Chapter 2266 - Strange Smile

Chapter 2266 - Strange Smile

“Why would he enter the forbidden area? Furthermore, how did he know that Chu Feng had entered that forbidden area?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master asked.

“Regarding that, this subordinate does not know about it. Merely, after he rushed out, he injured the elder that Lord Valley Master ordered to watch over him, and then began to directly proceed for that forbidden area,” That management elder said.

“Which forbidden area?” Su Jingrui hurriedly asked. At that moment, his face was also covered with nervousness. While he might not be worried for the safety of others, it would be impossible for him to not worry about Xu Yiyi’s safety.

“Follow me,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master did not bother with any more superfluous words. His body shifted as he soared into the sky. Su Jingrui followed closely behind him.

Merely, after the two of them arrived at the forbidden area, their expressions changed enormously once again. The reason for that was because they were surprised to discover that the entrance to that forbidden area was actually sealed.

Furthermore, the management elders in charge of guarding this forbidden area had all been injured.

Upon seeing that, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master hurriedly took out a world spirit key with the intention of opening the sealed entrance. However, it was only when he attempted to open the gate that he discovered that his world spirit key had been rendered useless.

“Damn it! That Tuoba Shangshui actually struck me first,” At that moment, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master revealed an even more furious expression. In fact, his surging killing intent had also appeared.

“What’s wrong? Could it be that you’re unable to open the gate?” Su Jingrui asked.

“Back then, there was some issue with this forbidden area’s entrance gate. Back then, I ordered Tuoba Shangshui to request many Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists to repair the gate.”

“Logically, my key should definitely be able to open the gate. However, it is unable to open the gate now. This definitely means that Tuoba Shangshui did something back then,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

“Regardless of how many Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists there might be, it remains that they are only Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists. As such, how could they possibly repair a gate like this?” Su Jingrui revealed a puzzled expression.

The reason for that was because Su Jingrui truly felt that the forbidden area’s entrance gate was extremely firm, something that even he would not be able to break through.

A gate like that would be impossible for Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists to construct. In fact, they might not even be able to make repairs to it.

“Senior brother, you don’t know about this. There are a lot of secrets concerning this,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master revealed a difficult expression.

Under normal circumstances, it would be true that Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists would not be able to make repairs to such a gate.

However, that expert Zhan Haichuan seemed to know that this forbidden area’s gate would have issues after a long time, so he deliberately imparted a method to allow even Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists to make repairs to the gate.

Merely, Su Jingrui did not know about the things regarding Zhan Haichuan, and it would not be suitable for the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master to explain this matter to Su Jingrui right now.

“There’s no other way around it. As human life is beyond value, we must force our way through.”

“The two of us shall attack it in turn. We will definitely be able to break through this gate. Merely, after we break through the gate, I fear that there will not be anyone capable of making another such gate for this forbidden area,” Su Jingrui said to the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master.

In fact, Su Jingrui felt this to be the only method to solve the situation at hand. However, he was worried that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master would disagree to his method. That was the reason why he mentioned it with a consulting tone.

Although the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master was his junior brother, Su Jingrui knew that his junior brother was extremely stubborn.

As for this forbidden area, it has been with their Sunset Cloud Valley for a very long time. The entrance gate to that forbidden area could be said to be the remnants of their ancestors.

Although they were tasked with an extremely important task right now, and must charge into the forbidden area, it remained that Su Jingrui was afraid that his junior brother would refuse to agree to breaking the gate.

“There’s no other alternative. Senior brother, please step aside; I’ll attack the gate first.”

To Su Jingrui’s surprise, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master not only did not refuse his proposal, he did not even hesitate in the slightest.

As he spoke, he had unleashed a sledgehammer glimmering with a red sheen, and began to smash it at the forbidden area’s entrance gate.


Once that hammer strike was unleashed, rumbles resonated all over. The surrounding space was shattered by the impact of the hammer. The sky turned dusky as a dazzling red light scattered in all directions.

The might of the hammer was truly frightening. It was no longer something that an Incomplete Ancestral Armament could compare with.

The reason for that was because this hammer was simply not an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Rather, it was an Ancestral Armament, an actual Ancestral Armament.

However, an attack that powerful only caused that forbidden area’s entrance to tremble slightly. Other than that weak tremble, not even a single crack appeared on the gate.

From this, it could be seen that the gate was extremely firm.

“All of you, step back,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said to the elders behind him.

Actually, those elders were afraid of being injured by the energy ripples from their Valley Master’s attacks, and had already moved far away.

Upon hearing what the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said, they rushed further away. The reason for that was because they knew that their Lord Valley Master might end up using even more powerful attacks now.

“Emperor Taboo Martial Skill: Ten Thousand Beasts Gale Strike!!!”

Sure enough, after the elders moved far away, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master held his Ancestral Armament and drew support from the Ancestral Armament’s power to unleash an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

Extremely ferocious beasts formed from gale-force winds began to appear, numbering over ten thousand.

At that moment, those ferocious beasts were pounding themselves against the entrance gate in succession. Their might was so strong and their attacks so imposing that they left this region in a state akin to hell.

Being bombarded with that sort of ferocious attack, tiny cracks finally began to appear on the entrance gate. Furthermore, the cracks began to grow in number.


At the same time. Inside the forbidden area. A dazzling spirit formation appeared.

It was a majestic grand formation. The spirit formation was standing within the forest.

Inside the spirit formation was a pagoda. Surrounding the pagoda were twenty four beastmen holding giant swords in their hands.

They were so vivid and lifelike that they simply appeared no different from actually being alive. However… they were not real. Rather, they were only beings formed by the spirit formation.

The reason for that was because after that spirit formation was activated, both the pagoda and the twenty four sword-holding beastmen began to emit light specific to Immortal-level spirit power. Furthermore, that light was growing brighter and brighter.

“Chu Feng, why am I feeling that this spirit formation is somewhat fishy?” Her Lady Queen sent a secret voice transmission to Chu Feng.

“I also feel it to be somewhat fishy. However, as we have already come this far, we can only give it a try.”

“Eggy, watch that old cat for me. If it tries to do anything amiss, stop it immediately,” Chu Feng replied to Eggy through a voice transmission.

“No problem,” Her Lady Queen extended her hand and grabbed. Immediately, that old cat was within her grasp.

“Meow~, damned silly girl, what are you doing? Release this great sir!” The old cat was displeased, and started to loudly and frantically shout at Eggy.

“Damned cat, this Queen does not trust you. If your spirit formation is capable of summoning that tomb, then it will be fine. If your spirit formation cannot summon the tomb, this Queen will give you a taste of a feeling worse than dying,” Her Lady Queen said coldly.

“Damned silly girl, you dare to threaten this great sir?! You two are simply biting the hand of your benefactor! You two are simply devoid of conscience!” The old cat’s shouts grew louder. Its voice was starting to tremble slightly. It could be seen that it was also very afraid of Her Lady Queen.

“Rest assured, if your spirit formation works, this Queen will not make things difficult for you,” In response, Her Lady Queen revealed a pleased smile.

However, neither Chu Feng nor Eggy noticed that the old cat also revealed a slight smile as the light of the spirit formation grew brighter and brighter.

As for that smile, it was very strange.

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