Chapter 1534 - Grand Battle Formation

MGA: Chapter 1534 - Grand Battle Formation

“I am the same. Unfortunately, as my ability is limited, it is difficult to change.”

“I fear that in this lifetime of mine, I will not have the chance to take a walk and have a look at that vast world,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor stood with his hands behind his back and sighed.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the deeper one’s comprehension toward the path of martial cultivation one would have. In turn, one would realize with greater certainty how small one really was and how vast this world truly was.

“However, Chu Feng might be able to.”

“He possesses the potential that we lack. Thus, he should be able to accomplish what is impossible for us,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“What senior said is reasonable,” Dugu Xingfeng nodded. At this moment, the impression that he had of Chu Feng took a complete change once again.

At the beginning, he thought highly of Chu Feng because he thought that Chu Feng would be able to lead their Cyanwood Mountain to the apex of the Nine Powers and then distance themselves from the rest of the Eight Powers.

However, it would appear now that the potential that Chu Feng possessed would allow him to accomplish things even more world-shaking. Not only would Chu Fengs doings be beneficial to the entire Holy Land of Martialism, he might even be able lead them to a completely new world.

“However, Xingfeng, this matter is extremely important. It is best that you do not mention this to another. Even if they are the seniors of your Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, you must not tell them about it either.”

“People are always selfish. The jealousy of another is the most frightening thing in this world.”

“Since the Ancient Era, there have been countless geniuses. However, the majority of them were killed by others before they could mature.”

“As for why that was the case, it’s because those who stood at the apex wished to continue to stand at the apex and not have another snatch away their place. If there are people who could threaten their place, they would disregard everything and, using every means possible, eliminate that threat,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“Junior understands what senior means. Only the heavens, the earth, you and I will know about what happened here today,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“Mn, you can leave with Chu Feng,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor waved his hand.

“Senior, could it be that you still do not plan to help Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng’s expression changed once again.

What sort of situation was this? Even after saying all this, even after lamenting their smallness and exclaiming in admiration of Chu Feng’s potential, in the end, he still did not plan to help.

“Foolish boy, how could I watch as a talent like Chu Feng throws his life away?”

“However, going to the Cursed Soil Sect is an extremely important matter. I cannot let anyone know that I am helping you all. This includes even the people of my clan. Thus, I cannot journey together with you all.”

“Thus, you all are to go to the Cursed Soil Sect first. I will meet you all there,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“This junior understands. In that case, junior shall thank senior on behalf of Chu Feng,” Dugu Xingfeng clashed his fist with one hand and expressed his thanks.

“There’s no need to thank me. What I’m doing is only what I should be doing. Merely… you must properly look after Chu Feng. If I am to find out that you dared to treat him unfairly, I will not let you get away with it,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said with a light smile.

“Senior, please rest assured. To pick up a treasure like him, I would be hurried to pamper him. As such, how could I possibly treat him unfairly?’ Dugu Xingfeng smiled.

“Well then, you can go. Don’t make Chu Feng wait anymore. He’s still thinking that he has made an enormous blunder,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor smiled happily.

Dugu Xingfeng did not hesitate, he turned around and walked out from the world spirit space. When he saw Chu Feng standing outside, he immediately grabbed Chu Feng and brought him out of the ravine and to the path down the mountain.

“Lord Headmaster, are we to leave now?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn, we’re going to the Cursed Soil Sect to save your friend. With her life on the line, we cannot afford to delay any longer,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“But, that senior, he didn’t blame me? Or could it be that, senior, you’ve made some sort of condition with him?” Chu Feng asked.

“Haha, Chu Feng, do not think too much about this. You did not make any mistake. On the contrary, you’ve done a meritorious deed,” Dugu Xingfeng patted Chu Feng’s shoulder and laughed heartily. After that, he explained what had happened to Chu Feng.

While Dugu Xingfeng did not inform Chu Feng with full details, he allowed Chu Feng to know that it was merely a test and that Chu Feng’s test result was very much to the satisfaction of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. Thus, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor agreed to help them.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was overjoyed. Chu Feng was originally extremely worried because he thought that he made an enormous blunder. However now, he felt a great amount of joy.

“Chu Feng, do you really not know who your family members are? Do you have any traces or clues?”

Dugu Xingfeng asked with great curiosity. Like the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, he felt that with how great of a potential Chu Feng had, Chu Feng’s parents were most definitely not ordinary people. It was likely that Chu Feng was the descendant of some sort of grand character in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Headmaster, Chu Feng really does not know,” Chu Feng shook his head. He did not wish to reveal too much about his family.

“That’s alright. If fate has it, you’ll definitely meet them,” Seeing that Chu Feng was a bit displeased, Dugu Xingfeng consoled him. Afterwards, he did not ask Chu Feng about his family anymore.

