Chapter 2158 - Become My Bodyguard

Chapter 2158 - Become My Bodyguard

“Quickly, save yourselves. Do not throw away your lives for nothing because of me.”

Seeing that everyone was staking their lives for her, that woman started to cry even more desperately. Her sparkling tears and expression of self-blame did not seemed to be a disguise.


Suddenly, a roar was heard. Following the roar, a rank one Half Martial Ancestor-level ferocious beast rushed out. It broke through the barricade of guards and, with its bloody mouth wide open, pounced toward that woman.

“On no!” Seeing this scene, the expressions of the guards all changed enormously. Even that woman was so frightened that her body started to tremble.

The strongest among the group of people they had here were peak Martial Emperors. Practically none of them could stop a rank one Half Martial Ancestor-level ferocious beast. All of them would end up dying here.


However, at this moment of imminent peril, an invisible power suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

That power was so strong that it was simply capable of reversing heaven and earth, toppling all living things. It was so strong that… it caused all of the ferocious beasts present to freeze on the spot.

Regardless of whether they were currently brandishing their sharp claws or leaping into the air, all of the ferocious beasts were frozen in place, as if petrified.

“What’s going on?”

“What is this?”

“The heck’s going on?”

The sudden change stunned all of the people present. They were all at a loss as to what was going on.

“Animals that dare harm people shall be killed.”

At the moment when the crowd was confused, a voice suddenly sounded. After that voice was heard, a boundless killing intent appeared.

“Bang, bang, bang~~~”

Suddenly, all of the ferocious beasts started to explode. They turned into puddles of blood. They were all killed by someone with a single strike.

“It’s you?”

At this moment, the woman revealed an incomparably shocked expression.

She had noticed the person that had attacked the ferocious beasts. However, she had never expected that person to be him.

That person was naturally Chu Feng.

“It’s actually him?”

Immediately after her, all the rest of the people present noticed Chu Feng too.

At the beginning, they were shocked, as they had not expected Chu Feng to be this powerful.

However, their shocked expressions soon turned into expressions of fear.

They had not forgotten their clash with Chu Feng several days ago. When recalling that clash now, they realized how unlucky they were.

If Chu Feng were to attack them now, all of them would definitely be killed.

Panic. Not to mention the guards, even that woman revealed panic in her eyes.

“I was the one that attacked you that day. It is not related to them. If you wish to kill someone, then kill me alone.”

Surprisingly, at such a time, that woman actually stood before the rest of the people and planned to shoulder all the blame from that day.


However, Chu Feng ignored them and snorted lightly. Then, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Seeing that Chu Feng did not plan to attack them, that woman summoned up her courage and asked, “Why did you save us?”

“You wish to know?” Chu Feng turned around.

“Mn,” That woman nodded.

“A sudden impulse, that’s all,” Chu Feng left those words and prepared to leave again.

“Wait a moment,” However, that woman rushed toward Chu Feng and asked, “I’m sorry. I was in the wrong earlier. I hope that you will not mind it.”

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed lightly. He said, “If a single sorry is all that was required, would you not look further into it should I kill your family and then tell you sorry afterward?”

“I…” That woman bit down on her lip tightly. She did not know how to respond.

“Forget about it, I am not a narrow-minded individual,” Chu Feng did not wish to make things difficult on her. He casually waved his hand to express his intention of not planning to do anything to her.

“May I know your name?” That woman moved toward Chu Feng again.

“My name is none of your concern, for you and I are only strangers,” Chu Feng said.

“If you refuse to tell me your name, I’ll address you as Lord Benefactor.”

“Lord Benefactor, I am called Tang Ying. I am from the Flowing Stream City’s Tang Family. I am sorry that I offended Lord Benefactor earlier. As Lord Benefactor has saved me, I must repay you.”

