Chapter 2298 - Hopeless Situation

Chapter 2298 - Hopeless Situation

Silence. Dead silence.

The silence lasted for a very long time. Then, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master finally spoke, “Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley, those two are second tier powers not inferior to the Ying Heavenly Clan. Among the second tier powers, they are extremely well-known.”

“That’s right. Lord Sect Master, if the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley were to find out that we handed Chu Feng to the Ying Heavenly Clan, they will likely not spare us,” That elder said.

“That will indeed be the case if they were to find out about it. However, wouldn’t it be fine if they didn’t find out about it?”

“Furthermore, how could we allow others to know about something like this? This should be kept a secret to begin with,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“However, Lord Sect Master, that Chu Feng possesses some sort of ability that allowed him to compete against that demonic woman. I fear that… it will be very hard for us to take care of him,” That elder said.

“I know about that even without you telling me about it. However, I already have a thorough plan,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“Lord Sect Master, what sort of plan do you have in mind?” That elder asked.

“Demonic woman,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“Demonic woman?” Hearing those two words, the elder revealed a startled expression. However, his expression soon turned to one of astonishment. Worried, he said, “Lord Sect Master, could it be that you’re planning to find that demonic woman and have her take care of Chu Feng?”

“Precisely,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“But, Lord Sect Master, we are enemies with that demonic woman, how could she be willing to help us?” That elder was unable to think of a reason why that demonic woman would help them.

“Could it be that you’ve forgotten what we were supposed to do today?” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“How could this subordinate forget that we have already discovered the hideout of that demonic woman? We were planning to inform the other powers so that we could join forces to suppress the demonic woman,” That elder replied.

“Wrong. Not only did we find out the hideout of that demonic woman, we also discovered the reason why she has lingered around this place the entire time.”

“This, this is a cooperation. I believe that demonic woman will agree to help us,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said confidently.

“Then, Lord Sect Master, who do you plan to dispatch to discuss this matter with that demonic woman?” That elder asked.

“You do not have to worry about this matter, as I have already sent someone over,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

In response, that elder did not continue to ask. However, he was still worried.


By forcibly using the Five Elements Secret Skills when his body was under restrictions, Chu Feng ended up damaging his body considerably.

Even though Chu Feng possessed exquisite mastery in world spirit techniques, it still took him several days to completely heal his injuries.

After he completely cured himself from his injuries, Chu Feng walked out from the private residence provided by the Court Cloud Sect.

Merely, at that time, Chu Feng still didn’t know that the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was plotting against him.

Thus, out of courtesy, Chu Feng went to inform the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master of his intention to leave.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, you’re planning to leave?” After finding out that Chu Feng was planning to leave, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master started to panic slightly.

After all, the person that he had dispatched to request the demonic woman’s assistance had yet to return. If Chu Feng were to insist on leaving now, it would be impossible for them to forcibly detain him.

The reason for that was because he firmly believed that Chu Feng was able to increase his strength from rank four Half Martial Ancestor to rank five Martial Ancestor at will. As such, he did not dare to forcibly obstruct Chu Feng.

Suddenly, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master thought of a great idea. Thus, with a difficult expression, he asked Chu Feng, “Young Hero Chu Feng, are you an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist?”

“I am indeed an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist right now. However, I am only an Insect Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist,” Chu Feng said modestly.

“Even if you’re only an Insect Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, it remains that you are extremely extraordinary. After all, you are still so young,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master praised. At the same time, he revealed a complicated expression.

The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master had lived for over ten thousand years. He was someone who had a lot of experience under his belt, and was a master of disguise.

Although he had wanted to take care of Chu Feng the moment he discovered Chu Feng’s identity, Chu Feng, who had always judged others by their words and expressions, was simply unable to see through how dangerous this old man really was.

At that moment, Chu Feng noticed that the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was hesitant as he spoke; it was as if he had something to ask of Chu Feng. Thus, out of gratefulness, Chu Feng asked, “Could it be that Sect Master has something that you need my assistance with?”

