Chapter 1502 - The Legend of the Yan Clan

MGA: Chapter 1502 - The Legend of the Yan Clan [1. Yan → Flame.]

“The Flame Emperor was a person who was fond of battle. Throughout his life, he defeated countless experts. Among them were humans, monstrous beasts and even the Ancient Era’s Elves. In every battle, he would obtain victory, and was never once defeated.”

"It could be said that before Emperor Qing’s birth, the Flame Emperor was the most fully deserving of being the strongest existence in that era.”

“As for the Yan Clan that the Flame Emperor belonged to, it could be said to have been the strongest human power in that era.”

“The Yan Clan does not possess a lot of clansmen. Their numbers are greatly inferior to that of the Four Great Imperial Clans. However, at that time, the Yan Clan had been an existence that not even the Three Palaces dared to provoke. Thus, there’s no need to mention the Four Imperial Clans or the Nine Powers.”

“As for that, it was all because of the Flame Emperor. The Flame Emperor had raised the status of and brought prosperity to his entire clan by himself.”

“However, at the moment when the Flame Emperor was standing at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism, Emperor Qing appeared out of nowhere.”

“No one knew the origin of Emperor Qing, Qing Xuantian. His identity was a complete mystery.”

“However, with his unstoppable might, Emperor Qing advanced triumphantly and became the legend of the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“The emergence of Emperor Qing caused the people from the Yan Clan, the ones who were seen to be the strongest humans in the Holy Land of Martialism, to feel imminent danger.”

“Therefore, many people from the Yan Clan started to secretly start rumors and create troubles behind the Flame Emperor’s back. They would attack Emperor Qing and use the influence that they possessed back then to affect Emperor Qing’s reputation.”

“Once, in a gathering of major powers, the people from the Yan Clan publicly provoked Emperor Qing. Angered, Emperor Qing killed thirty-three of the Yan Clan’s clansmen on the spot.”

“However, there were over three thousand people from the Yan Clan present that day. Yet, Emperor Qing had only killed the thirty-three people who insulted and provoked him. It could be said that he had truly been lenient towards them.”

“When this matter was spread to the Flame Emperor’s ears, the Flame Emperor, being a person who could distinguish right from wrong, and also someone that knew of the character of those people killed by Emperor Qing, knew that this matter was most definitely not Emperor Qing’s fault.”

“However, as the leader of the clan, he had to uphold his clan’s honor. As such, he openly challenged Emperor Qing to battle.”

“This battle was not a fight to the death. Rather, it was only a fight to determine victory or defeat.”

“That battle attracted the attention of countless towering figures in the Holy Land of Martialism. Practically all of the peak existences in that era arrived to watch the battle.”

“It was also in that battle that the crowd managed to experience how powerful Emperor Qing was as well as what it meant by ‘the up-and-coming youngster outstrips the older generation.’ Even the Ancient Era’s Elves became immensely fearful of Emperor Qing after that battle.”

“It was also in that battle that the undefeated Flame Emperor experienced the first defeat in his life. He was defeated by Emperor Qing. In that battle, he had lost.”

“As the Flame Emperor was a person with a lot of ego, he was unable to take the humiliation of defeat. As such, he killed himself on the spot.”

“Thus, what you all said was right, the Flame Emperor died long ago. He killed himself before the eyes of countless people ten thousand years ago,” Facing the questioning gazes from Miao Renlong, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Hong Qiang, Dugu Xingfeng nodded.

“I’ve heard that the Flame Emperor did not kill himself because he possessed too much ego. Instead, it was that he sought victory too hard, and had cultivated his entire life for the sake of becoming the strongest.”

“However, in the battle with Emperor Qing, the Flame Emperor was able to understand a principle. He realized that Emperor Qing’s talent greatly surpassed his own. Even if he were to continue to pour his all into martial cultivation for the rest of his life, he would still not be able to contend against Emperor Qing. As such, he decided to kill himself,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master said.

“Mn, there are a lot of different interpretations regarding the Flame Emperor’s suicide. However, the Flame Emperor’s death was not only the fall of a super powerful human expert, it was also an enormous blow to the Yan Clan.”

“After the Flame Emperor died, the hatred the people of the Yan Clan had held against Emperor Qing became even more intense. However, out of sympathy, Emperor Qing did not once make things difficult for the Yan Clan again.”

“However, while Emperor Qing was a person of character, it did not mean that all other people were also people of character. After the Yan Clan lost their Flame Emperor, their enormous backing, their many enemies began to knock on their doors and attack them.”

“In the end, several major powers joined hands and unleashed a fatal attack against the Yan Clan. After that battle, the Yan Clan gradually disappeared from society.”

“There were people who said that the Yan Clan had been extinguished. There were also others who said that the Yan Clan had hidden themselves. In short, there were all kinds of different opinions as to what has happened to the Yan Clan. However, one thing was certain: the Yan Clan never once reappeared.”

