Chapter 2272 - Extremely Confused

Chapter 2272 - Extremely Confused

“Little friend Chu Feng, you’ve awakened,” Right at that moment, a familiar voice was suddenly heard.

It was the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master. It was not only him; Su Jingrui had also walked in from outside the room. Judging from the way things appeared, it seemed that the two of them had been keeping watch outside the entire time.

The voice that Chu Feng had faintly heard earlier seemed to be the sound of their discussions.

“Lord Valley Master, Elder Su,” As Chu Feng spoke, he got up from the bed and bowed to the two men.

Not mentioning the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, Su Jingrui was someone that had truly saved Chu Feng’s life at the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters that day.

Thus, even though Chu Feng did not possess much of a relationship with Su Jingrui, he was still very respectful toward him.

In response, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said, “Little friend Chu Feng, you have only just been healed from your serious injuries, there’s no need for you to be overly courteous.”

“Judging from the way things seem, little friend Chu Feng, you’re fine now?” Su Jingrui said with a smile.

“Seniors, please rest assured, Chu Feng is fine now.”

“Merely, seniors, what happened to Eggy? Why did she become so weak?” Chu Feng asked in a deeply concerned manner.

He was not worried about why he was lying here, nor was he worried about what happened during the time when he was half unconscious.

At that moment, what he was concerned about the most was why Eggy would be in such weak health.

“Eggy? Are you talking about this Asura World Spirit?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master asked.

“Yes,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you were attacked by that strange cat in the forbidden area. Do you still remember that?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master asked.

“I do. Merely, I lost consciousness after it attacked me. As such, I have no idea what happened afterwards,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right. After that strange cat injured you, you were in enormous pain the entire time. Faced with you being tormented by pain, we were unable to do anything.”

“I had diagnosed your injuries and concluded that If we did not do anything about it, you would very likely end up dying.”

“Fortunately, your Asura World Spirit ended up using her special methods to relieve the pain you were feeling.”

“Unfortunately, it seems that her method was very damaging to her. After your injuries were alleviated, she became extremely weak.”

“Furthermore, after you were brought here, she has been standing by your side the entire time. Currently, it has been half a month since she started guarding you.”

“During this half month period, she did not even blink once. In fact… she has only just fallen asleep,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

Upon hearing up to that point, Chu Feng finally realized what had happened. It turned out that he was not able to withstand the pain of the burning black flames because he possessed a strong constitution. Rather, it was because Eggy had acted to help him. That gentle and warm power had been emitted by Eggy.

After hearing what had happened, Chu Feng looked to Eggy again. When he saw that beautiful yet withered face, Chu Feng felt even greater pain in his heart.

It was a truly unbearable pain.

“Eggy, it seems that you have saved me again. I am indebted to you once again.”

Chu Feng extended his hand and gently caressed Eggy’s extremely beautiful yet withered face. He felt extremely pained in his heart.

Afterward, Chu Feng set up a spirit formation on the spot and began to heal Eggy.

With Chu Feng’s exquisite healing formation, Eggy’s complexion grew much better.

However, Eggy did not show any sign of waking up. On the contrary, she began to enter a deeper sleep.

Chu Feng had done that deliberately. He wished to allow Eggy to enjoy a proper rest.

After healing Eggy for some time, Chu Feng opened his world spirit gate and sent Her Lady Queen back into his world spirit space.

“Little friend Chu Feng, your world spirit techniques are truly exquisite. It is already extremely rare for someone of your age to be able to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. For someone to have world spirit techniques as exquisite as yours, is even rarer.”

“It’s no wonder that everyone thinks so highly of you. You are truly an exceptional genius.”

This was the first time that Su Jingrui saw Chu Feng using his world spirit techniques. Although what Chu Feng used was merely a healing formation, Su Jingrui was still able to tell that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were exceptional.

“Elder Su, you’re flattering me,” Chu Feng said with a smile. Due to Xu Yiyi, Chu Feng’s impression of Su Jingrui was extremely good.

“Little friend Chu Feng, may I know exactly what happened after you entered the forbidden area?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master asked. At the same time, Su Jingrui also revealed a concerned expression.

Chu Feng understood the reactions of the two men. After all, this matter concerned the safety of the Sunset Cloud Valley. It would instead be abnormal should they not be concerned about this matter.

Chu Feng did not try to conceal anything, and began to tell the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui what had happened in full detail.

“Never would I have expected that we were still unable to preserve Lord Zhan Haichuan’s tomb in the end.”

“However, the matter of Lord Zhan Haichuan’s tomb being in our Sunset Cloud Valley has been something that only our successive Valley Masters knew about. This information would absolutely not be leaked. Thus, how did that strange cat come to know about it?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master started to frown as he pondered nonstop.

“That’s true. This matter is truly well-hidden. If it wasn’t for what had happened, I likely would have never known that the forbidden area actually contained Senior Zhan Haichuan’s tomb,” Su Jingrui added.

“Lord Valley Master, Elder Su, it is all this junior’s fault. It was because this junior was foolish that I ended up being deceived by that old cat and releasing it,” Chu Feng said with a face filled with an apologetic expression.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you absolutely must not say something like that. You only entered the forbidden area as per my request.”

“Furthermore, you almost ended up losing your life because of it. Because of that, I already feel extremely ashamed. If you are to say it like this, I would feel even more ashamed,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master had an ashamed expression all over his face.

Not only did he not blame Chu Feng, he instead felt a great amount of self-blame. After all, he had seen Chu Feng’s state that day. If it wasn’t for Eggy, Chu Feng might really have ended up dying.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this matter is truly not your fault. You must not bear this matter in your heart,” Su Jingrui also urged. As one of the main pillars of support for the Sunset Cloud Valley, he also did not blame Chu Feng.

“Seniors, regardless of what you say, it remains that I have created more troubles. I will definitely repay you all for my faults in the future.”

“Merely, I, Chu Feng, still possess things that I must do. As such, I will not be staying for too long,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you’re going to leave?” Seeing that Chu Feng planned to leave, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master revealed a shocked expression.

“Lord Valley Master, could it be that you needed something else from me?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, I do not have anything else. Merely, I have yet to properly receive you into our Sunset Cloud Valley,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master still had the intention of having Chu Feng stay.

“Lord Valley Master, I, Chu Feng, have come here as a prisoner. I am already extremely grateful to be able to receive the treatment of a distinguished guest upon coming here,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng has never been a prisoner. It was all caused by that Tuoba Shangshui. However, he has died now. It can be considered that the wrong that little friend Chu Feng has suffered from was avenged.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, you can rest assured. Although Tuoba Shangshui’s subordinates were not killed by that cat, I have personally had them accompany Tuoba Shangshui,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

Chu Feng understood the intentions of the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master’s words. Those Law Enforcement Elders must have all been executed by the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master.

The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master did such a thing because he wanted to provide justification for Chu Feng.

He was using this method to express how much he valued Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said, “Lord Valley Master, there is one thing that this Chu Feng is confused about.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, what are you confused by? There is no harm in speaking your mind,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

“Why would Tuoba Shangshui concern himself over the death of his disciple Li Rui that much that he would brave dangers himself to put me to death?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Chu Feng felt that Tuoba Shangshui was a treacherous and selfish individual that cared deeply for the long-term.

Someone like him would definitely be able to tell whether something was beneficial or detrimental. To make things this big for the sake of a personal disciple was something extremely unworthy.

However, Tuoba Shangshui did precisely that. He even braved dangers himself for the sake of avenging his disciple Li Rui.

Chu Feng was truly confused by why he would do this.

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