Chapter 2315 - The Mansion Master Of The Highlord’s Mansion

Chapter 2315 - The Mansion Master Of The Highlord’s Mansion

“It’s actually the legendary Emperor Taboo: Highlord’s Seal?”

Upon hearing the shouts from the disciples of the Highlord’s Mansion, the others came to understand what exactly those boundlessly imposing purple gaseous flames were.

As for the Emperor Taboo: Highlord’s Seal, it was truly renowned for its might, and could even be considered the strongest Emperor Taboo Martial Skill from the Highlord’s Mansion. Thus, upon knowing that what Di Jiuzhou had used was the Emperor Taboo: Highlord’s Seal, the crowd was filled with endless shock.

At this moment, a seemingly experienced and knowledgeable old man said, “The Emperor Taboo: Highlord’s Seal is extremely powerful. Very few Emperor Taboo Martial Skills will be able to match its might.”

“Chu Feng and Di Jiuzhou possess the same level of battle power. Yet, Di Jiuzhou has used such a powerful martial skill. It would appear that the outcome of this battle has been determined. It will be Chu Feng’s loss.”

Once the old man’s words were heard, the surrounding crowd all nodded in agreement.


However, right at this moment, a loud explosion was heard as an overwhelming might instantly smashed the purple gaseous flames apart.

Not only that, the surging energy ripples that covered the battlefield were also dispersed by that attack.

“Heavens! That is?!!!”

At this moment, the expressions of the crowd present all changed.

The reason for that was because they were able to see the figures of Chu Feng and Di Jiuzhou after the energy ripples were dispersed.

At this moment, Chu Feng had the exact same appearance as before. His body was still covered in that majestic Thunder Armor.

However, as for Di Jiuzhou, his Divine Power was no longer present. Like a loose kite, he was falling from the sky.

“Defeated! Di Jiuzhou is the one who was defeated!”

The disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion all had dejected expressions. The surrounding crowd were all stunned. The reason for that was because this result was something that none of them had expected. As such, they were unable to contain their shock.

The one that was defeated was Di Jiuzhou, the strongest genius among tier two powers.

Furthermore, everyone knew that Di Jiuzhou’s reputation as the strongest genius among the tier two powers was well-deserved. He had used his strength to defeat countless geniuses to obtain that reputation.

However, a genius like him was actually defeated. Furthermore, he was defeated after unleashing the extremely powerful Emperor Taboo: Highlord’s Seal.

Wouldn’t this mean that Chu Feng had defeated the Highlord’s Mansion’s strongest Emperor Taboo Martial Skill?


Right at the moment when Di Jiuzhou was about to fall onto the surface, his body started to float back up.

A strange power started to emit from his body. When that power appeared, the unconscious Di Jiuzhou actually regained consciousness.


After waking up, Di Jiuzhou sprayed out a mouthful of black blood. To be exact, what he vomited from his mouth did not resemble blood, and instead resembled a sort of special substance.

However, when that liquid was vomited from his mouth, Di Jiuzhou’s complexion actually improved. At the very least, he no longer appeared to be on the verge of dying as he had earlier.

Soon, that special power began to gather in one location. Then, it took form.

“It’s Lord Mansion Master!!!”

Upon seeing that figure the power formed, the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion who had dejected expressions on their faces were immediately wild with joy.

As disciples of the Highlord’s Mansion, they were able to recognize with a single glance that the figure standing before Di Jiuzhou was their Highlord’s Mansion’s Lord Mansion Master.

Although that figure was the Mansion Master of the Highlord’s Mansion, Chu Feng did not show any fear. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that that figure was nothing more than an image that did not contain any battle power.

“Little friend, might you be Chu Feng?” When the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master saw Chu Feng, he started to frown.

If it were someone else, he would begin to threaten them. After all, with the reputation and might of their Highlord’s Mansion, he would be able to easily scare whoever it might be witless.

However, this Chu Feng was someone that was extremely renowned right now. He was well known to be someone that should not be provoked, someone that threats were useless towards.

Thus, when the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master saw Chu Feng, he immediately realized that the situation at hand was very thorny.

“Precisely,” Although Chu Feng answered calmly, the killing intent in his eyes did not decrease in the slightest.

