Chapter 1077 - Fighting From the Shadows

MGA: Chapter 1077 - Fighting From the Shadows


“The lights contain symbols and runes that interlink with one another.”

“This sort of formation ought to be extremely powerful. It’s definitely not something an ordinary world spiritist could deploy.”

“If my guess is correct, even with you using your Heaven’s Eyes, you are likely only able to see the shallow appearance of this formation; it is simply impossible for you to see its true outline. Perhaps the energy within this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is actually not natural but instead man-made.” At this moment, Eggy who had been silent for a very long time spoke out.

“Man-made? Eggy, are you implying that it is this Ancient Era’s formation that bestows such dense natural energy and insights in cultivation to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s merely a guess. Although it is the first time that I’ve seen such a formation, your Lady Queen’s knowledge is much more abundant to yours. She has also heard about a lot of things in the past. If my guess is correct, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle is one with this formation. Moreover, the value of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle ought to not be inferior to this formation.” Said Eggy.

“If everything in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is truly bestowed by the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and this formation, then regardless of who it was that left such a formation behind, that person would be an existence worthy of reverence.” After thinking about the person who left this formation behind, Chu Feng displayed an expression of reverence.

“Heh, since this formation has a reaction to you, it means that you already possess the qualifications to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. As long as you continue to stay here, this formation will eventually be triggered by you.”

“However, it is not only you at this location right now. There’s still a little elf here. What do you plan to do about him? Do you plan to play a war of attrition with him or do you want to take the initiative and attack him?” Asked Eggy.

“Know yourself, know your enemy; only through that would one be able to emerge victorious in every battle. If I am stronger than him, I would naturally be able to handle him. If I am weaker than him, then I could only continue this battle of attrition. Regardless, I am in the shadows whereas he’s in the light; I possess the absolute power of initiation.” Chu Feng’s lips raised into a deep curve.

“Heh, not bad. More and more, you now have the demeanor of your Lady Queen.” Eggy’s lips also raised into a curve.

Master and servant, they seemed to have the same idea...

After that, Chu Feng hid his aura and cautiously proceeded toward the direction of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. That was because he suspected that Ancient Era’s Elf was likely in the vicinity of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

Sure enough, after Chu Feng approached the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he discovered that a figure was sitting beside it. His clothing was indeed that of the Ancient Era’s Elves’.

However, this Ancient Era’s Elf was slightly different from the others. That was because he discovered that there was a special symbol on his chest.

That symbol was not easy to detect. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that that symbol was created with a special material. Moreover, it ought to have an extraordinary significance. Due to the fact that the special symbol only appeared on this Ancient Era’s Elf’s body, Chu Feng felt that this special symbol might signify the origination of this Ancient Era’s Elf, the so-called ‘kingdom’ that the other Ancient Era’s Elves spoke of.

However, a matter surprised Chu Feng - the cultivation of this Ancient Era’s Elf. He was training, but he was not calmly sitting on the water like the other Ancient Era’s Elves.

His training method was quite extraordinary. Not only was his body emitting a faint glimmer, there was also a majestic martial power moving about the water around him. It was as if there were white dragons revolving around him.

An extremely divine imposingness that not even ten thousand individuals could withstand was being emitted from his body. It was truly majestic and extraordinary.

“This guy’s extremely powerful.” Chu Feng frowned. A serious expression flashed through his eyes.

His opponent did not hide his aura. Thus, Chu Feng was able to sense that his opponent was a rank five Martial King. To possess such a cultivation in his generation, it would not be excessive to call him a genius.

However, what surprised Chu Feng the most was not his cultivation. Instead, it was his extraordinarily tyrannical aura. The number of people who possessed that sort of aura was not numerous. However, all those who did possess that sort of aura were extraordinary existences.

Chu Feng, Tantai Xue, Jiang Qisha and his martial brothers all possessed this sort of aura. It signified that their battle power was extraordinary. This man before him could truly be classified as a genius.

“What he is using may not be the strength of his bloodline and instead a Mysterious Technique. Such a powerful Mysterious Technique, I reckon it should be a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. Moreover, it ought to be an extremely high quality Forbidden Mysterious Technique.”

“Chu Feng, this fellow is not easy to handle. In my opinion, he is much stronger than Jiang Qisha.” Said Eggy in a laughingly manner.

“Right. It seems that the Ancient Era’s Elves are indeed no small matter. At the very least, the current me is no match for that one.” Chu Feng nodded. He also had a new perception of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Elves. It was the first time he realized that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Elves were a frightening power.

For Jiang Qisha and his martial brothers, even without mentioning their cultivation, they already possessed battle power that surpassed those from the same cultivation. This signified that they’re geniuses. The reputation of the Cursed Soil Seven [1.the genius disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect, I believe Chu Feng killed 4 of them] could be deemed as well-deserved. As for Jiang Qisha, although he was not the strongest of the Cursed Soil Seven, he should not be the weakest among them either.

Regardless of how powerful he would’ve become in the future; he was an existence that would be on the top of the colossal Cursed Soil Sect.

And now, before Chu Feng, was a genius from the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Kingdom. This genius’s strength was actually above that of Jiang Qisha’s. This was sufficient to display how powerful the Ancient Era’s Elves were. At the very least, they were not inferior to the Cursed Soil Sect.

However, in Chu Feng’s opinion, even if the Ancient Era’s Elves were inferior to their golden age ten thousand years ago, they should still have a very strong and robust background. Not to mention the Cursed Soil Sect, one of the Nine Powers, was likely even the Three Palaces and Four Clans would only be able to share the limelight alongside the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“What’s the plan now?” Eggy asked.

“Endure. What else could we do?” Chu Feng shook his head with a bitter smile. With the strength his opponent possessed, Chu Feng truly had no method of winning in a battle. However, he also did not bother to foolishly wait in this place. Instead, he turned his body around and began to linger around the bottom of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

That was because at the moment when Chu Feng arrived at the bottom, other than the Ancient Era’s formation that caught Chu Feng’s attention, there was another thing that caught his attention - the mysterious life forms. There was a frightening amount of mysterious life forms in this place. If Chu Feng was able to capture all of the mysterious life forms here, he might be able to break through to the Martial King level.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng began to frantically capture the mysterious life forms. His dantian, that was extremely deficient in martial power, began to continuously grow fuller. However, Chu Feng would also occasionally stealthily approach the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle to inspect the situation of that Ancient Era’s Elf.

A day ago, that Ancient Era’s Elf did not have any reactions at all. He appeared to be extremely tranquil. While using his Mysterious Technique, he was also absorbing the natural energy in this place. It was an extremely joyful cultivation for him.

However, after a day passed, he was unable to continue sitting and would approach the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle from time to time to either knock on it or listen to it. He had begun to use all sorts of methods to try to examine the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

When the second day arrived, he became somewhat anxious. He was no longer in the mood to train anymore. Instead, with his hands behind his back, he began to rapidly revolve around the Ancient Era’s Immortal needle. He even began to murmur to himself.

Upon hearing what he had said, both Chu Feng and Eggy were unable to help themselves from stealthily laughing. It turned out that normally staying in the bottom of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond for sixteen hours was sufficient to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. If one stayed for twenty-four hours, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle would definitely be triggered.

Yet now, two days, a total of forty-eight hours, had passed. Yet, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was not triggered. This naturally greatly puzzled that Ancient Era’s Elf.

However, Chu Feng knew the reason why this Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle had yet to trigger. That was because there was more than just that Ancient Era’s Elf in the bottom of this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Other than him, there was also Chu Feng.