Chapter 1450 - Returning Everything

MGA: Chapter 1450 - Returning Everything

At this moment, the energy ripples dissipated, and the appearance of that golden light sphere had also become more distinct.

The golden light sphere was only six meters in diameter. However, it was completely covered with runes and symbols. Like shining chains, those runes and symbols covered the golden light sphere completely, making it appear indestructible.


Suddenly, a crisp echo sounded. That golden light sphere actually started to split. Countless cracks began to extend and grow larger in size. Soon, the entire golden light sphere shattered into many small pieces.

“Heavens, this…”

When that golden light sphere shattered, the eyes of the crowd started to shine. Even Chu Feng started to frown as a trace of unease appeared in his gaze.

After that light sphere shattered, it was naturally Dongfang Zexuan who appeared from within it. However, an enormous change had happened to the current Dongfang Zexuan. His body was no longer covered in a spirit formation armor. Instead, his flesh had turned golden in color.

At this moment, his body appeared to have been forged from gold. Not only was it glistening with golden light, it was also emitting a very powerful aura that was many times more powerful than before.

Not only that, even the two flame blades in his hand had turned into two more powerful golden blades.

“Third Prince has finally used the Taboo Formation Technique?”

“To be able to force Third Prince to use this, that boy from the World Spiritist Alliance can be said to have some skills.”

“However, since Third Prince has used this move, it is determined that this match will end soon.”

At this moment, compared to the nervousness the people from the World Spiritist Alliance were feeling, the elders from the Dongfang Imperial Clan all displayed the same sort of smile on their faces. Those were smiles of confidence, smiles stemming from the joy of victory.


Suddenly, Dongfang Zexuan started to move. He took a step forward, and the world started to tremble. A berserk yet invisible aura started to wreak havoc through this region of space, covering the entire plaza.


After this enormously powerful aura was released, Dongfang Zexuan turned into a golden ray of light and arrived before Chu Feng in a flash. The two golden blades in his hands turned into two golden crescent rays as they sliced towards Chu Feng with a dangerous sense of fatality, like the grim reaper’s sickle.


In response, Chu Feng hurriedly brandished the flame sword in his hand and used it to block the incoming attack. However, to his surprise, there wasn’t any sound of metal colliding with metal when his sword collided with the blades. Instead, an ear-deafening explosion was heard.

Following that explosion, a very powerful stream of energy ripples that took the form of a visible gaseous flame swept forth.

However, those gaseous flames were only sweeping toward Chu Feng. Dongfang Zexuan was not affected in the slightest.

Those gaseous flames were too powerful. Even though Chu Feng was not weak, he was forced to retreat from those gaseous flames.

“Damn it, these gaseous flames also have the ability to chase after me.”

At this moment, Chu Feng gasped in surprise. At the moment he was struck by the gaseous flames, he felt that his limbs had become somewhat numb, and that his movement was being restricted.

However, even with this being the case, Chu Feng did not panic. His footsteps changed, and the flame wings on his back began to flap violently. Chu Feng began to fly backwards explosively. He had to maintain his distance against Dongfang Zexuan.

“Trying to flee? That depends on whether or not you have the chance to do so,” Seeing that Chu Feng was retreating, Dongfang Zexuan started to insult him as he chased after Chu Feng. He was not going to let the optimal opportunity to defeat Chu Feng slip by him.

“Flee? You’re greatly mistaken, I am merely changing the method with which I fight,” As Chu Feng started to explosively retreat, he clenched the fire sword tightly with his right hand. As he waved the sword, many fire dragons began to be shot forth by the sword. Their target was Dongfang Zexuan.

However, Dongfang Zexuan’s current battle power had increased enormously. Not only had his attacks become quicker and stronger, even his movements had become much more nimble.

Chu Feng’s attacks were simply unable to injure him in the slightest. Not only did they not manage to injure him, he also completely suppressed them.

In an instant, a complete reversal had happened between the two of them. Chu Feng, who was originally in dominance was, in an instant, forced to an absolutely disadvantaged state.

Furthermore, at this moment, Dongfang Zexuan’s attacks were exceptionally fierce. He was vicious, merciless and showed no quarter.

The reason why he was acting this way was because he was furious. Not only had Chu Feng insulted him, he had actually even been suppressed by him in front of all these people. This caused Dongfang Zexuan to feel extremely displeased and made him determined to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

“Senior Left Reverend,” Seeing that the situation was bad, Su Mei turned her pleading gaze to the Left Reverend. She did not wish for anything to happen to her big brother Chu Feng because of her.

