Chapter 2317 - The Mysterious Xiaoshi

Chapter 2317 - The Mysterious Xiaoshi

“Brother, these are yours.”

Although Chu Feng had killed Di Jiuzhou, he kept his Cosmos Sack and his many treasures.

Not only did Chu Feng return Wang Qiang’s possessions to him, he also split half of Di Jiuzhou’s treasures and handed them to Wang Qiang.

“Hehe… y-you’re g-giving me these?”

“W-with this m-many t-treasures, if I-I were to re-refuse them, y-you would be mad, right?” As Wang Qiang looked to those treasures, he smiled very happily.

It was not that Wang Qiang was a greedy individual. Rather, Di Jiuzhou truly possessed an enormous amount of treasures on him. Even for Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, he possessed over twenty of them. Furthermore, they were all high quality ones.

Apart from the Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, there were a lot more treasures. Although that Di Jiuzhou’s world spirit techniques were not very strong, there were many precious world spiritist treasures among his treasures.

Apart from those, there were a lot more treasures.

“If you don’t want them, I wouldn’t force you,” Chu Feng smiled and made to retrieve the treasures.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. I-it’s better that we split t-them,” In response, Wang Qiang hurriedly pulled Chu Feng’s hand back. Furthermore, he took the initiative to place the treasures Chu Feng held into his Cosmos Sack.

Chu Feng smiled at this scene. Wealth was but mere worldly possessions. Since he was willing to take out those items, it meant that he was prepared to split them with Wang Qiang. His decision to deliberately take them back earlier was only a joke. He had never really planned to take them back.

As for Wang Qiang, Chu Feng felt that his humiliation was inseparably linked to himself. As such, Chu Feng felt that he owed Wang Qiang. Seeing that Wang Qiang was able to be this happy, Chu Feng felt a lot more comfortable.

Right at this moment, Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded. “Chu Feng, don’t spare those people from the Highlord’s Mansion. This Queen also wants their source energies.”

Chu Feng turned around and discovered that the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion were currently fleeing.

Speaking of it, it was quite amusing. These Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples actually didn’t know how to flee in different directions. They were actually gathered together.

At this moment, their stupidity was completely revealed.

“A bunch that only knows how to bully the weak and fears the strong,” Chu Feng shook his head. Then, killing intent once again emerged in his eyes.


Chu Feng’s body shifted. Immediately, a ray of lightning flashed through the sky. In merely a blink of an eye, Chu Feng managed to catch up to the Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples. He stood before them, blocking their path.

His boundless oppressive might swept forth, engulfing the disciples of the Highlord’s Mansion. Immediately, those disciples lost the strength to continue fleeing.

When they discovered that Chu Feng had blocked their path, they expressions turned ashen. They were so scared that their legs grew soft.

“Chu Feng, please spare us, please spare us.”

At this moment, the disciples of the Highlord’s Mansion uniformly kneeled before Chu Feng. They started to kowtow and beg for forgiveness. Their arrogance when they had first met Chu Feng was completely gone.

Chu Feng coldly swept his gaze over this bunch that only knew about bullying the weak and fearing the strong and asked with an indifferent tone, “I will only ask one thing. If I was the one who was defeated here, would you all have spared me?”

“......” Faced with Chu Feng’s question, the Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples were startled. A trace of hesitation appeared on their faces.


However, right at the moment when they were prepared to answer Chu Feng’s question, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and his boundless martial power turned into an invisible scythe that swept across the bodies of the disciples from the Highlord’s Manson.

With merely a single attack, those Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples all turned into pools of blood. They were all killed by Chu Feng.

Chu Feng knew very well that they would definitely say that they would have spared him.

However, he knew even better that if he and Wang Qiang were to be defeated by them, then, based on their personality, they would definitely not have spared him and Wang Qiang.

The people from the Highlord’s Mansion already had the intention to kill Chu Feng to begin with. Thus, Chu Feng no longer possessed any reason to spare them.

“Geniuses, my ass. Their source energies are so weak. There’s simply not enough to fill me,” After devouring the source energy from Di Jiuzhou and the other Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples, Her Lady Queen pouted her little mouth and complained.

