Chapter 1510 - Realm of Gods

MGA: Chapter 1510 - Realm of Gods

“I’m saying that what I wish to see is not your Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique. Instead, it is the cultivation method for your Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique,” Xian Kun repeated himself.

“Brother Xian Kun, your joke is a bit excessive. The Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique is a martial skill that our Yan Clan does not teach outsiders. Yet, you wish to see it? Did you think we would allow it?”

Yan Lei’s expression was not very good. However, he resisted his anger and did not erupt. Although this was their Yan Clan’s territory, he knew that the Ancient Era’s Elves were best left unprovoked.

“Brother Yan Lei, you shouldn’t be too inflexible with your words. I merely wish to see it. It is impossible for me to learn your Yan Clan’s Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique with a single glance.”

“Furthermore, I will also not try to look at it for free. As long as you’re willing to let me have a glance at the cultivation method of your Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique, I’ll hand you all this,” As Xian Kun spoke, he took out a box from his Cosmos Sack.

This box was the size of two palms. It was square-shaped and looked very exquisite. The reason why it was exquisite was not because it was inlaid with pearls, diamonds or other gems; instead, it was because the box had been created by weaving a special sort of plant. This plant was extremely special. Not only was it emitting a faint glimmer, it was even emitting a faint fragrance. Not only did the box appear to be impregnable, it also possessed the ability to isolate spirit power. Most importantly, this box was actually alive.

When this box was revealed before the crowd, even Chu Feng’s eyes started to shine. Chu Feng was able to tell that this box was alive, and should be a special sort of plant.

However, this plant was very fascinating. It was extremely firm. Likely, even ordinary Half Martial Emperors would not be able to break it apart with martial power.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had secretly used his Heaven’s Eye to inspect the box. Yet, he was still unable to see through it. The box’s isolation ability was extremely powerful.

“This, could it be the Elf Kingdom’s legendary plant, Item Storage Vine?” Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm upon recognizing this plant.

“That’s right. This is indeed our Elf Kingdom’s specialty, the Item Storage Vine,” Xian Kun said complacently.

This Item Storage Vine was a special sort of plant that grew exclusively in the Elf Kingdom. It could only be found in the Elf Kingdom and nowhere else.

As for the reason why it was called the Item Storage Vine, it was because, as its name implied, while this box was a living plant, it possessed functions akin to those of treasure cases. One could put items inside it.

Most importantly, before placing the item inside the Item Storage Vine, one could set up a special unlocking method. In turn, other than the unlocking method, the only other way to open the Item Storage Vine would be through absolute martial power.

Thus, the Item Storage Vine was a very miraculous, fascinating and useful item.

“It’s merely a single Item Storage Vine. Regardless of how precious it might be, it is definitely inferior to our Yan Clan’s Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique.”

“You wish to use this in exchange for our Yan Clan’s Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique? You’re truly delusional!” Yan Ru cast a side-eye at Xian Kun. She felt that Xian Kun was deliberately playing with them and was trying to take advantage of them.

“Who said that what I’m planning to have you all look at is this Item Storage Vine? What I’m planning to have you all look at is the item inside this Item Storage Vine,” Xian Kun said.

“Inside? What’s inside?” Yan Ru asked.

“Everyone, do you all know about our Holy Land of Martialism’s forbidden areas?” Xian Kun deliberately started to mystify things.

“Of course. The forbidden areas are places that not even Martial Emperors dare to set foot in. Their might has shaken the entire Holy Land of Martialism. As for the forbidden area Purgatory Sea of Flames, it is a place left behind by our Yan Clan’s Ancestor, Lord Flame Emperor,” Yan Ru said in an extremely prideful manner.

“Mn, what Miss Yan Ru says is correct. The Purgatory Sea of Flames is indeed one of the relatively more famous of the Holy Land of Martialism’s forbidden areas. However, it is not that no one has managed to burst into the Purgatory Sea of Flames before.”

“As far as I know, one of the Three Palaces, the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master, once entered the Purgatory Sea of Flames and stayed in there for a total of ten days. When he walked out from the Purgatory Sea of Flames, he was completely unharmed. He had entered the Purgatory Sea of Flames effortlessly, as if he were walking into an uninhabited place,” As Xian Kun said those words, a smile was on his face. He was indirectly ridiculing Yan Ru.

