Chapter 1532 - Incomparable Shock

MGA: Chapter 1532 - Incomparable Shock

“Why else would I declare that Yan Xie is a person with the potential to become an overlord?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said with pride.

After hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng grew silent. He had seen Yan Xie’s strength. The talent that Yan Xie possessed was truly shocking.

However, he never would’ve expected that Yan Xie would possess this powerful of a potential. Upon recalling what Yan Xie had said to Chu Feng earlier, Dugu Xingfeng felt that Yan Xie was not boasting. Instead, he was truly confident.

Perhaps one day, or even in the near future, Yan Xie would be able to increase his cultivation by two levels through the use of his Divine Power. At that time, he would truly be equally matched against Chu Feng. Even if Chu Feng were to be able to catch up to his cultivation, Chu Feng would likely not be able to win against him.

“Chu Feng is also a rare sapling. Especially that lighting power of his. It is extremely powerful. Regardless of whether it might be a Divine Power, an Inherited Bloodline or a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, it is undeniable that he is someone who possesses very strong potential, otherwise, it is impossible that he would be able to utilize it to such a degree.”

“Thus, Chu Feng’s result from the test of potential will likely not be lower than Yan Xie’s. In fact, he might even be able to surpass Yan Xie’s result and reach seventeen steps.” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“Ancestor, if one is able to reach the eighteenth step, what sort of potential would that be?” Dugu Xingfeng asked.

“Eighteenth step? Heh… there has never been anyone that has ever reached the seventeenth step. As for the eighteenth step, you can forget about it,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor laughed. His hidden implication was that the eighteenth step was impossible to reach.

Although the Yan Clan’s Ancestor had not fought against the eighteenth ominous creature, he had seen how frightening that ominous creature was.

It was simply an existence that could not be defeated. No matter how powerful one’s potential might be, they would still not be able to defeat that ominous creature. The strength of that ominous creature simply surpassed that of Martial Emperors. It was a completely different realm, a realm that no one could surmount.


Right at this moment, the world spirit gate started to wiggle, and then a figure walked out from it. It was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, how was it? How many steps did you manage to reach?” Dugu Xingfeng hurriedly step forward and asked.

“Steps? What steps?” Chu Feng was startled. His expression was not very good. It was as if there was a heavy load in his heart.

“What? Is something wrong?” Seeing that Chu Feng was not looking very happy, Dugu Xingfeng asked in a concerned manner.

“Senior, I’m sorry. I might have disappointed you. Chu Feng has failed to do what you wanted me to do.” Chu Feng shook his head in shame. Then, he walked over to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor and bowed apologetically. He said, “Senior, junior has made an enormous blunder. I will accept any punishment that senior might give me.”

“Blunder?” Hearing those words, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was startled. Confused, he looked to Dugu Xingfeng. As for Dugu Xingfeng, he too had a confused expression on his face.

Even if Chu Feng’s result was not good, why would it be a blunder? It was merely a test, so how could there be a blunder?

“Chu Feng, wait a moment.” As the Yan Clan’s Ancestor spoke, he soared into the sky and entered the spirit formation space.

Seeing that, Dugu Xingfeng followed closely behind and also entered.

“Heavens, this…” When the Yan Clan’s Ancestor entered the world spirit space and saw the shattered Ancient Era’s Testing Stone, he immediately stood there stunned, as if he had been petrified. Shock filled his aged face.

“This…” After Dugu Xingfeng entered into the world spirit space, he looked to the direction of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s gaze and soon discovered the Ancient Era’s Testing Stone. When he saw the shattered Ancient Era’s Testing Stone, he finally realized why Chu Feng said that he had made a blunder.

“Senior, I am truly sorry. I think that Chu Feng might have misunderstood you and destroyed this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone by accident.”

“Senior, Chu Feng is still very young. For certain things, he might be a bit reckless. However, I believe that he did not do that on purpose.”

“Senior, how about this? I’ll find you another Ancient Era’s Testing Stone so as to compensate you,” Dugu Xingfeng immediately started to plead for Chu Feng.

That was because, from the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s expression, he was able to tell that the situation was bad. The reaction of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor right now was truly not optimistic at all. Thus, Dugu Xingfeng feared that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor might do something to Chu Feng out of anger.

“It’s impossible for you to obtain another. Likely, this is the only Ancient Era’s Testing Stone in the entire Holy Land of Martialism,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“What? That is the only one?” After hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng’s expression became extremely ugly. With only a single one, how could he find another one? Even if he could afford one, he would not be able to obtain it.

“Senior, in that case, please give a price, this junior will definitely compensate you.” Even with that being the case, Dugu Xingfeng still wished to offer compensation. After all, he could not allow Chu Feng to lose his life because of this. Thus, regardless of the price, he still had to compensate the Yan Clan’s Ancestor.

“Compensate? Compensate for what? Are you trying to compensate for this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone?” Suddenly, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor turned around. At this moment, his complexion was no longer pale, and his expression was no longer ugly. Instead, there was a smile of excitement and joy on his face. He was extremely happy.

This smile made Dugu Xingfeng feel unease. He was so nervous that his heart reached his throat. Unable to contain himself, he sucked in a mouthful of cold air and began to put forth great effort to calm himself.

He had known the Yan Clan’s Ancestor for many years. However, this was the first time that he had seen the Yan Clan’s Ancestor smile like this. This smile was truly too frightening. This was too unlike the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s character. This was simply abnormal!

Could it be that this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone was truly this precious? So precious that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor had gone insane by it being shattered?

“Senior, we can talk things over,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“Haha…” Seeing Dugu Xingfeng’s current appearance, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor laughed out loud. In fact, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Thus, with a strange tone, he asked, “Xingfeng, you truly wish to compensate me?”

“Senior, please tell me, whatever it is that you wish, this junior will definitely try his greatest to obtain it for you so as to compensate you,” Dugu Xingfeng nodded with determination.

“Xingfeng, if you wish to compensate me, that’s fine too. How about this, you give Chu Feng to me as compensation. What do you think?” Suddenly, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor grabbed onto Dugu Xingfeng and spoke in a very serious manner.

“Senior, please don’t do that. Chu Feng is a rare genius. Even if he has created a blunder, it shouldn’t be so serious that it requires his death.” Dugu Xingfeng immediately started to beg for forgiveness. He thought that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was planning to kill Chu Feng.

“What? His death? Why would I kill him? Xingfeng, do you know what sort of genius your Cyanwood Mountain has encountered?”

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor once again tightly grabbed onto Dugu Xingfeng and brought him over to the Ancient Era’s Testing Stone. He pointed at the shattered Ancient Era’s Testing Stone and said, “Xingfeng, do you know how firm and hard this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone is? Back then, during Lord Flame Emperor’s peak, he had once used the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust’s eighth thrust to attack this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone. However, this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone came out completely unscathed. Not even a single piece the size of a speck of dust broke off of it.”

“Do you think that Chu Feng, with his cultivation of a rank eight Martial King, would be able to turn this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone into such a state?”

“Whaa? Lord Flame Emperor used his strongest attack but was unable to damage this Ancient Era’s Testing Stone in the slightest?”

Dugu Xingfeng showed an expression of disbelief upon hearing those words. How could this stone be this firm and hard? One must know that Lord Flame Emperor had been the strongest existence among humans during that time. In that era, other than Emperor Qing, other than the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Elf King, practically no one else had been capable of defeating him.