Chapter 1448 - Taking The Initiative To Attack

MGA: Chapter 1448 - Taking The Initiative To Attack

“How was it? Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince, are you satisfied with the result of me facing you head-on?” Before everyone, Chu Feng said those words in a very casual manner.

Provocation. It was a complete provocation. Ridicule. Naked ridicule.

“Bastard!” Seeing that their Third Prince was being ridiculed by someone, the people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan were all angered.

However, other than feeling angry, there was nothing that they could do. After all, this was a match between their Third Prince and Chu Feng. It was not something that they could interfere in.

If they were to interfere, it would likely be them who would end up facing a calamity. After all, this was the World Spiritist Alliance’s territory.

It would be one thing if it was only the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and those elders from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. However, a grand character, a Martial Emperor like the Left Reverend, was present. As such, how could they dare to behave atrociously?

“Haha, hahaha, hahahaha…”

To everyone surprise, after being ridiculed by Chu Feng, Dongfang Zexuan actually burst into loud laughter. Furthermore, his laughter was extremely strange.

“What’s going on? Why is he laughing after being insulted in such a manner?”

“Based on his attitude earlier, he does not appear to be a person that would be laughing at such a time.”

Dongfang Zexuan’s laughter caused the people from the World Spiritist Alliance to frown and feel unease. That was because they were able to sense that something about his laughter was fishy.

“Interesting, truly interesting. I must admit, your appearance has made this trip of mine worthwhile.”

“Since that’s the case, I shall get serious too.” After he spoke those words, Dongfang Zexuan’s hands started to rapidly change. At the same time, his hands were changing, layer upon layer of spirit power power began to emit from his body unceasingly.

While it was the same spirit power, it was completely different from before. This time, after his spirit power left his body, it started to contract before surging forth again.

When the last wave of spirit power finished its contracting and surging forth, the spirit power turned into a blazing flame.

Like armor, Dongfang Zexuan’s body was covered with flames. Furthermore, as he clenched his fists, two dazzling fiery blades appeared in his hands.

While those two blades appeared to be solid, they were surging with flames and also emitted a might no weaker than Royal Armaments. However, in actuality, those two blades had been formed by two spirit formations.

“So powerful, he was actually able to increase his battle power through spirit formations. He is simply using spirit formation techniques like martial skills.”

“It would seem that he does not plan to fight with Feng Chu at long range with spirit formations, but is instead planning to fight Feng Chu at close range with his own body.”

“Damn it, a close range fight is different from long range fights. It places extreme requirements on own’s judgement and reactions. Even an error in judgement as thin as a piece of hair would be enough to determine the outcome of a fight.”

“Furthermore, this Dongfang Zexuan has increased his battle power greatly by the method he has used. If he was to approach Feng Chu, Feng Chu would face a crisis.”

The crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance started to panic. They all knew that a long-range battle was determined by the strength of one’s techniques, whereas a close-range battle was a battle determined by one’s abilities, reaction speed, judgement and accuracy, as well as experience.

This Dongfang Zexuan was also a super genius. The amount of Half Martial Emperors that he had defeated was countless. He could be said to possess extremely rich battle experience.

If Feng Chu were to fight him at a close range, then it would truly be very hopeless for him. Likely, he would receive a crushing defeat.

“Don’t worry, although this Feng Chu is low-profile, to be able to reach his current level of proficiency in world spirit techniques, he is most definitely no fool. He definitely knows that he must maintain his distance when fighting Dongfang Zexuan and take advantage of his powerful spirit formations to attack Dongfang Zexuan from a distance. He must definitely know that he cannot fight him at close range.”

However, there were also people who felt that Feng Chu was a genius, and thus should know what he had to do to handle Dongfang Zexuan. As for this method, it was to continue to maintain distance as he fought him.


However, to everyone’s surprise, seeing that Dongfang Zexuan was setting up formations to increase his own body’s power, not only did Chu Feng not attack to stop him, he even dissolved the weaponry formation as well as the weapons that surrounded him.

After they had dissolved, he slowly lifted his hands. Then, his hands started to change nonstop as he formed hand seals with lightning speed.

In this sort of situation, a boundless amount of royal level spirit power surged forth from Chu Feng. Then, like a whirlwind, it covered his body.

Chu Feng had also formed a suit of armor with a spirit formation. Like Dongfang Zexuan’s armor, his was also like blazing flames. However, his armor was even more magnificent than the one Dongfang Zexuan had formed.

Not only were the patterns extremely distinct, there was also a pair of bat-like wings of flame on the back of the armor. The wings of flame caused Chu Feng’s entire armor to appear even stranger, yet also more domineering.

After Chu Feng’s armor was formed, Chu Feng clenched his right fist. Then, as light flickered, a long sword covered with flames appeared in his hand.

This sword had a width of less than half an inch. However, its length was over ten meters. At a glance, it did not appear like a sword. Rather, it appeared more like a flame spear.

Without mentioning its valiant appearance, the sword was also emitting an exceptionally terrifying aura not at all inferior to the two blades in Dongfang Zexuan’s hands. Like them, Chu Feng’s sword was also a spirit formation comparable to Royal Armaments.

“Are you kidding? This Feng Chu has actually also grasped such a spirit formation?”

“Increasing his battle power. Could it be that he plans to fight Dongfang Zexuan at close range?”

Even though Chu Feng’s spirit techniques were not at all inferior to Dongfang Zexuan’s, but rather superior in all aspects, the people of the World Spiritist Alliance were not at all delighted upon thinking that Chu Feng was going to fight Dongfang Zexuan at close range.

In fact, they even started to sweat cold bullets out of nervousness.

It was not that they were looking down on Chu Feng. Rather, it was that Dongfang Zexuan was truly too powerful. They did not feel that Chu Feng would gain any advantages by fighting Dongfang Zexuan at a close range.

On the contrary, they felt that Chu Feng was trying to attempt the impossible, overestimating himself and seeking a path that led to his own destruction.

“Yoh, are you planning to fight me at close range?” At this moment, Dongfang Zexuan’s spirit formation was completed. When he saw that Chu Feng was also wearing an armor of flames and holding a flame sword in his hand, he was also startled. However, he soon regained his composure and displayed a smile of contempt on his face.

“I merely want to let you know that regardless of whether it might be long range or close range, as long as it’s world spirit techniques, I will defeat you regardless,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What boastful words. Do you truly think that you can contend against me?” Dongfang Zexuan shouted angrily. As he spoke, he tightly grasped the two flame blades in his hands and prepared to unleash an attack against Chu Feng.


However, at the moment right after his words left his mouth, a fiery ray of light flashed past. Upon closer inspection, the crowd present was all stunned.

That fiery ray of light was Chu Feng. Not only did Chu Feng arrive before Dongfang Zexuan in an instant, the flame sword in his hand hacked down at Dongfang Zexuan with a very dense killing intent.

Chu Feng had actually taken the initiative to attack first. Furthermore, his attack was extremely quick and violent!!!