Chapter 2327 - Old Demon Rakshasa

Chapter 2327 - Old Demon Rakshasa


However, right at that moment, a burst of boundless power suddenly appeared. That power forcibly dispersed the martial power Chu Feng had restricted Hun Lian with.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to frown. The reason for that was because he was shocked to discover that a figure had appeared before Hun Lian. It was that person who had dispersed his martial power.

This person had a head full of white hair. He was wearing a black gown. He was as thin as a matchstick, and his face was filled with wrinkles.

Too old. Chu Feng was unable to determine how long this man had lived for.

He was that sort of individual who at first glance would appear to be a dried corpse that had walked out of a coffin. His appearance was truly terrifying.

This old man was evidently someone who was nearing the limit of his lifespan. In fact, he appeared to be an old monster who had reached the end of his lifespan, and was relying on special means to extend it.

From him, Chu Feng felt a heinous air several times denser than the one he felt from Hun Lian. This made it very apparent that it was very likely that he was a member of the Infant Soul Sect.

However, this old man’s strength was something that one absolutely could not look down on. Through relying on the power of the slaughtering formation, Chu Feng was able to sense that this man was a rank nine Martial Ancestor. He was a peak Martial Ancestor, someone who was only a step away from becoming a True Immortal-level existence.

Furthermore, in addition to the dense heinous air that he emitted, the killing intent that this old man emitted was even stronger. The sky immediately darkened the moment he appeared, and his frightening killing intent covered the entire region, causing all the people present to tremble with fear.

“Heavens! This person, could he be the legendary Old Demon Rakshasa?!”

Suddenly, an aged spectator pointed to the old man standing before Hun Lian and cried out in alarm. As he spoke those words, fear filled his face. In fact, even his voice was trembling.

“What? Old Demon Rakshasa? That man is the legendary Old Demon Rakshasa?!”

“The Old Demon Rakshasa is actually still alive?!”

“Everyone, quickly, run away!!!”

After verifying the identity of the old man, many of the people present started to panic. Many others started to tremble in fear before running away from that so-called Old Demon Rakshasa. Their fears were completely revealed.

“Master. Master, save me,” After seeing that old man, Hun Lian was both surprised and overjoyed. As if he had seen hope, he immediately cried out for help.

“Look at your disappointing behavior, stop shouting.”

“With your master, I, here, no one will be able to bring the slightest bit of harm to you,” the Old Demon Rakshasa turned around and glared at Hun Lian. He seemed to be disappointed with him.

Faced with the stare from the Old Demon Rakshasa, although Hun Lian had an expression of shame all over his face, he managed to stabilize his state of mind, and no longer shouted in panic like before.

“What?! No wonder that Hun Lian is this savage and cruel. So he is actually… Old Demon Rakshasa’s disciple!!!”

“Little friend Chu Feng, quickly, escape! That Old Demon Rakshasa is not someone you can handle!”

“Chu Feng, quickly, escape!!!”

After the crowd found out that Hun Lian was actually Old Demon Rakshasa’s disciple, many people started to send voice transmissions to Chu Feng to tell him to escape. Even Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu were warning Chu Feng through voice transmissions.

All of the voice transmissions were filled with nervousness and unrest.

Furthermore, from the conversations of the bystanders, Chu Feng came to realize who this Old Demon Rakshasa was.

Old Demon Rakshasa was one of the strongest characters in the Hundred Refinement Ordinary Realm. As his name implied, he was not a good man. Instead, he was a fiendish demon.

However, it seemed that this man had disappeared for many years. As such, others would naturally be shocked for him to reappear now.

That said, at the same time that he brought shock upon the crowd, he also brought fear upon them. The reason for that was because the vicious reputation of the Old Demon Rakshasa was simply too strong. He was the sort of individual that was extremely powerful, and would commit all kinds of unimaginable crimes.

He was an existence a step away from becoming a True Immortal.

Faced with someone like him, it was no wonder why some of the spectators would be so scared that they immediately turned around to flee. Likely, they were afraid of being implicated.

However, Chu Feng was not afraid. The reason for that was because from the conversations of the crowd and his own observations, he discovered that while this Old Demon Rakshasa possessed an extremely powerful cultivation, he was not someone who possessed heaven-defying battle power.