The reason for that was because Her Lady Queen’s cultivation did not increase even after devouring the source energies from the Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples.

Suddenly, Wang Qiang loudly shouted at the bystanders, “H-have y-you all not seen enough?!”

In response, the bystanders hurriedly scattered. Today, they had seen for themselves how decisive Chu Feng was in killing others. At this moment, they were truly afraid of Chu Feng. They feared that Chu Feng would still be itching to kill more people and decide to kill them too.

After the bystanders fled, Chu Feng asked Wang Qiang, “How’re your injuries?”

“A trifling matter. I c-can handle i-it myself,” Wang Qiang said unconcernedly.

“Where’s Xiaoshi?” Chu Feng asked.

“Aiyah. T-that’s true, w-where is that l-li-little guy?” Hearing Chu Feng’s question, Wang Qiang was startled. He began to hurriedly search his surroundings.

Back then, he was beaten unconscious by Di Jiuzhou. As such, he had no idea where Xiaoshi was. However, he clearly remembered that Xiaoshi was pleading for his life when he was beaten up.

The fact that Xiaoshi disappeared now would naturally make Wang Qiang panic. He was scared that something might’ve happened to him.

“Don’t worry. He must’ve left. He shouldn’t have encountered any mishaps,” Chu Feng calmly analyzed.

Wang Qiang was a smart individual. Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, he immediately came to a realization. He asked, “C-could it be t-that l-little guy didn’t d-deceive us?”

“No, he didn’t deceive us. The cloaks really exist,” Chu Feng said.

“Sssss~~~~” Hearing what Chu Feng said, even the generally carefree Wang Qiang was unable to help himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. Then, he gasped and said, “T-then, e-exactly what is the o-origin of that little guy?”

Wang Qiang was no longer worried about Xiaoshi’s safety. Like Chu Feng, he felt that Xiaoshi would not know this sort of secret for no good reason.

He felt that Xiaoshi most definitely possessed an extraordinary origin. Likely, he himself was an enormous secret. A mysterious little guy like him was most definitely not someone that they could treat as a normal child.

“He was most likely not harmed by Di Jiuzhou and the others. Instead, he knew that Zhao Hong and I had successfully obtained the cloaks, and deliberately hid himself. Likely, he did not want to explain to us how he knew about those things,” Chu Feng said.

“I-if I k-knew what he s-said was the truth, I w-would’ve a-asked him about it b-back then.”

“T-this is t-truly too f-fucking strange,” Wang Qiang said with regret, “C-Chu Feng, s-say, w-with how determined Xiaoshi is in s-saying that remnant is Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnant, a-and how he k-knew about those secrets, c-could be he related to Grandmaster K-Kai Hong?”

“That sort of thing is hard to tell.”

“In short, I do not feel Xiaoshi is a person with malicious intent. It could be considered to be fate for us to encounter him,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“T-t-t-that’s true,” Wang Qiang shrugged his shoulders.

Then, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang did not urgently leave. Instead, they lingered in the vicinity.

After all, they had agreed to meet up with Zhao Hong at the tavern. If they were to leave now, Zhao Hong would likely not be able to find them.

Fortunately, Zhao Hong returned very quickly. When Zhao Hong found out that Wang Qiang was humiliated by the Highlord’s Mansion, she was immediately filled with fury, and declared that she would eliminate everyone in the Highlord’s Mansion.

Chu Feng and Wang Qiang urged her against it for a very long time in order to calm her down.

Then, Zhao Hong discussed the matter regarding Xiaoshi with Chu Feng and Wang Qiang. The reason for that was because she had also obtained two cloaks like Chu Feng.

However, Xiaoshi was, after all, of unknown origin. The three of them analyzed this matter for a very long time, but were unable to come to a definite answer regarding Xiaoshi.

Then, Zhao Hong lead Chu Feng and Wang Qiang toward the grand formation that she knew of.

If the three of them wanted to obtain a part of the profits in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds that was filled with experts right now, relying only on those cloaks that could conceal them would definitely not be enough. Their battle power would be a very important matter too.

It just so happened that the spirit formation Zhao Hong knew about was capable of providing the battle power that they needed. Thus, they absolutely could not miss it.

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