those old monsters that have been in closed door training the entire time?” Old Demon Rakshasa said in a panicky manner.

He felt that, in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, only the four tier one powers’ old monsters were capable of causing their Lord Protector to feel this threatened.

“No, it wasn’t them. I have come across all of them before. Thus, I know what their auras feel like.”

“The aura I felt earlier was not from them,” The True Immortal shook his head.

“Lord Protector, are you saying…?” Old Demon Rakshasa’s expression changed once again. Greater shock filled his eyes.

“What I’m saying is that the aura I felt earlier was not from the four tier one powers, nor was it from the Golden Crane True Immortal. Instead, it was from someone that I have never come across before.”

“However, that person was someone who possessed strength that greatly surpassed my own,” The Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal said with a serious expression.

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