Chapter 2304 - Starlit Gate

Chapter 2304 - Starlit Gate

“What is going on?” Seeing that scene, both Chu Feng and the demonic woman revealed astonished and alarmed expressions.

The reason for that was because that poison used to only pervade Wang Qiang’s body. However, at that moment, that poison had been absorbed into Wang Qiang’s dantian.


Right when Chu Feng and the demonic woman were worried for Wang Qiang, Wang Qiang’s cultivation actually started to increase. Furthermore, his cultivation was increasing continuously.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Qiang’s cultivation increased to that of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor, one level above Chu Feng’s cultivation.

“Huu…” After his cultivation increased, Wang Qiang heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

With a smile on his face, he said to Chu Feng, “Hehe, s-seems like I d-didn’t get myself poisoned for n-nothing. It has h-helped me.”

“Else, I would have n-n-nearly been c-cast behind b-by you, brother.”

Indeed. Even though Wang Qiang’s cultivation had also increased somewhat before, he was still only a rank two Half Martial Ancestor when Chu Feng met him again.

However, Chu Feng’s cultivation had already increased to that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor; he had already long surpassed Wang Qiang.

However, Wang Qiang actually managed to obtain four successive increases in cultivation. From rank two Half Martial Ancestor, he reached rank six Half Martial Ancestor. Once again, he surpassed Chu Feng in terms of cultivation.

It could be said that Wang Qiang had managed to profit from a disaster.

“Brother, congratulations,” Chu Feng was grinning from ear to ear. He did not feel depressed at the fact that Wang Qiang had surpassed him. On the contrary, he was very happy, extremely happy.

“Wow! Husband, you’re so amazing!”

“Even though I’ve heard that poison possesses the effect of increasing one’s cultivation, it is a benefit that only works on those with very strong bodies.”

“Generally… that poison will only increase one’s cultivation by a single level.”

“Even for powerful individuals, their cultivation would only increase by two levels.”

“Reportedly, a continuous increase in three levels of cultivation is already the limit.”

“However, husband, you actually managed to increase your cultivation by four continuous levels. This is simply unprecedented.”

“Husband, you are simply too amazing. I have truly fallen head over heels for you,” The demonic woman was extremely excited. She was reacting like a fan, and looked at Wang Qiang with adoration.

As for Wang Qiang, he did not show the slightest bit of happiness at that demonic woman’s reaction. Instead, black lines appeared on his forehead.

“D-didn’t you s-say that this M-moonlight Immortal Spirit F-flower is capable of h-helping me b-become an Immortal-cloak W-world Spiritist? Q-quickly, use it,” Wang Qiang said.

“That is indeed the case. However, husband, you were unconscious earlier. Thus, how did you know about this?” The demonic woman asked in a surprised manner.

“I-I am e-ex-extremely knowledgeable, and h-h-have experienced a l-lot of things.You’re n-not the only one t-that knows about the e-effects of the Moonlight Immortal Spirit F-flower,” Wang Qiang shouted in a very displeased manner.

“Yes, yes, yes. Husband is truly amazing,” Not only was that demonic woman not angry, she instead once again revealed a gaze of adoration. She was truly obedient and cute. Her only flaw was that she was ugly. However, because of her ugliness, it caused her actions to feel extremely disgusting.

That said, the demonic woman soon added, “Husband, since you are that experienced and knowledgeable, you must know about what sort of spirit formation to use to refine that berserk Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower, right?”

“My spirit formation is t-too over-overwhelming. You w-wouldn’t be able t-to use it even if I were to tell you ab-about it. T-thus, it’s b-better that you use your s-spirit formation,” Wang Qiang said in a very natural manner.

Chu Feng felt great admiration for Wang Qiang. He clearly didn’t know what sort of spirit formation to use. Yet, he was able to make it sound so rational as he found a random excuse for himself. This was simply a type of talent.


However, right at that moment, the demonic woman suddenly waved her hand. ‘Paa,’ her hand landed on Wang Qiang’s head.

That slap was so ruthless that not only did it knock Wang Qiang to the floor, it also made an enormous bruise on the back of Wang Qiang’s head.

