Chapter 1472 - How Do You All Wish To Die?

MGA: Chapter 1472 - How Do You All Wish To Die?

While no one knew about Chu Feng defeating the Nie sisters, there were two groups of disciples who gathered together in private. As for the purpose of their gatherings, it was to conspire against Chu Feng.

At this moment, there were twenty-one people gathered in the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciple’s residence. All twenty of the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples were gathered here. As for the additional person, it was the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, Qin Lingyun.

“What did you say? You want us to take care of your Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple Chu Feng?” The person that spoke was called Yan Gui. He was the strongest disciple among the twenty Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples. Like Qin Lingyun, he was also a rank nine Martial King.

However, compared to Qin Lingyun, this Yan Gui emitted a much denser murderous aura. It was not that he did not wish to conceal it. Rather, he was unable to. Furthermore, the murderous aura that he carried with him was extremely nefarious. It was clear that he practiced some sort of strange mysterious technique.

This cannot be blamed on him. After all, the entire Cursed Soil Sect, from the headmaster to the disciples, were all like this.

Before the Cursed Soil Sect became a part of the Nine Powers, it had not been a prestigious and upright power. Although they had curbed their nefariousness after becoming a part of the Nine Powers, many people knew that the cultivation methods of the Cursed Soil Sect were the strangest among the Nine Powers.

“This is the reward,” Qin Lingyun tossed a Cosmos Sack to Yan Gui.

Yan Gui caught the Cosmos Sack and inspected its contents. After that, he revealed a pleased smile and asked, “Why are you asking for our help? Could it be that you cannot handle that brat yourself?’

“No, it’s not that I cannot, it’s merely that I cannot take care of him in the open. You all merely need to help me catch him. After that, it will do if you are to hand him over to me in private,” Qin Lingyun said.

“Rest assured, this is a piece of cake,” Yan Gui smiled lightly and put the Cosmos Sack into his bosom.

The Ancient Era’s Remnant was finally open...

The Nine Powers Hunt finally began...

This extremely exciting moment, this competition between the disciples of the Nine Powers, was finally about to be unveiled.

At this moment, the disciples of the Nine Powers, as well as the disciples from the other small sects and schools, were gathered either in groups of three or four or alone. All of them had already entered the Ancient Era’s Remnants.

They all held a map in their hands. Furthermore, they were all earnestly examining their maps. It was not that they were acting extremely cautiously. Instead, they were afraid. They were afraid that they would take the wrong road and encounter dangers...

Several tens of thousands of years ago, the entire Holy Land of Martialism was a place where the Ancient Era’s organisms would live. However, nowadays, there were not many places that could be considered to be an Ancient Era’s Remnant.

As its name implies, an Ancient Era’s Remnant was a place that contained lost plants from the Ancient Era. As for the organisms of the Ancient Era, people would be endlessly afraid just by thinking about them. Thus, how could anyone possibly dare to go and offend them?

Furthermore, other than the Ancient Era’s lost plants, there were also a lot of slaughtering formations scattered about. Those slaughtering formations were capable of killing people without them even knowing they were there.

That was the reason why these disciples were carefully examining the maps that they had been handed. They deeply feared that they would enter the territories of the Ancient Era’s organisms.

Moreover, this Ancient Era’s Remnant was extremely vast. Even the range that the Cyanwood Mountain had set up for this Nine Powers Hunt was a vast amount of land. Thus, they needed to deeply remember the map, so as to not take the wrong road.

“As expected of the Ancient Era’s Remnants, this place is truly extraordinary.”

After entering the Ancient Era’s Remnant, Chu Feng closed his eyes and took a deep breath. In an instant, he felt as if he had entered the Ancient Era.

He felt as if he could see the giant creatures that had walked the land of the Ancient Era, and the powerful experts who fought with the Ancient Era’s living things. It was an extremely dangerous era. Yet, it was also an era in which powerful experts were abundant.

Unfortunately, time does not stop. It was impossible for Chu Feng to return to the Ancient Era. As for the experts from that era, none of them remained.

Although this place was an Ancient Era’s Remnant and contained organisms from the Ancient Era, they were only that era’s organisms. It did not mean that those organisms had lived through the Ancient Era before.

In fact, the so-called Ancient Era’s organisms in the Ancient Era’s Remnants were only the descendants of those organisms. They were not really the all-powerful existences from the Ancient Era.

After all, after several tens of thousands of years, how could there be any expert who could continue to be alive? Even if there were experts who remained alive, how could they remain in a place like this?