“There is indeed something that I wish to request Young Hero Chu Feng’s assistance with. Earlier, when we were chasing after that demonic woman, we accidentally entered the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. That place is a forbidden area.”

“Many of my elders ended up being infected by some sort of strange illness after entering that place. We were unable to cure them no matter what we tried. Right now, their lives are in imminent danger. Thus…” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“Sect Master, please bring me to them,” Chu Feng said straightforwardly.

After that, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master brought Chu Feng to a location. There were indeed several tens of elderly individuals there. All of them were suffering from some serious illness. If their illness was not treated immediately, they would indeed die.

Furthermore, those elders all possessed strong levels of cultivation; they were all Martial Ancestors. Among them were even ten rank four Martial Ancestors.

The strongest person among them was an individual with the same level of cultivation as the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master, a rank five Martial Ancestor. However, his illness was also the most serious among the group.

Later on, Chu Feng discovered that this rank five Martial Ancestor old man was actually the Court Cloud Sect’s Head Law Enforcement Elder, one of the strongest battle powers of the Court Cloud Sect.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, how is it? Can they be cured?” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master asked.

“I can give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

After that, Chu Feng began to help treat the illness of those Court Cloud Sect’s elders.

After several days of effort, Chu Feng finally managed to develop a method to cure their illness.

He ended up successfully curing the illness of those Court Cloud Sect’s elders.

Those people that were cured were all extremely grateful toward Chu Feng. Some even teared up in gratitude. After all, what Chu Feng had done was akin to saving their lives.

For the sake of delaying Chu Feng longer, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master held a banquet. On the surface, it was to express his gratitude toward Chu Feng. However, he was actually stalling for time.

Merely, the banquet was held in secret. In fact, even the news of those elders’ illness being cured was not spread out.

This… allowed Chu Feng to notice that something was amiss.

When a good occasion like the one at present happened, why did they not publicize it?

Unless there was something shameful that they could not allow to come to light.

Furthermore, at the banquet, an elder rushed into the banquet hurriedly. He ran over to the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master’s side and whispered a voice transmission into his ear.

Not only was he whispering, the distance between them was simply too close. As such, even though Chu Feng was an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, he was unable to determine the content of their conversation.

However, as suspicion was already present in Chu Feng’s heart, he fixed his eyes onto the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master the entire time. With how seriously focused he was, Chu Feng finally found a gap in his expression.

Chu Feng noticed a sinister smile on the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master’s face.

That smile immediately caused Chu Feng’s heart to tighten.

Chu Feng stood up and asked, “Excuse me. I need to go and relieve myself. Is there anyone that can show me the way?”

“Young Hero Chu Feng, I’ll show you the way,” An elder walked over to Chu Feng enthusiastically. He had no idea of the plan their Sect Master had in mind for Chu Feng. Furthermore, he was also one of the elders whose illness was cured by Chu Feng. Thus, he was extremely grateful toward Chu Feng.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, you are not only a martial cultivator, but also an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. You couldn’t possibly be unable to even restrain your urge to urinate, right?” However, right at that moment, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master stood up and intentionally stopped Chu Feng from leaving.

“Heh…” At that moment, Chu Feng laughed. He had verified that the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master did not hold good intentions toward him.

“An honest man will not resort to insinuations. Lord Sect Master, you’re planning to hand me over to the Ying Heavenly Clan to receive rewards, right?” Chu Feng asked loudly.

“What?” Once Chu Feng’s words were said, many of the elders present revealed a change in expression. This was especially true for those that were cured by Chu Feng. Their expressions turned ugly.

“Sect Master, what is going on?” In fact, that Head Elder of the Law Enforcement Department even spoke to question their Sect Master.

They were all able to tell that something fishy was going on. They realized that their Sect Master seemed to be conspiring against their savior.

Actually, the reason why Chu Feng said those words publicly was also as a means of self-preservation.

No matter what, Chu Feng had saved the lives of these individuals. If those people here possessed a conscience, they would not follow their Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master.

Furthermore, that Head Law Enforcement Elder possessed the same level of cultivation as the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master. Thus, it was still not yet a hopeless situation for Chu Feng.

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