This caused the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master to feel nervous. He was even more certain now that the Chu Feng before him was very hard to deal with.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it is a pleasure to meet you. This old man is the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master. I am also Di Jiuzhou’s master.”

“May I know what sort of grievance you might have with my disciple that caused you to want to kill him?” The Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master asked.

“He injured my brother,” As Chu Feng spoke, he took a glance downward. Down below was Wang Qiang, protected by his spirit formation.

Although Wang Qiang’s injuries were much better now, and he was nearly completely healed, the word ‘trash’ written with blood on his bare chest was still present.

Seeing this scene, the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master started to frown. The reason for that was because he could tell by the handwriting that the word ‘trash’ was written by Di Jiuzhou.

“Jiuzhou, what is going on? Why did you injure little friend Chu Feng’s friend?” The Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master turned to question Di Jiuzhou with a stern expression.

“D-don’t bother a-asking him. I-it’s better t-that I e-e-explain it to you,” Suddenly, a voice containing anger sounded from below.

It was Wang Qiang. Not only had Wang Qiang woken up, he also broke through Chu Feng’s protective formation and soared into the sky. In the end, he arrived beside Chu Feng.

“Cough, cough, cough…” However, it remained that Wang Qiang’s injuries were not completely healed. After arriving beside Chu Feng, he coughed a couple times, and even coughed blood.

“Wang Qiang, you’re not completely healed yet. Just let me handle this,” Chu Feng said in a deeply concerned manner.

“I-it’s fine,” Wang Qiang smiled. Then, he wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and looked to the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master.

He said, “Y-y-y-you wish to k-know what happened? I’ll t-tell you what happened.”

“I’ll l-let you k-know w-whether what your d-disciple did is r-reasonable or not.”

“I w-was e-eating in the t-tavern. W-when my brother l-left the t-tavern, he j-just so happened to r-run into y-your disciples. W-with how w-wide that g-gate is, t-they were clearly capable of walking by one a-another simultaneously.”

“Yet, your d-disciples insisted on m-making my b-brother move aside. As m-my brother had a m-matter at hand that h-he had to take care of, he d-decided to not fuss w-with them, and moved aside.”

“O-originally, this matter s-should have been settled with that. Y-yet, your d-disciples actually started to s-speak ill of my brother a-after he had left, calling him t-trash by name.”

“I w-was unable t-to tolerate t-their actions, and t-thus gave all o-of them a slap e-each. I a-admit that I was t-the one who s-struck first. However, Di Jiuzhou also injured me, seriously in-injured me.”

“A-afterward, Di Jiuzhou u-used Xiaoshi to th-threaten me to kneel and to a-apologize to him. F-for Xiaoshi’s safety, I did as he said.”

“You really kneeled?” Chu Feng looked to Wang Qiang in astonishment.

“Not o-only did I kneel, I a-also kowtowed to h-him. Brother, i-if you were i-in my place, you w-would also have d-done what I did. A-afterall, Xiaoshi’s little life w-was in that Di Jiu-Jiuzhou’s hands,” Wang Qiang said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng asked no more. At this moment, Chu Feng’s feelings were indescribable with mere words.

He looked to Di Jiuzhou again. This time around, the killing intent in his eyes grew even more intense.

“L-logically, as I conceded, t-this matter s-should have been over.”

“Yet, y-your disciple r-refused to let me go, and i-insisted on h-having me d-declare my brother to b-be trash.”

“He w-wanted me to i-insult my brother. N-naturally, I, Wang Qiang did not agree to it. Not o-only did I not say it, I instead t-turned to attack him. B-b-but, I am no m-match for him. That is w-why I w-was beaten like a-a dog by him.”

“However, he d-did not kill me. Instead, h-he only insulted me. His i-intentions were very simple. A-anyone w-with a discerning eye w-would be able to tell.”

“He w-was merely s-seeking the Ying H-heavenly Clan’s r-rewards, and w-wanted to u-use me to l-lure my brother out.”

“Then, he would u-use my brother’s head to o-obtain the re-reward from the Ying Heavenly Clan.”

“T-that’s what ha-happened. If y-you are a person of principle, y-you should know h-how to handle this,” Wang Qiang said coldly.

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