“Exactly what is it that you want to say?” Yan Lei was displeased by those words, and actually questioned Xian Kun forcibly. While it was fine for Xian Kun to ridicule Yan Ru, his ridicule was also directed toward the Flame Emperor. This was something that he could not stand by and do nothing about.

“What I wish to say is that there are countless forbidden areas in our Holy Land of Martialism. However, there were only three forbidden areas that cause people to tremble with fear upon hearing their names. These three forbidden areas are the publicly renowned Three Great Forbidden Areas of our Holy Land of Martialism.”

“They are: the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, the Moonlight Maze, and the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.”

“Among the Three Great Forbidden Areas, the Ancient Era’s Cemetery is publicly accepted to be the most dangerous. Those who enter that place, even if they manage to come out alive, they all, regardless of who they might be, within a month’s time, meet with calamity.”

“The Ancient Era’s Cemetery is from the Ancient Era. As its name implies, it is a cemetery. Anyone who dares to enter undoubtedly dies. There are no exceptions to that rule,” Xian Kun said.

After hearing what Xian Kun said, other than Chu Feng, everyone present displayed serious expressions on their faces. It could be seen that the mighty fame of the Ancient Era’s Cemetery was no small matter.

“However, the Ancient Era’s Cemetery is filled with treasures. Any random stone from that place would be an extremely valuable item.”

“I won’t keep everyone in the dark anymore. In my Item Storage Vine is an item from the Ancient Era’s Cemetery,” Xian Kun said.

“Brother Xian Kun, is what you say the truth?” Sure enough, after hearing that the item in the Item Storage Vine was a treasure from the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, the eyes of everyone in the crowd started to shine. Even Chu Feng became curious.

“If I, Xian Kun, am lying, may the heavenly thunder shall strike me dead. The thing inside this Item Storage Vine is something that Lord Elf King rewarded me with after I triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”

“As a grand Elf King, how could he possibly have given me a fake?” Xian Kun said.

“In that case, exactly what is inside the Item Storage Vine?” Someone asked.

“That, is a secret. If you all wish to see it, that is doable too. It will only depend on whether Brother Yan Lei is willing to give you all the chance to see it,” Xian Kun cast his gaze to Yan Lei.

“How do you wish to exchange the items?” Yan Lei was evidently tempted. A treasure from the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, this was simply too enticing to him. Not to mention him, even if his father were present, he would likely still wish to have a look.

One must know that the Ancient Era’s Cemetery was a place akin to legend in the Holy Land of Martialism. Although it was called the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, it actually had another name: Realm of Gods.

Realm of Gods: what does that mean? It meant that it was a place with gods. That was the reason why mortals like themselves were not allowed to enter.

The items from the Ancient Era’s Cemetery were also items from the Realm of Gods. Who would not wish to see something from the Realm of Gods?

“Brother Yan Lei, I will not hide this from you. I have seen the item in this Item Storage Vine before. That is because Lord Elf King personally placed that thing into the Item Storage Vine before me.”

“Thus, I can tell you with certainty that what is contained within this Item Storage Vine is not a piece of stone or anything like that. Instead, it is an artifact. Thus, its value is extremely high.”

“However, you all should know that one must use a special method to unlock the Item Storage Vine before placing something into it, right? That special method is something that Lord Elf King personally set. He said that he would only tell me what it is after I became a Half Martial Emperor. Thus, I also do not know how to open this Item Sealing Vine,” Xian Kun said.

“Brother Xian Kun, you’ve said all this, but in the end, you still cannot open the Item Sealing Vine. In that case, exactly what do you want us to look at then? Aren’t you just playing with us?” Yan Lei’s brows were narrowed. Evidently, he was very displeased.

“My, Brother Yan Lei, I have yet to finish speaking. Don’t be so anxious.”

“I believe that you will definitely be interested once I finish my words,” Xian Kun smiled.

Then, he said, “I shall give you a chance to try opening this Item Storage Vine. As long as you all open it, I will not only allow you all to see the treasure in this Item Storage Vine, I will instead present it to you.”