Chapter 1053 - Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle

MGA: Chapter 1053 - Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle

Although the description the Vermillion Bird used to describe Qing Xuantian appeared to be one of arrogance, it was sufficient to show how powerful Qing Xuantian was. At the very least, it had shown that the limit of Martial Emperors, their life expectancy was, for the time being, not something that could baffle him.

However, it was obvious that even if Qing Xuantian was still living, he had never returned back to the Holy Land of Martialism. If he had, it wouldn’t make sense for the Holy Land of Martialism to not have any news of him after that battle, and have everyone thinking he had perished together with the Magma Emperor.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that Qing Xuantian might’ve left the Holy Land of Martialism. As for where Qing Xuantian had gone to, it was very possible for that place to be where Chu Feng’s family currently resided in. In other words, that so-called Outer World.

Although this was merely his guess, Chu Feng felt that its possibility was very likely. After all, Qing Xuantian was that powerful. When one reached a certain level of strength, one would begin to pursue a new realm. Since he had the strength to step foot onto a new domain, there would be no reason for him to stay here and make no headway.

Of course, this was merely Chu Feng’s guess. It might be possible that Qing Xuantian had been wearied by the battle and ended up finding a place to hide himself to train. That too was not impossible.

However, regardless of what it might be, it remains true that Qing Xuantian could still be alive.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng could not mention this to anyone. Not only did he possess no proof, even if someone truly believed him, they would have ended up thinking that he was related with Qing Xuantian. This would inevitably attract life-threatening misfortunes to him. Like that, the gains from revealing that would certainly be inferior to the losses.

Thus, Chu Feng decided that he must handle this matter carefully. Unless he had no other option, he would definitely not reveal the relationship he had with Qing Xuantian. He would go so far as to not use the Secret Skills again. In this place, the records about Qing Xuantian ought to be even more distinct as everyone knew that Qing Xuantian was not a legend but instead the Greatest Martial Emperor.

If, by chance, there were records regarding the four Divine Beasts, records regarding their appearance as well as their powers, then the Secret Skills displayed by Chu Feng would inevitably be discovered by those who are attentive. Once that happened, he would definitely bring about an enormous calamity upon himself.

“The Greatest Martial Emperor might not necessarily be dead.” However, right at this moment, the voice of an elderly man sounded. Turning their heads back to look, it was Sikong Zhaixing.

Although this warship was being steered by Sikong Zhaixing, due to his power, there wasn’t a need for him to sit within the center of the formation. As long as he was located on the warship, he would be able to steer the warship with unrestrained movement. This was also the power of Half Martial Emperors. They had already been freed of many bindings of other martial cultivators.

“Lord Headmaster, you said that the Greatest Martial Emperor might be still alive? Is this true?” Upon hearing the words of Sikong Zhaixing, Wang Wei’s eyes displayed expressions of joy. Slightly emotional, she immediately asked.

“The Greatest Martial Emperor is a mystery to begin with. He is a Divine Body that grasped Divine Powers. Not only does he possess peerless talent, his battle power is even more overflowing. However, no one knows where the Greatest Martial Emperor came from or which family he was born into. At the very least, the strongest families in the Holy Land of Martialism back then were all unrelated with the Greatest Martial Emperor.”

“Legend has it that someone have investigated about the origins of the Greatest Martial Emperor back then. That person gathered the information of all the abnormal signs when the Divine Bodies arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism. After verifying them, he discovered that not a single abnormal sign fit the Divine Power that the Greatest Martial Emperor grasped.”

“Thus, there are people that speculate that the Greatest Martial Emperor is simply not someone from our Holy Land of Martialism. That is believed to be the reason why he has power that people from the Holy Land of Martialism don’t have. He was able to come here without a sound, so he’d naturally be able to leave without a sound. That was why there are people that guessed that the Greatest Martial Emperor did not die.” said Sikong Zhaixing.

“In that case, where did the Greatest Martial Emperor come from?” Wang Wei hurriedly asked. She was truly and utterly interested in the things regarding the Greatest Martial Emperor.

“Heh, if someone knew about that, then it would no longer be a mystery.” Sikong Zhaixing lightly smiled. He then said, “Although I do not know where the Greatest Martial Emperor came from, what I do know is that we have already arrived at the destination of our journey.”