However, Chu Feng actually hoped that a miracle might happen, a miracle that would allow the experts from that era to live on.

Because, if there were people like that, then Chu Feng would wish to meet them using every possible means. He wished to be able to hear with his own ears a narration of the Ancient Era from those individuals.

“Chu Feng, let’s go together,” Suddenly, a voice shattered Chu Feng’s train of thought. It was Lin Yezhou. Lin Yezhou and the other disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance were inviting Chu Feng to join them.

“Thanks for the invitation. However, I still have something I must take care of. Thus, I won’t be able to journey with you all. I wish you all luck,” As Chu Feng spoke, his body suddenly moved. Like an arrow that just left the bow, he shot into the depths of the Ancient Era’s Remnant.

“That bastard, he fled so quickly. I bet he’s afraid that senior brother Qin will teach him a lesson,” When Bai Yunxiao saw that Chu Feng had disappeared in a flash, he sneered.

“Rest assured, he cannot escape.” Qin Lingyun said confidently.

“Senior brother Qin, what do you mean by that?” Tao Xiangyu and the others were confused.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, the twenty disciples from the Cursed Soil Sect, under the leadership of Yan Gui, swept past like lightning in succession toward the direction that Chu Feng had left in. They were chasing after Chu Feng.

“Oh no! They’re planning to attack Chu Feng,” Su Mei discovered that something was wrong and wanted to chase after them.

“There’s no need to chase after them. Junior brother Chu Feng should be able to deal with them,” However, Lin Yezhou and the others stopped Su Mei. They were extremely confident in Chu Feng.

Only after hearing those words did Su Mei realize that. She had been overly worried about Chu Feng and had forgotten about Chu Feng’s strength. Was there even anyone among these disciples who could possibly injure Chu Feng?

“Senior brother Qin is truly brilliant,” At this moment, Bai Yunxiao and the others came to a sudden realization. They knew what Qin Lingyun meant by his words.

“Trash like him simply does not require me to personally act to crush him completely. Did he truly think that just because he went out and took a hike to the World Spiritist Alliance and managed to get in cahoots with them, he would be a match for me now? Heh… fight with me? He’s still too inexperienced.” Qin Lingyun was immensely pleased with himself. He even cast a provocative glance at Lin Yezhou and the others.

He knew that Lin Yezhou and the other disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance had a very close relationship with Chu Feng and were his allies.

That was the reason why he had gone to seek the help of the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples. Like this, it would be two against one. Even if Lin Yezhou and the others were to act to help Chu Feng, they would only be seeking their own doom.

At this moment, Qin Lingyun saw that Lin Yezhou and the others had not acted. Thus, he thought that they were scared and did not dare to act to help Chu Feng.

“Sure enough, that brat is going to encounter a major calamity now. With his cultivation, he actually received six bets and surpassed the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s two fairies? There’s most definitely going to be a lot of people who cannot tolerate that. It is only natural for him to be in a crisis now.”

Many people were able to tell that the disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect had gone after Chu Feng. Furthermore, taking this opportunity, they began to flatter Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er.

The two Nie sisters felt these sorts of people to be very disdainful. In fact, they did not even bother to take a glance at them. They felt that people like them were very lamentable. Moreover, they also felt that the twenty Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples were very lamentable.

After all, the two of them already knew how frightening Chu Feng was.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At this moment, the twenty disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect were still chasing after Chu Feng. Furthermore, they had managed to catch sight of him, and were now maintaining a set distance from him. However, to their surprise, they did not expect that Chu Feng’s speed would be this fast. If they did not go all out, it would truly be very difficult for them to catch up to him.

At this moment, a flash of coldness shone through Yan Gui’s eyes. He was angered by the chase, and planned to use a movement martial skill to quickly catch up to Chu Feng.


However, right at this time, Chu Feng suddenly stopped his footsteps. Chu Feng, who was faster than even lightning, actually stopped and stood there like an iron bell.


Chu Feng’s sudden stop shocked the disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect. Other than Yan Gui, the rest of them grew somewhat frantic. However, in the end, they also stopped.

However, they did not understand. Chu Feng clearly knew that they had come for him. Thus, why did he not continue to run and instead suddenly stop? This was unreasonable.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not running anymore? Could it be that you know that you cannot escape?” Yan Gui asked.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed lightly. He turned around and started to stretch his body. ‘Snap, snap,’ firecracker-like sounds began to be heard from all over his body. Then, he said, “How do you all wish to die?”