After arriving at the bottom of the mountain, Chu Feng and Dugu Xingfeng discovered that Hong Qiang, Miao Renlong, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Yan Xie, Yan Ru, Yan Lei, the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief and the others were all there. None of them had left. They had all been waiting for them at the bottom of the mountain.

When they arrived, Dugu Xingfeng gave the reason that he had an important matter that he must attend to and prepared to leave. Even though the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief urged him to stay out of hospitality, Dugu Xingfeng still refused.

Without any other choice, the crowd began to send off Chu Feng and the others. During the time when they were parting, Yan Ru was extremely reluctant to part with Chu Feng and urged him to come back to play with her should he have the time.

The people of the Yan Clan all felt very helpless to this scene. They all felt that this girl had fallen for Chu Feng.

While it was fine to fall for Chu Feng, it was a bit inexcusable for her to display it this obviously. After all, she was a young, unmarried woman and the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief’s daughter.

However, this was the personality of this girl. Even the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief had no way around it. As for this… it was also why Yan Ru was so adorable.

“Brother Yan Xie, do not forget about our promise. Next time, we must determine who the winner is,” As Chu Feng spoke, he extended his fist to Yan Xie.

This was not a provocation. Rather, it was a promise. Even though Chu Feng had not known Yan Xie for long, he had discovered that Yan Xie was a person of character.

He was clearly someone with exceptional talent. Yet, he did not act extremely arrogant and place no others in his eyes. Furthermore, he had stopped when victory and defeat was determined in the battle against Chu Feng. Otherwise, the match between the two of them would likely not end in a tie.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that Yan Xie was an individual who was worthy of befriending.

“Definitely,” Yan Xie also extended his fist and bumped it at Chu Feng’s fist.

While this fist bump was done very lightly, it was as heavy as Mount Tai. That was because this was a promise between men.

Chu Feng and the others left the Yan Clan. After they left the Yan Clan, they immediately proceeded toward the Cursed Soil Domain. The Cyanwood Domain was located at the south of the Holy Land of Martialism whereas the Cursed Soil Domain was located at the east of the Holy Land of Martialism. Thus, the two places were located quite far from one another. Even with the several peak Half Martial Emperors leading the way, it still required quite a few days to travel there.

“Who would’ve thought that after taking such a great circle and exhausting so much effort, we are still unable to move that Yan Clan’s Ancestor to help us,” Miao Renlong complained.

“Sigh, Chu Feng had clearly proven himself. Yet, that Yan Clan’s Ancestor still refused to help. It would seem that he is not as righteous as Headmaster Dugu said him to be. In the end, he is still a person with selfish motives,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master also started to complain.

“Humph~~” Hong Qiang did not say anything. Instead, he let out a cold snort that was filled with contempt.

“Little friends, to speak of someone behind their back is not right.”

Right at this moment, an old man’s voice suddenly sounded from behind them. The space at the location in which that voice sounded started to wiggle. After that, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor appeared.

“Yan Clan’s Ancestor!!!” When they saw the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Hong Qiang and Miao Renlong were all shocked. The Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s appearance was truly a bit too unexpected. They were not at all prepared for this.

“Headmaster Dugu, you’re truly insincere. Why haven’t you told us that senior had already agreed to help us?”

The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master was very smart. He knew right away that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor must have not refused to help and had instead agreed to help. Else, there would be no reason for him to chase after them. Thus, he immediately shifted the blame to Dugu Xingfeng.

“That’s right, Headmaster Dugu, this is your wrong here. You’ve nearly caused us to misunderstand senior,” Hong Qiang echoed.

“While I had indeed not said that senior had agreed to help, I also did not say that he had refused to help. It’s you all who thought that he refused to help. Thus, why would you start blaming me for this?” Dugu Xingfeng was unwilling to carry the blame and immediately struck back at them.

“Haha, it’s enough. This old man is not a narrow-minded individual.”

“What’s important is to save little friend Chu Feng’s friend. We cannot delay. Everyone, I’ll lead the way so that we can get there quicker.”

As the Yan Clan’s Ancestor spoke, he waved his sleeve and a layer of martial power covered Chu Feng and the others. After that, with a thought, the martial power began to rapidly shuttle through the clouds toward the direction of the Cursed Soil Sect like a ray of light.

The speed of a Martial Emperor truly surpassed one’s imagination.

At this moment, Chu Feng was truly overjoyed. However, he was not in joy because he was experiencing the speed of a Martial Emperor. Rather, it was because he had managed to obtain the help from this many experts to rescue Tantai Xue.

Four peak Half Martial Emperors. They were all headmaster level characters. In addition to them, there was the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, a grand Martial Emperor. This was truly a grand battle formation.