After hearing what Sikong Zhaixing said, both Chu Feng and Wang Wei suddenly realized that they had arrived and hurriedly cast their gazes down below the front of the warship. They discovered a boundless plain underneath the warship.

The plain was huge, extremely huge. Not only was it huge, it was also very mysterious, mysteriously beautiful.

That was because that boundless plain was filled with white mist. The mist was too thick, it was thicker than even the clouds. The mist practically covered the entire plain, covering the true appearance of the plain.

As far as the eye can see, that place did not appear like a plain and instead appeared more like the land of Immortals. It was truly beautiful beyond imagination and an incomparably magnificent sight. Even though Chu Feng had seen a lot of beautiful sceneries before, his heart still trembled at the sight of this plain. A carefree and relaxed sensation flowed into him.

That was because this plain was truly too enormous. It was truly all that one’s eye could see. Compared to the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s ocean of trees that reached the sky, this plain was many times more vast. Such a boundless plain was filled with boundless white mist. Naturally, it was a magnificent sight.

“Wow, there’s so many people!” Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm. It turned out that after knowing that they had arrived at the location of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, everyone had come over to the bow of the warship and was looking down.

At this moment, the warship was flying very low. Adding on the fact the cultivators possessed outstanding eyesight to begin with, they were able to vaguely see that large groups of people were gathered outside of that plain. They were currently proceeding into the plain from different directions.

Other than the people traveling on the ground, there were also many figures in the air. There were enormous warships as well as monstrous beasts that had been tamed as mounts. Some were currently flying downward like gales and lightnings whereas others had flown towards the vast ocean of mist to appreciate the beautiful scenery of this place at close range.

In short, a large quantity of people had appeared. An initial estimation of the people currently proceeding toward the plain would number in the ten million. This number was truly astonishing.

“This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Every year when the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond opens, at least a hundred million people would come to seek out its fame. I believe the majority of them has already arrived within the boundless ocean of mist now.” said the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster.

“That many? The price of entering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is that high, there’s actually that many people who are capable of paying such a price?” Hearing those words, everyone was astonished.

“Haha, you all are thinking too much about this. The Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is actually always covered up by a large formation. Not only would one be incapable of entering the plain, one cannot even see it. That is because that large formation is capable of concealing this entire boundless plain.”

“These people are merely those that have come to seek its fame, people that wished to see the residences of the Ancient Era’s Elves. As for the number of people that were truly capable of entering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond to train, they would number no more than ten thousand.” said the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster.

“Close to ten thousand people, was it? Then doesn’t it mean that close to or over ten thousand high quality Royal Armaments would end up in the Ancient Era’s Elves’ hands? That is no small number!”

Although the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster had cleared the doubt in the hearts of the disciples, but upon thinking that the Ancient Era’s Elves would obtain over ten thousand high quality Royal Armaments every year, everyone present all gasped in astonishment.

Even though they were all the most outstanding disciples and all possessed high quality Royal Armaments, but those were all gifts that their headmasters had given to them before sending them off to the Cyanwood Mountain. In other words, before receiving those gifts, it was very rare for even them, who were so outstanding, to possess any high quality Royal Armaments. Therefore, they knew very well how precious the high quality Royal Armaments were.

“Lord Headmaster, what is that?” Right at this moment, Chu Feng cast his gaze at the depths of the ocean of mist.

“Mn? What’s wrong?” Following the direction pointed by Chu Feng, many disciples felt to be at a loss. They were completely confused. That was because the only thing they saw were the boundless white mist. Other than those boundless white mist, there was simply nothing else there.

“Little friend Chu Feng, your eyesight is truly great. With your cultivation, you actually managed to see that thing.”

At this moment, the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster was unable to help himself from commending Chu Feng. Actually, other than him, all of the management elders present looked to Chu Feng with gazes containing surprise and admiration. This was especially true for the management elders from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion, their gazes even contained jealousy that could not be concealed.

Seeing his outstanding disciple, Chu Feng’s headmaster, Sikong Zhaixing, bursted into a loud laughter. He then looked toward the direction pointed out by Chu Feng and said, “That is called the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”