“Fuck! It was only because you were poisoned earlier that I decided to treat you nicely.”

“Just because I gave you face, you decided that you would start to act arrogant with me, eh?”

“If you’re so talented, why were you captured by me? Why were you poisoned?” The demonic woman put her hands on her hips as she roared angrily at Wang Qiang. Her voice was so resounding that even the cave started to tremble.

“I-I-I wa-was wrong. I a-am truly m-mistaken. Please f-forgive me,” Wang Qiang’s behavior changed immediately. Although he was acting like the man of the house earlier, he actually, with a ‘putt,’ kneeled onto the ground right now. Wang Qiang began to kowtow to the demonic woman to apologize to her.


However, that demonic woman refused to accept his apology, and slapped him once again. Her slap knocked Wang Qiang to the ground. Then, she pointed fiercely at Wang Qiang and yelled, “Call me ‘wife!’

“W-w-wife, I am m-mistaken.”

“Sit there obediently. Do not move.”

“Y-yes, yes, yes.”

Wang Qiang sat on the ground obediently. He did not dare to move in the slightest.

At that moment, black lines covered Chu Feng’s forehead.

If it were an ordinary woman, they would be known as a vixen if they acted the way the demonic woman was.

However, the demonic woman was no ordinary woman. At that moment, she had a sinister expression, and looked like a man-eating monster.

“Haha, Wang Qiang is so pitiful. I truly pity him,” Eggy began to clap in glee. She was laughing loudly inside Chu Feng’s world spirit space.

Although she said that she felt pity for Wang Qiang, her actions showed absolutely no sympathy. She was simply someone watching a show.

As for Chu Feng, he truly felt pity for Wang Qiang. He muttered in his heart, ‘Brother, I am sorry. I have misjudged that demonic woman.’

‘Persist! If there is a chance, I will definitely help you escape from that demonic woman’s evil clutches.’

After that, the demonic woman began to set up her spirit formation, and Chu Feng began to assist her once again.

Right after the spirit formation was activated, the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower immediately started to blossom with a strange light.

Seeing this scene, the demonic woman immediately shouted “Oh no!” and hurriedly set up another spirit formation. She wanted to stop the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower.


However, before that demonic woman’s spirit formation could cover the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower, the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower suddenly exploded.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower was very close to Wang Qiang, the energy ripples from the explosion directly knocked Wang Qiang flying. When Wang Qiang landed on the floor, his body was covered with blood, and he had lost consciousness.

“Damn it!” Chu Feng was deeply alarmed upon seeing this scene. He wanted to rush over to Wang Qiang to heal his injuries.


However, right when he was about to move, an enormous suction energy suddenly emerged from the center of the location where the explosion had originated from.

Upon looking over, Chu Feng discovered that an enormous gate was now open at that place.

Stars filled the sky. It was incomparably bright. The magnificence was simply indescribable.

Inside that gate was a boundlessly vast space. Within it were many worlds, and countless lives.

“Could it be that this is the Starlit Gate?” Chu Feng had an astonished expression on his face. Even though he had seen many spectacles since he had started on the path of martial cultivation, the scene before him still astonished him. This was definitely the most magnificent sight Chu Feng had seen so far.

“Yes, it’s the Starlit Gate. Move further away from it so that you do not get sucked into it. Else, it will be very difficult to escape. If you are to encounter a Interstellar Storm after being sucked into it, you will undoubtedly die,” Fearing that Chu Feng would approach the Starlit Gate, the demonic woman warned him loudly.

Upon hearing the demonic woman’s warning, Chu Feng moved a couple steps away from the Starlit Gate.

However, Chu Feng’s gaze suddenly shone once again. He discovered that there was a strange body of energy before the entrance of the Starlit Gate. It was currently slowly drifting toward the depths of the Starlit Gate.

That body of energy was the energy contained in the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower.

As the energy was flowing, it was difficult to capture it. However, that energy was source energy, something capable of increasing a world spirit’s cultivation.

In the center of the body of energy was a pearl-sized body of light. That was spirit power, the crucial component to let Wang Qiang become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

Right now, that body of light was no longer berserk in nature. All that remained was pure spirit power.

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