Chapter 1508 - Provocation From The Elves

MGA: Chapter 1508 - Provocation From The Elves

“While senior Li’s world spirit techniques are indeed very powerful, if he had wanted to spar with the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, he would surely have done so already. There was no need for him to wait till today.”

“We members of the younger generation should just properly go about our gathering, and not involve ourselves in matters of the older generation,” Yan Lei said.

Yan Lei was good friends with Tian Liang and knew that Tian Liang was an individual who loved to boast. He knew that Tian Liang had been placed in a very difficult situation right now. Thus, he decided to speak to help Tian Liang out.

“What Brother Yan Lei says is correct. It is best that we not involve ourselves with matters of the older generation, so that we will not mistakenly say something that might displease them,” Upon hearing what Yan Lei said, Tian Liang immediately tried to close this subject. As he spoke, he even began to wipe away the cold sweat that covered his forehead.

Since Yan Lei had spoken out against it, Chu Feng decided to give Yan Lei face and not continue to make things difficult for Tian Liang. If Yan Lei had not spoken out against it, Chu Feng would’ve definitely made sure that Tian Liang would suffer immensely.

While Chu Feng could allow Tian Liang to praise himself and belittle others, Chu Feng would absolutely not allow him to belittle those people that he knew.

“Okay then.” Although Chu Feng was fine, Yan Ru was evidently disappointed. Even her little lips protruded upward.

Although this girl was in her early twenties, her nature was still like that of a young girl. All of her emotions were completely present on her face.

“Oh, Lil Sis Ru’er, this necklace of yours is pretty decent. May I know which senior was able to make make such a pretty necklace using world spirit techniques?”

Tian Liang was someone who knew how to cheer up a girl’s mood. Seeing that Yan Ru was disappointed, he immediately began to praise her necklace. However, that praise of his was actually sincere. As a world spiritist himself, he was able to tell that the necklace Yan Ru was wearing was extremely beautiful, and not something that an ordinary world spiritist could make.

“It was made by Chu Feng. What do you think, it’s pretty right?” Yan Ru used her lily-white hands to hold onto the necklace on her neck and began to show it off to the crowd.

“Ohh… it was actually made by Brother Chu Feng,” Hearing Chu Feng’s name, Tian Liang’s expression instantly turned artificial.

Immediately afterward, he hurriedly said, “While the necklace Brother Chu Feng made is indeed very good, there are still a few flaws here and there. How about this? Lil Sis Ru’er, allow me to help you alter it. As a gold-cloak world spiritist, I will definitely be able to fix it to your satisfaction.”

“There’s no need. I like it very much. The way I see it, this necklace is simply perfect. If you were to alter it, you would definitely make it something that I wouldn’t like as much,” Yan Ru firmly refused.

“Eh…” Black lines covered Tian Liang’s forehead. He did not know how to respond. However, his hatred for Chu Feng only increased even more. He did not understand why this Chu Feng, a guy who came out of nowhere, would be able to be liked by Yan Ru in such a manner.

“Brother Yan, didn’t you say that you were not going to invite the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain? How come there’s one who showed up?” Suddenly, a voice sounded. As the crowd turned their gazes toward the source of the voice, they discovered that three figures were approaching them.

These three individuals were the Ancient Era’s Elves. This was the first time that Chu Feng had met with the Ancient Era’s Elves in person.

Although Chu Feng saw Ancient Era’s Elves in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond before, those Ancient Era’s Elves there had been wearing special clothing that had concealed their appearances. Thus, Chu Feng had not managed to see their actual appearances at all.

However, Chu Feng was now able to see them. The Ancient Era’s Elves were all relatively thin in stature. Although they did not appear to be strong and muscular, they were, nevertheless, very pleasant to the eye. It could be said that their physiques were just at the right level of thinness.

As for their appearances, they were very similar to humans. However, compared to ordinary humans, they possessed distinguishing differences. For one, their hair was blonde and their eyes were green. Furthermore, their ears were also different from humans -- they were pointed.

However, it could not be denied that the Ancient Era’s Elves were very beautiful. At this moment, it was clearly three men that appeared before Chu Feng. Yet, they appeared like three women. Their skin was lily-white like jade and their bodies were even emitting a faint fragrant odor.

The Ancient Era’s Elves were beings that naturally possessed a different sort of air than humans.

In terms of appearance, even Tian Liang would be inferior to the three Ancient Era’s Elves before Chu Feng.

However, perhaps it might be because they appeared too much like women, they gave off an effeminate sensation to Chu Feng. In short, the Ancient Era’s Elves did not look like men at all.

However, it was precisely because of this that Chu Feng became very interested in seeing what the female Ancient Era’s Elves looked like. When even the men were already this beautiful, the women should be extremely beautiful.

That said, when not mentioning their appearances, the three Ancient Era’s Elves before Chu Feng all possessed very powerful cultivations. They were all rank nine Martial Kings, with very deep and resounding auras.