“If Lord Benefactor needs my assistance in the future, you can come to our Tang Family to find me. Regardless of what it might be, I will definitely assist you,” That woman said in a very sincere manner. Her attitude was completely opposite from the time when she first encountered Chu Feng.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed lightly at the woman’s hundred-and-eighty-degree change in behavior.

Originally, he had planned to dismiss her. However, Chu Feng suddenly thought of his purpose in coming to this place: to find the Demon Subduing Spring.

It had been several days now. Yet, Chu Feng have yet to discover anything. It would not do for him to continue on like this.

Chu Feng had saw the map and knew that the Flowing Stream City was located not far away from this Radiance Immortal Mountain. Perhaps they would know about the location of the Demon Subduing Spring.

Thus, Chu Feng turned around and asked, “Do you know where the Demon Subduing Spring might be located in this Radiance Immortal Mountain?”

“Lord Benefactor, you’re searching for the Demon Subduing Spring Water?” Hearing those words, Tang Ying’s expression immediately turned to one of joy.

Seeing Tang Ying revealing an expression that seemed like she knew about it, Chu Feng continued to ask, “Mn, do you know where I can obtain it?”

“I do, I do. However, if you wish to know about it, you must first tell me your name,” Tang Ying said while putting her hands behind her back.

“Hey! Didn’t you say that you would help me regardless of what it might be? Is this how you treat your benefactor?” Chu Feng said with a frown.

“Of course I’ll help. But, Lord Benefactor, you should at the very least have some trust in me, no? It would be too narrow-minded for you to refuse to tell me even your name.”

“Unless… you are a narrow-minded individual, and are still angry from what happened several days ago.”

“I doubt that’s the case, right? After all, you’re a grown man, and thus should be a magnanimous individual, right?”

“Furthermore, although I attacked you, my attack did not reach you,” Tang Ying looked to Chu Feng with a beaming smile. Her smile was quite beautiful. However, that gaze of hers was simply one of contempt.

At this moment, Chu Feng started to frown even more. He discovered that this girl by the name of Tang Ying was not as simple as he thought her to be. She was most definitely someone hard to deal with.

However, for the sake of saving Wang Qiang, Chu Feng had no choice but to compromise with her. Thus, he said, “Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng, your name is quite pleasant to hear,” Tang Ying nodded in a satisfied manner. After hearing Chu Feng’s name, she smiled even more happily.

“Enough of this, tell me about the Demon Subduing Spring,” Chu Feng said.

“Then, I’ll address you as Chu Feng. Chu Feng, the Demon Subduing Spring that you are searching for can only be encountered by chance, and not sought after.”

“The Demon Subduing Spring is naturally in the Radiance Immortal Mountain. However, if you wish to search for it, it will all depend on luck. If you are lucky, you might find it just by turning around. If you are not lucky, you might not be able to find it even after searching for eight or ten years.”

“The reason for that is because the location of that Demon Subduing Spring is ever-changing,” Tang Ying said.

“It’s actually that difficult to find?” Chu Feng was able to tell that Tang Ying didn’t seem to be lying to him. However, it was precisely because she was not lying to him that Chu Feng became even more anxious.

After all, Wang Qiang had been captured by that demonic woman and could end up losing his life at any moment. Chu Feng did not have time to waste. Any moment he wasted could lead to Wang Qiang being killed by that demonic woman and becoming her meal.

At this moment, Chu Feng could only pray, pray that the demonic woman would think Wang Qiang to be too ugly, and eat the other men she had captured first, leaving Wang Qiang for last.

“However, there’s good news too. The people from our Tang Family have encountered the Demon Subduing Spring by chance before. Furthermore, we have collected a lot of the Demon Subduing Spring Water.”

“Thus, there is a lot of Demon Subduing Spring Water in our Tang Family.”

“If you want some, you can accompany me to the Tang Family. However, there will be a condition for that,” Tang Ying said.

“What is the condition?” Chu Feng asked.

“You must become my bodyguard and protect me,” Tang Ying said.

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