Chapter 1498 - Assassin

MGA: Chapter 1498 - Assassin

“This subordinate will definitely not disappoint Lord Headmaster,” Crazed Killer Tuoba prostrated himself emotionally. While before others, Crazed Killer Tuoba was an individual with overflowing killing intent; however, when before Dugu Xingfeng, he was extremely obedient and well-behaved.

As for Dugu Xingfeng, he had a smile on his face the entire time. No one knew exactly what he was thinking. At the very least, Crazed Killer Tuoba did not know what he was thinking.

Chu Feng did not know about this conversation between Crazed Killer Tuoba and Dugu Xingfeng. After three days, Chu Feng left the Cyanwood Mountain himself and proceeded toward the location where he had promised to meet Dugu Xingfeng.

Merely, not long after Chu Feng left the Cyanwood Mountain, his gaze flashed, his brows creased and his expression became very unnatural.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s footsteps became faster and faster. With each step, he would travel several miles. In a flash, he had traveled over a hundred miles. He was using a movement martial skill. If one were to look at Chu Feng from afar, they would think that he was a ray of light. His speed was so fast that ordinary people simply could not catch him with their eyes.


However, at the same moment when Chu Feng sped up, a stream of majestic dark black gaseous flames appeared behind him. With a very dense killing intent, the dark black gaseous flames began to chase after Chu Feng.

The dark black gaseous flames were simply too quick. Even though Chu Feng was extremely fast, the black gaseous flames caught up to him in an instant.

As the dark black gaseous flames surged, they completely covered and sealed off Chu Feng’s path forward as well as his path to escape.

“Who is it that dares to act this unscrupulously in the Cyanwood Domain? Do you not fear that the Cyanwood Mountain will come after you?” Chu Feng asked with a cold voice.

Suddenly, a cold and ruthless voice sounded. “Tsk tsk tsk tsk, you’ve already left the Cyanwood Mountain’s range. Yet, you actually dare to use the Cyanwood Mountain to frighten me. Chu Feng, do you really think that you understand the Cyanwood Mountain better than me?”

Following that, a figure slowly appeared from the dark black gaseous flames.

“It’s you.” When Chu Feng saw this individual, his brows creased even more densely. That was because the person who had appeared before him was none other than the person who hated him the most in the Cyanwood Mountain, Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“What are you planning to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“What am I planning to do? How could you not know? You killed my two sons; today, I shall make you pay a debt of blood with blood!” As Crazed Killer Tuoba spoke, his killing intent soared. He was planning to kill Chu Feng.

“Your sons? Wait a moment, who are your sons?” Chu Feng asked.

“Brat, your treachery truly remains unchanged. Even when facing a great catastrophe, you still wish to get words out of me,” Crazed Killer Tuoba smiled coldly. Then, he said, “However, that’s fine. Today, you are destined to die. Thus, I might as well tell you so that you will die in understanding.”

“You are indeed a genius. I have already discovered this matter the day you triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”

“Unfortunately, I cannot allow you to emerge in power in the Cyanwood Mountain. The more outstanding you are, the more reason I must take care of you.”

“As for this, it’s all because of my two sons. My two sons were Wentian and Lingyun,” Crazed Killer Tuoba said.

“Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun were your sons? Since they were your sons, why did you not publicly announce that matter? Wouldn’t it have been better for them if others knew that they were your sons?” Chu Feng asked in a puzzled manner.

“What the hell do you know? I know Lord Headmaster’s character better than anyone else. He is not someone who is fond of using official authority for private interests.”

“If I wanted Wentian and Lingyun to emerge in power in the Cyanwood Mountain, I could only help them using the identity of an outsider. Thus… even when the two of them died, they did not know that I, Crazed Killer Tuoba, was their biological father.”

“The two of them were originally not surnamed Qin. Instead, they were surnamed Tuoba. Their names should’ve been Tuoba Wentian and Tuoba Lingyun.” [1. Yep, got it right. Tuoba is his surname. However, I still doubt someone will name their child Crazed Killer, that has to be his title… Xima: Naw, his parents named him Crazed Killer because they knew he was a bad apple.]

