Chapter 1102 - The Occasion Has Arrived

MGA: Chapter 1102 - The Occasion Has Arrived

Chu Feng walked out of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. When he walked out of the gates, he discovered that the Acension Sect’s sectmaster, Sikong Zhaixing, Bai Ruochen and Bai Ruochen’s mother were all still outside.

When Sikong Zhaixing and the others saw that Chu Feng safely walked out of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda, they all heaved a breath of relief. After all, this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda was no small matter. Although it was easy to enter, coming out might not necessarily be easy too.

“This is?”

When everyone saw the spirit formation key that Chu Feng held in his hand, they were all shocked. Especially the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Bai Ruochen, and Bai Ruochen’s mother; a boundless amount of astonishment was being displayed on their faces. It was as if they recognized that spirit formation key.

“Lord Headmaster, Senior Sectmaster, this is something that I discovered on the tenth floor. I believe it should be the keepsake that our ancestor left behind.” Chu Feng held the spirit formation key and said as he walked forward.

“Chu Feng, you reached the top?” At this moment, Sikong Zhaixing’s face was filled with joy and ecstasy. Although he had suspected that might be the case, when Chu Feng said those words, it was equivalent to Chu Feng declaring that he had reached the top.

“That’s right, this is it.” As for the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, he was directly handed the spirit formation key by Chu Feng. The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster did not try to conceal his expression, thus the joy on his face was not inferior to that of Sikong Zhaixing in the slightest.

After he said those words, Sikong Zhaixing became even more excited. Since the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster admitted to it, it meant even more that what Chu Feng brought back was the keepsake, and that he truly succeeded.

It had already been several thousand years since the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s founder, Baili Xuankong, established the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. In these several thousand years, countless people from their Southern Cyanwood Forest tried to climb the pagoda. However, not one of them had succeeded.

Yet today, Chu Feng actually did. He successfully obtained the keepsake from the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. How could Sikong Zhaixing possibly not be excited?

The dreams of countless generations from the Southern Cyanwood Forest had actually been accomplished in his generation. Most importantly, at this moment, Sikong Zhaixing believed even more firmly that Chu Feng was the person that Baili Xuankong had been waiting for, the hope of their Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“This…” However, right at the moment when Sikong Zhaixing was immersed in joy, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster began to frown.

“Sectmaster Zhou, is there something wrong?” Seeing this, Sikong Zhaixing hurriedly asked. He truly feared that there would be something wrong.

Right now, he was certain that Chu Feng was their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s hope. However, he could not guarantee that nothing would happen to Chu Feng in the Cyanwood Mountain.

Thus, he hoped from the bottom of his heart that the Ascension Sect would be willing to help them and protect Chu Feng. If that was the case, he would feel a lot more relieved.

“Headmaster Sikong, little friend Chu Feng, come with me.” Suddenly, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster soared into the sky. Bai Ruochen and her mother also followed behind him.

They did not immediately fly away. Instead, they stood in the air and looked to Chu Feng and Sikong Zhaixing; they were waiting for them.

Seeing this, Chu Feng and Sikong Zhaixing looked to each other and then soared into the sky to follow the other three.

Just like this, with the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster leading them, Chu Feng and Sikong Zhaixing were brought to an exceptionally grand and glorious ancient palace.

This ancient palace was truly extraordinary. Not only did it possess a grand exterior, there were also multiple layers of spirit formations placed on it, and it even possessed management elders as guards. From a single glance, they could tell that this was a forbidden area of the Ascension Sect.

The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster brought Chu Feng and the others into the ancient palace.

After entering the ancient palace, Chu Feng discovered that the interior of the palace was also extremely imposing. However, what caught Chu Feng’s attention the most was the enormous sculpture within the palace.

The sculpture was close to a hundred meters tall, and appeared very magnificent. However, what shocked Chu Feng the most was that the sculpture’s appearance was exactly the same as the sculpture that he saw at the top of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.

“This is…” Seeing this sculpture, doubt emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes.

This ancient palace was not only magnificent, it also appeared to have been constructed a very long time ago. One could tell that it was a sacred place of the Ascension Sect. However, why would they place the sculpture of their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s ancestor in the center of this sort of sacred place?

“Junior Zhou Zhixian pays his respect to ancestor.” Right at the moment when he was doubting, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster suddenly kneeled to the ground and kowtowed to the sculpture.

“Junior Sikong Zhaixing pays his respect to senior Ouyang.” At the same time, Sikong Zhaixing actually also knelt to the ground and paid great respects to the sculpture.

“Senior Sikong, this is?” Seeing this, Chu Feng seemed to have realized something. Thus, he asked Sikong Zhaixing through voice transmission.

“This is the founder of the Ascension Sect, our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s ancestor’s close friend. Accordingly, we should also kneel to pay our respects,” replied Sikong Zhaixing.

“Junior Chu Feng pays his respect to senior Ouyang.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng cupped his fist respectfully to that sculpture. However, he did not pay his respects as severely with kneeling.

The reason for that was very simple. Even if this person was the close friend of Baili Xuankong, the founder of the Ascension Sect was, after all, not Chu Feng’s ancestor. Thus, Chu Feng could either kneel or not kneel to pay his respects. As for Chu Feng, he elected to not kneel, simply because this was not his ancestor.

“Yoh, this is truly strange. So the sculpture on top of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda was actually that of the Ascension Sect’s ancestor?” At this moment, Eggy was unable to contain herself and spoke out. Earlier, like Chu Feng, she had thought that the sculpture was that of Baili Xuankong.

Actually, Chu Feng was also very surprised at this moment. Thus, he sent a voice transmission to Sikong Zhaixing and asked once again, “Senior Sikong, the Ascension Sect possessed the sculpture of their founder. How come I have never seen the sculpture of our senior Baili Xuankong in our Southern Cyanwood Forest?”

“Regarding this, it was said that our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s ancestor did not permit others to create portraits or sculptures of him. That is the reason why our Southern Cyanwood Forest does not have a sculpture of Ancestor Baili,” said Sikong Zhaixing.

“So that’s the reason why.” Chu Feng nodded. He did not bother to think too much about it. After all, some people were strange to begin with, and there were indeed people who were not fond of having their appearances casually depicted by other people.

Right at this moment, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, who had displayed his great respect through kneeling and kowtowing, stood back up and asked Chu Feng, “Little friend Chu Feng, you have been recognized as the master of this spirit formation key, right?” Moreover, the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng was very serious. Being fixed upon by such a gaze caused Chu Feng to feel a bit uncomfortable.

However, Chu Feng did not lie. Instead, he nodded and said, “Junior has indeed become the master of this spirit formation key. Might there be something wrong with that?”

“Amazing, truly too amazing. You were actually capable of being recognized by this formation spirit key as its master.” Hearing those words, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster looked as if a weight had been lifted off his mind. While inspecting Chu Feng, he nodded and praised. His state appeared to be slightly emotional.

While this was happening, the gaze with which Bai Ruochen looked at Chu Feng also turned to one of shock. As for Bai Ruochen’s mother, her gaze was even more complicated.

Just like this, after a long while, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster turned his gaze to Sikong Zhaixing and said, “Headmaster Sikong, so many years have passed, so many seniors have died; I believe it is time that I allow the world to know about this.”

“Sectmaster Zhou, you mean?” Sikong Zhaixing was confused.

“It is time to allow the world to know that our Ascension Sect and your Southern Cyanwood Forest are actually allied powers,” said the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.