Chapter 1486 - Absolute Protection

MGA: Chapter 1486 - Absolute Protection

Hearing those words, not to mention the other disciples, even Chu Feng felt a bit speechless.

Even though he had already guessed that Dugu Xingfeng would not kill him, he had never expected that Dugu Xingfeng would speak in such a righteous and reverent manner.

At this moment, even Chu Feng felt admiration for the eloquence of these headmasters. Even when going against the rules, they were able to speak about it in such a justified manner. They were truly astute and circumspect individuals.

“Lord Headmaster, you must definitely not do that. If you are to spare Chu Feng today, other disciples might end up imitating him and killing their fellow disciples. At that time, how are we to punish them?” Crazed Killer Tuoba pleaded.

“If the other disciples are as talented as Chu Feng, I will continue to forgive them. However, if they do not have Chu Feng’s talent and still dare to kill their fellow disciples, I will let them know what is meant by death without trial.” Dugu Xingfeng said coldly. There was not the slightest trace of emotion in his words.

His words were extremely clear already. He was planning to spare Chu Feng. As for the reason why he was doing that, it was because Chu Feng was a heavenly genius.

Furthermore, he had spoken in a very clear-cut manner. If a genius like Chu Feng were to appear in the future, even if that disciple were to behave unscrupulously and kill with no regard, he would still forgive him. This was the value of geniuses; they were worthy of his forgiveness.

At this time, Crazed Killer Tuoba was speechless. He was no fool, and had realized Dugu Xingfeng’s determination. He knew that no matter how much more he said, it would all be useless and would only make Dugu Xingfeng angry.

“You all, as disciples that are to carry on the existence of our Cyanwood Mountain, you failed to see the greater good. Truly, I have wasted my time educating you all.”

“Men! Arrest these disciples! Put them into confinement for half a year. Everyday they are only allowed to drink porridge and eat salted vegetables. Have them properly reflect upon themselves,” Dugu Xingfeng said as he pointed at Bai Yunxiao and the others.

“Lord Headmaster, we were wrong, we know our mistake. Lord Headmaster…” Bai Yunxiao and the others began to beg for forgiveness repeatedly. However, Dugu Xingfeng was indifferent to their begging. Heartlessly, the elders from the Punishment Department walked forward and began to drag Bai Yunxiao and the others away one by one.

This scene stunned all the disciples. This was simply too much of a sheltering of Chu Feng. In fact, it was even somewhat excessive.

Not only did Dugu Xingfeng not punish Chu Feng, he instead decided to punish the disciples who had spoken to accuse Chu Feng of his wrongdoings. This… was something that brought forth endless envy from the disciples.

That’s right, the disciples were endlessly envious of Chu Feng...

That was because they had seen this reality. As long as one possessed sufficient power, one would be able to receive treatment like Chu Feng, treatment that surpassed that of all the other disciples. Even if you were the one in the wrong, the headmaster would still say that you were the one in the right.

“Chu Feng, it would seem that this Infinity Edge shall belong to you,” Dugu Xingfeng smiled as he handed the Infinity Edge to Chu Feng.

He was determined to reward Chu Feng. Logically, this was only natural. After all, Chu Feng had obtained the banner and was number one in this Nine Powers Hunt. Logically, he should receive this reward.

However, immediately before this, Chu Feng had killed a fellow disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. Furthermore, the disciple he had killed was not an ordinary disciple, he was a genius.

Yet, even with this being the case, Dugu Xingfeng did not even bother to ask Chu Feng why he had killed Qin Lingyun. As if nothing had happened, he directly presented Chu Feng with the reward. This truly shocked many of the people present.

Oh, how much must one pamper someone to act with absolutely no misgivings like this?

“Chu Feng thanks Lord Headmaster,” Chu Feng received the Infinity Edge and expressed his thanks from the bottom of his heart.

He knew that even if Dugu Xingfeng wished to shield him, he should, logically, have tried to find more justifications for doing so. After all, there were so many people present.

However, Dugu Xingfeng was disinclined to even bother doing that. He was deliberately letting everyone know that he, Dugu Xingfeng, was going to shield Chu Feng.