“However, I’ve heard that in the last hundred years, people from the Yan Clan have begun to reappear in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, no one knew where they were located,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“Could it be that Headmaster Dugu knows where the people from the Yan Clan are located? Furthermore, are you saying that the current Yan Clan possesses the protection of a Martial Emperor? Could it be that the Martial Emperor you are planning to seek help from is someone from the Yan Clan?” Hong Qiang asked Dugu Xingfeng.

“It’s that village?” As the people present were all headmaster-level characters, they immediately realized who it was that Dugu Xingfeng wanted to find.

“Everyone, you are correct. The Yan Clan still exists. Furthermore, they currently possess a Martial Emperor. Moreover, truth be told, the Yan Clan is currently in our Cyanwood Domain. They are located in that village that I wish to bring you all to,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“The Yan Clan has hidden themselves for so many years. Yet, in recent years, people from the Yan Clan have been seen more and more frequently. And now, Headmaster Dugu is planning to bring us to the place that they have hidden themselves in. If they were to agree to help us, wouldn’t that mean that the Yan Clan is planning to return to the Holy Land of Martialism?” Miao Renlong asked.

“The Yan Clan today is no longer the same as the Yan Clan from before. They no longer possess the enormous power that they used to possess. Furthermore, they are also no longer above all the other powers. Right now, they have truly withdrawn themselves away from the rest of society.”

“Furthermore, the major powers who were enemies with the Yan Clan from back then are either no longer in existence or have deteriorated greatly. The Yan Clan no longer has any great enemies now. As such, regardless of whether they plan to return to the Holy Land of Martialism or not, there is nothing for them to fear.”

“In fact, there are many powers that know that the Yan Clan is still in existence. While they have not publicly announced themselves, the Yan Clan is not against others visiting them either.”

“Thus, everyone, there is no need to worry. Even if I am to bring you all with me, the Yan Clan will definitely not make things difficult for us,” Dugu Xingfeng explained.

“But, the Cursed Soil Sect is no ordinary power. Are you certain you’ll be able to successfully request help from the Yan Clan’s Martial Emperor?” Hong Qiang asked.

“Martial Emperors are, after all, Martial Emperors. When they attack, they would give off an unrivalled emperor’s might. However, that does not mean that they will have to use methods that they are experts in to fight, nor does it mean that they will have to expose themselves. Thus, the difficult part is not whether or not the Yan Clan will dare to help us, but rather if they will be willing to help us,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“So you actually have no certainty at all,” Hong Qiang smiled.

“Heh…” Dugu Xingfeng also smiled. “If it were only me, I would indeed have no certainty. After all, I do not have enough of a reputation to be able to request the Yan Clan’s Martial Emperor to help us.”

“However, I now possess a fifty percent certainty of success. As for this, it’s not because of me, but rather it is because of Chu Feng,” Dugu Xingfeng looked to Chu Feng.

“Me?” Chu Feng was a bit shocked. He did not know any members of the Yan Clan at all. Nor did he know about that Martial Emperor. In fact, before the four seniors mentioned them, he had never heard about the Yan Clan before. As such, how did he become the key to being able to successfully request that the Yan Clan’s Martial Emperor help them?

“That senior Martial Emperor of the Yan Clan is a very experienced person. It is said that the reason the Yan Clan has been able to continue to exist all the way till today is all because of him. Thus, he is known as the Yan Clan’s Ancestor.”

“However, this Yan Clan’s Ancestor did not take up the position of the Clan Chief. Furthermore, he does not concern himself with matters in the Yan Clan.”

“However, he has been alive for several thousand years now, and has experienced countless changes and seen countless trials and hardships. He is not someone who will choose to do nothing. On the contrary, he shoulders a very important mission. As for his mission, it is to nurture an existence on par with the Flame Emperor.”

“To be exact, he wishes to nurture an existence that can surpass the Flame Emperor. He wishes to nurture an overlord unsurpassed by all, an overlord who can rule over an era like Emperor Qing.”

“Right now, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor has found a suitable candidate. After several thousand years, he has finally found a rare martial cultivation genius.”

“As for this genius, his name is Yan Xie. Yan Xie’s age is close to Chu Feng’s. Furthermore, he does indeed possess outstanding talent. I have seen that child before. Indeed, he possesses the potential to become an overlord.”

“However, Chu Feng is also someone that possesses the potential to become an overlord. If the Yan Clan’s Ancestor were to see Chu Feng, I believe his eyes will also shine. He will definitely want Chu Feng to spar with Yan Xie and determine who among the two of them is stronger.”

“At that time, we can use the condition of Chu Feng sparring with Yan Xie to request that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor help us,” Dugu Xingfeng said.