“To have your sons die without knowing their biological father’s name!!! In this world, there is nothing more painful than this. Yet, this sort of pain ended up befalling me.”

“As for all of this, it is because of you. Chu Feng, today, I am going to avenge my sons and take your life!”

After speaking till this point, Crazed Killer Tuoba suddenly attacked. His powerful large hand that was capable of ripping space apart came grabbing at Chu Feng’s face. He was planning to crush Chu Feng to death with his bare hand. From this, it could be seen how deep of a resentment he had for Chu Feng.

“I’m afraid you will not have the opportunity to kill Chu Feng.”

Right at the moment when Crazed Killer Tuoba’s hand was about to reach Chu Feng, a voice suddenly sounded. Following that, a palm appeared and firmly grabbed onto Crazed Killer Tuoba’s wrist.

“It’s you?” At this moment, Crazed Killer Tuoba’s expression changed enormously. That was because when his wrist was grabbed, a figure had also appeared before him. It was Hong Qiang.

Who was Hong Qiang? He was an existence that even the various headmasters could not do anything about. Crazed Killer Tuoba knew very well that he could not afford to offend someone like Hong Qiang.

Furthermore, he knew that Hong Qiang had a special relationship with Chu Feng. Thus, Hong Qiang’s appearance before Chu Feng was not at all something good for Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Chu Feng, you, you deliberately lured me out?” Suddenly, Crazed Killer Tuoba came to a realization.

At this moment, he finally discovered that Chu Feng had never displayed true fear on his face the entire time. Instead, he had been trying to obtain words out of his mouth with a very calm expression. Furthermore, at this moment, Chu Feng was displaying a brilliant smile. It was obvious that he had already planned this, and that Crazed Killer Tuoba had fallen for his trap.

“In this Nine Powers Hunt, I could be said to have shown off all of my abilities. Senior Hong Qiang guessed that someone might come for me.”

“Merely, he was not certain as to who it was that would want to kill me the most, as well as which power they might be from.”

“That is why he did not journey together with me, and instead hid himself. He did so precisely to wait for people like you who wish to kill me.”

“Actually, I already knew beforehand that you had a very adverse impression of me and wanted to kill me. Thus, I thought that you would not do it this quickly because you are the head of the Punishment Department and should be able to keep your composure. Even if someone were to plan to attack me, I had thought that it would be people from other powers.”

“However, never would I have thought that you were this impatient. I have just left the Cyanwood Mountain, and yet you already set off to kill me.”

“However, now that I think about it, I can understand your actions. Your two sons have both died by my hands. Furthermore, even in their deaths, they did not know that you were their father.”

“With such a thing happening, it would instead be strange if you did not wish to kill me. Thus, your impatience in wanting to kill me is also reasonable.”

“Unfortunately, I was already prepared. Your anxiousness ended up causing you to bring harm to yourself,” Chu Feng said in a very calm manner. However, each and every word of his was meant to ridicule and humiliate Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Bastard! I am going to rip you apart!” The more Crazed Killer Tuoba heard, the more angered he became. He actually wanted to attack Chu Feng again even in front of Hong Qiang.

“Courting death.”

Hong Qiang’s palm that was grabbing onto Crazed Killer Tuoba’s wrist trembled slightly. Then, a berserk martial power entered Crazed Killer Tuoba’s body. That martial power was too ferocious. With a ‘bang,’ Crazed Killer Tuoba’s arm, as well as his connecting shoulder, exploded into pieces.

“Ahhh~~~” Crazed Killer Tuoba screamed. As he retreated backwards, an expression of pain filled his aged face.

This… was not because his endurance was weak. Rather, it was because Hong Qiang’s attack was no small matter. His attack was not as simple as only exploding his arm and shoulder. The pain that came along with it simply surpassed one’s limit of endurance. At this moment, that pain was lingering at the wound on Crazed Killer Tuoba’s lost arm and tormenting him.