This sort of behavior was detrimental to one’s prestige, character and reputation.

However, Dugu Xingfeng did exactly this thing. Why did he do this? He was actually trying to curry favor with Chu Feng. Even if he were to ruin his own prestige, he was still going to curry favor with Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I was in closed-doors training before and did not manage to take care of certain things and have caused you to suffer.”

“However, from today on, with me, Dugu Xingfeng, here, no one will be able to wrong you in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“I know what sort of temperament Qin Lingyun possessed. He was a brash and arrogant disciple. You, on the other hand, are not. I believe that even if you killed him, you must have been the one in the right to do so,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

He had given Chu Feng the answer to his question. It turned out that he had done this because he wanted to make up to Chu Feng, make up for the wrong doings that the Cyanwood Mountain had done to Chu Feng in the past, and make up for the grievances and humiliations that Chu Feng had received.

He wished for Chu Feng to return to the Cyanwood Mountain, wholeheartedly return to the Cyanwood Mountain. He wished to have Chu Feng treat the Cyanwood Mountain as his home, as the place where he belonged.

Perhaps, at this moment, the disciples might not understand why a grand headmaster would treat a mere disciple this well, this excessively well.

However, the headmasters present were all able to understand his reasoning. If it were them, they too would do such a thing. Sometimes, one must adopt and discard with a critical eye.

For the sake of retaining Chu Feng, Dugu Xingfeng had renounced his prestige. However, this was actually worth it. A disciple like Chu Feng was worthy of him doing such a thing.

Even if Dugu Xingfeng’s actions today would cause the several tens of thousands of disciples to feel that he had handled things unfairly and doubt their headmaster, as long as Chu Feng felt that his actions were correct, as long as Chu Feng remembered that Dugu Xingfeng had stood on his side, it would all be worth it.

That was because those several tens of thousands of disciples were inferior to a single Chu Feng.

This was wisdom, the wisdom that only headmasters possessed. It was something that ordinary people found very difficult to understand. Even if they did, they might not necessarily be able to act on it.

However, the headmasters were capable of acting upon it. Especially for headmasters at Dugu Xingfeng’s level, they all understood what was beneficial, what was detrimental, what was correct and what was wrong. He would go and do what he believed to be correct, and none could interfere with his decision.

“Little friend Chu Feng, although this Infinity Blade is only a copy, it is still an item that will recognize its master. Only after it recognizes someone will they be able to use it.”

“However, it is no simple task for it to recognize you as its master. If your strength is insufficient, it will not be willing to be used by you.”

“Truth be told, for this Infinity Edge, even if you have the strength of a Half Martial Emperor, it might not recognize you,” The Sword Crafting Villa’s headmaster said.

Hearing that, Chu Feng looked to the Infinity Edge in his hand. Although the Infinity Edge was in his hand, it was trembling nonstop. It was resisting, rebelling against Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he held the Infinity Edge tighter and raised it toward the sky. Following that, an emperor’s might soared into the sky.


In an instant, black clouds started to surge. With lightning flashes and rolls of thunder, the sky that used to be clear and bright was now covered with lightning clouds for a distance of ten thousand miles around, and the bright day had turned into a vast night.

All of this had happened because of the Infinity Edge’s power. The Infinity Edge had unleashed its power. It was displaying its might to the crowd.

Emperor’s might~~~

For royal armaments, they possessed king’s might. As for the Imperial Armaments, they naturally possessed emperor’s might.

“Snap, snap~~~”

The emperor’s might wreaked havoc through the skies. Space began to shatter, reconstruct itself and then shatter again in a continuous cycle. With the emperor’s might present, that space in the sky seemed like it would be shattered for eternity.

At this moment, many of the people were unable to take their eyes off of Chu Feng, and the Infinity Edge that he held.

They had all experienced how powerful this Infinity Edge was. Thus, they knew that it was no easy task to subdue this Infinity Edge. At the very least, it was something impossible for ordinary Half Martial Emperors to accomplish.

As for Chu Feng, would he be able to succeed in subduing the Infinity Edge?