“Rest assured, with me here, that Dongfang Zexuan will not be able to harm Chu Feng,” The Left Reverend understood Su Mei’s intention and replied to her with a reassuring gaze.

Seeing that the Left Reverend had made the decision to protect Chu Feng, Su Mei finally managed to feel a bit of relief. However, she had only managed to relieve her suspended heart by half. As long as this match was not finished, she would not be completely relieved.

“What’s wrong? What happened to your arrogance from before?”

“Come! Come fight me head on again. Have you become afraid and only know how to run away now?”

“Are the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance only cowards like you?”

As Dongfang Zexuan suppressed Chu Feng, he began to lash out at him with insults. Only by doing this was he able to alleviate the feeling of anger in his heart. Only by doing this was he able to display his strength.

“Did you see? That’s the strength of that boy. It’s not that he’s weak, it’s just that his opponent is too powerful. Before our Third Prince, regardless of who it might be, as long as they are his opponents, there will only be one end to them -- defeat.” With the situation reversed, a Dongfang Imperial Clan elder began to boast complacently.

“Yes, yes, yes. Third Prince’s strength is obvious to all. There is simply no one among the younger generation capable of contending against him,” A Jadewater Temple elder spoke with an expression of respect.

“No, it’s not that there’s no one, it’s just that there aren’t any in the World Spiritist Alliance,” that Dongfang Imperial Clan’s elder corrected him.

He knew that although the Third Prince was very powerful, he was not the strongest genius in the Dongfang Imperial Clan. Furthermore, in the Ximen, Nangong and Beitang Imperial Clans, there were also some geniuses not inferior to their Third Prince.

With the Four Great Imperial Clans already having people on par with their Third Prince, then the Three Palaces that stood at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism would naturally have even more powerful geniuses.

However, even if their Third Prince wasn’t the strongest genius in the Holy Land of Martialism, they were confident that there was no one in the World Spiritist Alliance who could contend against their Third Prince.

“Do you dare to stop fleeing and fight me head on? You damned coward!”

Dongfang Zexuan snarled in anger. Even though he was holding absolute superiority over Chu Feng, he was unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest. This caused him to feel extremely displeased and extremely impatient to hack his blade into Chu Feng’s body.

“Heh… it’s time to end this.”

After Dongfang Zexuan spoke those insults, Chu Feng said those words. After those words left Chu Feng’s mouth, he suddenly opened his left hand.


At the instant when Chu Feng’s left hand was opened, a golden ray shot forth explosively toward Dongfang Zexuan like a bolt of lightning.


That golden ray was too quick. In a flash, it pierced through Dongfang Zexuan’s body.


After his body was pierced through by the golden ray, Dongfang Zexuan stood where he was in a petrified manner. Only after a very long time did he manage to react and turn his gaze downward. He discovered that his left shoulder was drenched with blood. There was a bloody hole there.

“Third Prince!”

Seeing this scene, the crowd from the Dongfang Imperial Clan were all alarmed. One by one, they leaped to Dongfang Zexuan.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In response, the Left Reverend and the others also leaped forth. Like demons, they stood behind Chu Feng.

They were afraid that the people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan would do something to Chu Feng. Thus, they had arrived to protect him. After all, Chu Feng had injured Dongfang Zexuan, their Dongfang Imperial Clan’s His Highness the Third Prince.

“Heavens, Feng Chu, he, he, he actually managed to defeat Dongfang Zexuan.”

At this moment, the rest of the surrounding crowd finally discovered that Dongfang Zexuan’s left shoulder was wounded, whereas Chu Feng was completely unharmed.

This match was over. However, this outcome came as a shock to all of them. The victor was actually the World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple, Feng Chu.

“Impossible, this is impossible! How could I be defeated by you?!” Suddenly, Dongfang Zexuan snarled in an unaccepting manner.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed lightly at Dongfang Zexuan’s snarl. Then, he turned to Dongfang Zexuan and said, “This Third Price of the Dongfang Imperial Clan, you thought that you had absolutely suppressed me. However, you do not know what a feint is. You do not know what truth mingled with falsehood is.”

“While a battle requires absolute strength, it also requires the ability to outwit one’s enemy. Strength is merely one portion, whereas stratagem is the other. Third Prince, while you have strength…”

“ this area… you’re quite lacking,” As Chu Feng spoke, he pointed his finger to his head.


Once Chu Feng said those words, the complexion of the crowd from the Dongfang Imperial Clan all turned pale and their lips turned greenish black with rage.

That was because what Chu Feng had said were the same words Dongfang Zexuan had spoken to insult Su Mei. Yet, at this moment, Chu Feng had, word for word, without changing anything, returned those insulting words to Dongfang Zexuan.