In other words, both his cultivation and his actual battle power were at the level of a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

To Chu Feng, who possessed two crystal giants and controlled the grand slaughtering formation, that Old Demon Rakshasa’s cultivation was not sufficient to bring him fear. At the very least, Chu Feng was confident enough to battle him.

“Chu Feng, he’s… not escaping?”

“Could he be stunned with fear?”

Although Chu Feng was confident enough to fight against the Old Demon Rakshasa, the bystanders had no idea of this. Thus, when they saw that Chu Feng was standing there motionlessly, they all thought that Chu Feng was stunned with terror by Old Demon Rakshasa.

“Master, that Chu Feng’s cultivation is only that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor.”

“He has grasped some sort of grand formation that allowed him to gain his current level of cultivation. He relied on that spirit formation to bully this disciple.”

“Master, you must definitely uphold justice for this disciple,” Hun Lian said with deep grievance.

“Rest assured. Not to mention Chu Feng, none of the people present here today shall continue to live,” Old Demon Rakshasa said coldly.

Once he said those words, boundless killing intent emerged in his eyes.

Immediately afterward, his boundless oppressive might surged forth from his body like a volcanic eruption. With unimaginable speed, and a power capable of enormous destruction, it swept toward the surroundings.

That Old Demon Rakshasa was not only planning to kill Chu Feng alone. Rather, he was planning to eliminate all of the people present.

His title as an ‘Old Demon’ was truly well-deserved. Sure enough, he was extremely inhumane and savage.

“I fear that you will not be able to do as you wish.”

With Chu Feng here, how could he possibly allow this Old Demon Rakshasa to openly slaughter the crowd?

As Chu Feng spoke, with a thought, he activated the power of the grand slaughtering formation to increase his cultivation once again. He increased his cultivation from rank six Martial Ancestor to peak Martial Ancestor.

After increasing his cultivation, Chu Feng let out his oppressive might to protect the crowd present.


The two streams of oppressive might collided with one another. Immediately, heaven and earth started to tremble, and violent winds were formed.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Feng had managed to successfully block the Old Demon Rakshasa’s oppressive might with his own.

“How could this be?” The Old Demon Rakshasa’s expression changed enormously.

Being extremely confident, he had thought that he would be able to completely slaughter this bunch of ants with only his oppressive might. However, his oppressive might was blocked. As such, how could he not be startled?

“It’s you?!”

“You’re actually a rank nine Martial Ancestor?”

He tracked down the source of that oppressive might, and determined it to be Chu Feng. Shock, absolute shock was visible as the shock in his eyes grew even stronger.

After all, at that moment, Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased to a level on par with his own.

He had truly never expected that this member of the younger generation who was only able to fight against his disciple by relying on a spirit formation was actually able to block his oppressive might.

“Rank nine Martial Ancestor?”

“Chu Feng’s cultivation actually reached rank nine Martial Ancestor?”

“In that case, it was Chu Feng that saved us earlier?”

The crowd were simply unable to detect Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation. After all, his cultivation had reached an extremely high level that ordinary people were no longer capable of detecting.

However, after hearing what Old Demon Rakshasa said, the crowd realized that it was Chu Feng that had saved them.

But Chu Feng was clearly only a member of the younger generation. How could he possibly possess this level of cultivation, how could he possess the power to confront Old Demon Rakshasa?

At the same time that they were delighted to be saved, the crowd began to have more questions in their hearts.

“It is merely strength that I borrowed from my spirit formation’s power,” Chu Feng replied indifferently.

“Spirit formation? What sort of spirit formation could possibly grant you this sort of power?”

“Furthermore, even if there is a spirit formation this powerful, how could you possibly be able to control it?” Old Demon Rakshasa asked with a cold voice.

What he had asked was also what the bystanders wanted to ask. It was not that they had never heard of powerful spirit formations before. However, those were all only legends that they had heard about, whereas this was the first time that they were actually seeing one. As such, they all felt disbelief.

“That doesn’t seem to concern you, no?” Chu Feng smiled lightly. There was a trace of contempt in his sharp gaze.

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