Especially that Ancient Era’s Elf that had spoken earlier. His age was the youngest among the three Ancient Era’s Elves, and was close to Chu Feng’s age. However, his aura was the strongest among the three Ancient Era’s Elves.

Furthermore, this Ancient Era’s Elf had a special symbol on his chest. Chu Feng had seen that symbol before; it was the symbol of the Elf Kingdom. Evidently, this was that Xian Kun that Yan Ru had mentioned to Chu Feng earlier.

However, suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes shone, and he said in his heart, “This man, I’ve seen him before.”

It turned out that not only had Chu Feng seen that symbol before, Chu Feng had also seen this Xian Kun before.

Back then, when Chu Feng had entered the bottom of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he had encountered a figure below.

That person was an extremely powerful Ancient Era’s Elf. At that time, that Ancient Era’s Elf had possessed the cultivation of rank five Martial King.

To Chu Feng, who had only been a rank nine Martial Lord at the time, that Ancient Era’s Elf had simply been a nightmare, an enemy that he could not defeat.

At that time, Chu Feng had wanted to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. However, because of the existence of that Ancient Era’s Elf, Chu Feng had no choice but to wait in the distance. It was only when that Ancient Era’s Elf had left that Chu Feng approached the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and triggered it.

Although Chu Feng had not seen the appearance of that Ancient Era’s Elf, he had managed to clearly remember that Ancient Era’s Elf’s aura. As for that aura, it was exactly the same as the aura that this Xian Kun before him emitted.

Merely, Chu Feng had never expected that he would run into that Ancient Era’s Elf again.

Although this Xian Kun was very talented and had actually managed to break through four levels of cultivation in succession to become a rank nine Martial King during the time that Chu Feng had joined the Cyanwood Mountain, Chu Feng had broken through from rank nine Martial Lord all the way to rank eight Martial King. He had managed to achieve eight breakthroughs in succession. His speed of breakthrough was twice that of Xian Kun.

Thus, the current Chu Feng was no longer the same as the one before. Chu Feng no longer feared that Ancient Era’s Elf by the name of Xian Kun.

“Brother Yan, what you have done is going back on your words. You clearly said that you would not invite the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, so why did you invite one over anyways?” At this moment, Xian Kun walked over and asked again.

“Chu Feng was not invited by my big brother. He has come with the Cyanwood Mountain’s Headmaster Dugu as a guest to our Yan Clan,” Yan Ru rushed forward and explained.

“In that case, he has turned up without being invited?” Xian Kun looked to Chu Feng. His gaze was filled with ill-intent. He seemed to dislike Chu Feng a lot. In fact, it shouldn’t be only Chu Feng that he disliked. Rather, he disliked everyone from the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Of course not, I was the one who invited Chu Feng over, “Yan Ru explained.

“Yan Ru, your older brother has said that he will not invite the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain. So why did you still invite a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain?” Xian Kun asked.

“While my big brother has said that, I never said that. Furthermore, our Yan Clan’s relationship with the Cyanwood Mountain has always been great. Why can’t we invite the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain?” Yan Ru was a bit annoyed.

“If you don’t want the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples to come this badly, could it be that you’re scared of them?” Chu Feng also spoke. He was not someone who would stand behind a woman the entire time while Yan Ru shielded him.

The other party had decided to provoke him in a manner that was completely uncalled-for. Thus, regardless of exactly what made them do it, Chu Feng, as a man, had to take care of this personally.

“What? I’m afraid of your Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples? Haha… what a joke! Your Cyanwood Mountain merely occupies the Cyanwood Domain. Did you truly think yourselves to be unequalled in the entire world?”

“Not to mention comparing with us Ancient Era’s Elves, even among the humans, the Three Palaces and Four Clans are all powers that your Cyanwood Mountain does not dare to provoke.” Xian Kun became emotional, and began to mock and ridicule the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Regardless of how powerful your Ancient Era’s Elves might be, weren’t you all still defeated by Qing Xuantian? So what about humans? Even humans can cause you all to be terror-stricken.” Chu Feng was not someone to be outdone. He immediately attacked Xian Kun’s sore spot. He knew that Qing Xuantian was the eternal pain of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“Qing Xuantian? There’s only a single Qing Xuantian; do you think you are Qing Xuantian?” Xian Kun was even more enraged. Very rarely has there ever been anyone who dared to contradict him in such a manner.

“That’s right. I am not Qing Xuantian. However, you are not not the representative of your entire Ancient Era’s Elves either. Your Ancient Era’s Elves’ country is something that your seniors fought for and won. It is not a single bit related to you!”

“While the Ancient Era’s Elves are powerful, it does not mean that you’re powerful. So what makes you think that you can act this arrogant, this conceited, and consider everyone else to be beneath you?” Chu Feng forced back. His words left his mouth so quickly so that Xian Kun did not even have the time to speak back. This caused Xian Kun to be so stifled that his complexion turned green with anger.