Chapter 2276 - It’s Chu Feng?

Chapter 2276 - It’s Chu Feng?

“Little sister Yiyi, we meet again. Have you missed me?” Kou Kang said to Xu Yiyi.

“Disgusting. Is little sister Yiyi something that you can say?” Xu Yiyi said with a disgusted expression.

Upon hearing what Xu Yiyi said, that Kou Kang’s expression turned somewhat unsightly. He who possessed a high status and extraordinary strength was evidently not very used to being spoken down to in such a manner.

However, his annoyed expression disappeared in a flash. Soon, he smiled again and said to Xu Yiyi, “Oh, I’ve nearly forgotten. I shouldn’t be addressing you as ‘little sister’ anymore. Instead, it should be ‘wife’.”

“Kou Kang, don’t you act this shameless! You have yet to win our bet!” Xu Yiyi said furiously.

“Yet to win? Your Lord Valley Master and your master have already entered to apologize to my esteemed master.”

“I was only giving you face, so I came out instead of staying in there to see their unsightly appearances,” Kou Kang said.

“You!!!” Hearing what Kou Kang said, the fury in Xu Yiyi’s eyes increased. After all, what Kou Kang had said was, to a greater or lesser extent, degrading the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui.

“Yiyi, there’s no need to bother speaking with him. It’s best that we go and take care of proper business,” Chu Feng grabbed Xu Yiyi’s hand, moved around Kou Kang and began to proceed toward the palace.

Seeing that Chu Feng had actually grabbed his beloved’s lily-white hand, Kou Kang was immediately furious.

One must know that Xu Yiyi’s lily-white hands were something that even he had never touched before.

To Kou Kang, this was equivalent to his beloved’s first time being snatched away by someone else right before his face.

This was especially meaningful to Kou Kang right now, as he already considered Xu Yiyi as his future wife.

Thus, the displeasure he felt was several tens of times greater. As such, how could he not be furious?!!!

“Courting death!!!” Kou Kang shouted furiously. Then, he swept forth his oppressive might of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor.

At the same time, a powerful fist that carried with it the whistling of wind was smashed toward Chu Feng’s face.

At that split second, neither Xu Yiyi nor Song Biyu were able to see Kou Kang’s movements clearly. However, they both realized that Kou Kang had unleashed an attack.

At that moment, the expressions of the two beauties changed enormously.

The reason for that was because they both knew that not only was Kou Kang a rank six Half Martial Ancestor, he also possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting two levels of cultivation.

In other words, Kou Kang’s actual battle power was on par with ordinary rank eight Half Martial Ancestors.

Faced with such a powerful Kou Kang, Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu naturally felt that Chu Feng would not be his match.


However, at the moment when the Xu Yiyi was worried, lightning suddenly blossomed from Chu Feng’s body.

After Chu Feng’s body was covered with his Thunder Armor, Chu Feng’s cultivation increased from rank four Half Martial Ancestor to rank five Half Martial Ancestor. Then, he extended his palm and grabbed Kou Kang’s fist.


Once his fist was grabbed, Kou Kang was immediately startled. Shock filled his eyes.

It was not only him, Song Biyu was also shocked.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had revealed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

Thus, even though Chu Feng currently had the cultivation of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor whereas Kou Kang had a cultivation of rank six Half Martial Ancestor, Chu Feng was still able to easily receive his attack.

After all, in terms of heaven-defying battle power, Chu Feng surpassed Kou Kang by an entire level.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve and shook off Kou Kang’s fist.

His powerful sweep caused Kou Kang to spin around for half a loop before finally stabilizing himself.

“Great job, Chu Feng,” Seeing Chu Feng beat Kou Kang back, Xu Yiyi was overjoyed.

Even though she already knew that Chu Feng possessed extraordinary battle power, she only knew that Chu Feng was actually that powerful after seeing his ability for herself.

“You damned bastard!” Kou Kang felt that he had been humiliated. Thus, he clenched his fist and planned to attack Chu Feng again.

“Stop!!!” Right at that moment, a furious shout sounded from the distant palace.

Turning toward the direction of the palace, the crowd noticed that the palace’s entrance was open, and three extremely imposing figures were standing there.

They were the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Xu Yiyi’s master Su Jingrui.

As for the third individual, he was a white-haired old man wearing a hairpiece and a blue daoist robe. That old man was emitting an air of righteousness all over. Likely, he should be the Headmaster of the Three Stars Hall.

“Kou Kang, what are you doing?” The Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster asked coldly.

Kou Kang bowed and said, “Master, this person was being rude toward junior sister Yiyi. I was teaching him a lesson on behalf of junior sister Yiyi,”

“Lord Valley Master, master, senior, please do not listen to his nonsense. Chu Feng has not .been rude toward me at all,” Xu Yiyi hurriedly said.

“Kou Kang, you must be overthinking things. Little friend Chu Feng is our Sunset Cloud Valley’s esteemed guest. Not to mention that he will not do anything to Yiyi, even if he really did do something to Yiyi, it shouldn’t be you who should attack him,” Right at that moment, Su Jingrui said. Furthermore, his tone was very ill-intentioned.

“Senior Su, I…”

After hearing what Su Jingrui said, Kou Kang’s expression turned very ugly.

It was not only Kou Kang’s expression that turned ugly, even the expression of Kou Kang’s master, the headmaster of the Three Stars Hall, changed.

He was not against Su Jingrui publicly reprimanding his disciple.

Rather, he simply did not expect that Su Jingrui would do such a thing for a mere youngster.

With his understanding of Su Jingrui, he felt that Su Jingrui was not someone to do this sort of thing; the fact that he had done such a thing meant that the youngster was no small matter. At the very least, he was someone that Su Jingrui thought very highly of.

Merely, what sort of youngster would be able to make Su Jingrui think so highly of him?

Confused, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster began to carefully inspect Chu Feng.

Upon inspecting Chu Feng, his eyes started to shine.

He discovered that Chu Feng was very young. At least, he was over fifty years younger than his disciple.

Over fifty years younger meant that Chu Feng had trained in martial cultivation for over fifty years less than Kou Kang. However, Chu Feng was able to possess his current cultivation. This was truly remarkable.

Furthermore, Chu Feng possessed a Heavenly Bloodline.

There were two characteristics that wielders of Heavenly Bloodlines all possessed. One, they possessed a heaven-defying battle power three levels above that of ordinary people.

As for that, Chu Feng had already revealed it.

Next, they were capable of unleashing Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings that could increase their cultivations. If both were used, they could increase their cultivation by two levels.

Currently, Chu Feng had only unleashed his Thunder Armor. If he were to also unleash his Thunder Wings, his strength would surpass the current Kou Kang.

The Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster was truly astonished by Chu Feng’s strength.

“Chu Feng?” Suddenly, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster was astonished by the name Chu Feng. The reason for that was because he recalled someone.

“Brother Su, that little friend is called Chu Feng?”

“Could he be that Chu Feng who instantly became famous on Mount Cloud Crane?” The Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster asked Su Jingrui.

“Precisely,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui said in unison.


Hearing those words, the Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Unable to contain himself, he looked to Chu Feng again. This time around, he had a marvelous expression.

Even though he had thought that might be the case earlier, he truly never expected that this youngster would truly be that Chu Feng.

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