Chapter 1443 - A Whole New Level Of Respect

MGA: Chapter 1443 - A Whole New Level Of Respect

“What did you say?” The Left Reverend looked to Chu Feng with an astonished expression. It was evident that he was also skeptical of Chu Feng’s ability.

“Lord Reverend, please allow junior a try. I wish to help Miss Lil Mei,” Chu Feng said once again.

Once he said those words, the entire palace hall grew silent. No one said anything. Instead, they all had complicated expressions on their faces.

The Left Reverend looked to Chu Feng with a skeptical gaze. Miao Renlong and Sima Ying looked to Chu Feng with gazes of astonishment. As for the black-faced elder, he looked to Chu Feng with a gaze of mockery. He was looking forward to Chu Feng making a fool out of himself.

“In that case, come over,” Finally, the Left Reverend spoke. He actually agreed to let Chu Feng try.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng expressed his thanks. After all, if he did not have the Left Reverend’s permission, he would truly have no way to help. However, if he was given the Left Reverend’s permission, he would then be able to help his loved one.

And now, the Left Reverend had given him permission. This was equivalent to him giving Chu Feng an opportunity. Thus, Chu Feng would naturally have to thank him for the opportunity to help his loved one.

“There’s no need to thank me. If you can help Lil Mei, it would naturally be the best. If you are unable to, I will still accept your kind intentions on her behalf,” The Left Reverend said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng hesitated no longer. He walked over to Su Mei and began to set up a spirit formation.

“Royal-cloak world spiritist? Chu Feng, you’ve become a royal-cloak world spiritist?”

Chu Feng immediately shocked everyone present the moment he start to set up his spirit formation. Not to mention that black-faced elder or the Left Reverend, even Miao Renlong and Sima Ying, who possessed quite a close relationship with Chu Feng, were so shocked that their mouths were wide open.

Neither of them had thought that Chu Feng had became a royal-cloak world spiritist already. This was truly too sudden. After all, Chu Feng had only been a gold-cloak world spiritist not long ago.

As for the Left Reverend and the black-faced elder, Chu Feng being a royal-cloak world spiritist came as an even greater shock to them. In fact, they even found it difficult to accept.

After all, their World Spiritist Alliance had exhausted a great deal of effort to cultivate two royal-cloak world spiritists, Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng, from their younger generation.

Yet, at this moment, a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain was actually also a royal-cloak world spiritist. Furthermore, he was also a world spiritist who contracted with an Asura Spirit World, an Asura World Spiritist.

As for the matter that shocked them the most, it was Chu Feng’s age. Chu Feng was much younger than Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng. To become a royal-cloak world spiritist at his age, it was truly unbelievable.

“This is?”

When Chu Feng began to set up his formation, the eyes of the Left Reverend and the others who were already shocked started to shine with even greater shock.

All of them managed to determine in an instant that the spirit formation that Chu Feng was setting up was very remarkable. Even though the spirit formation was not complete and Chu Feng had only just started setting it up, they were all able to sense its power.

As for this spirit formation, it was naturally a spirit formation that Chu Feng had received from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.




Chu Feng’s hand movements were extremely fast. His two hands were moving like clouds and flowing like water. From the moment he started setting up the spirit formation, he had not hesitated in the slightest. Instead, each and every movement of his was done perfectly and filled with ingenuity.

Seeing such a Chu Feng caused Miao Renlong and the others to suck in a mouthful of cold air. Especially that black-faced elder, his current expression was truly marvelous.

Genius, an absolute genius. With such a young age, he has obtained this level of strength and this remarkable spirit formation. With the techniques that Chu Feng had presented, the four observers could not help but gasp in amazement.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s spirit formation suddenly shone much brighter. An unending stream of spirit power appeared from that formation and started to enter into Su Mei’s body.


After the spirit energy entered Su Mei’s body, Su Mei left out a soft sound. It did not sound like a cry of pain. Instead, it sounded more like a sound of relief, the sound of being relieved from pain.

“It’s useful. Chu Feng, continue.”

Seeing this scene, the Left Reverend was overjoyed. He removed the spirit formation that he had set up so as to provide more space for Chu Feng to heal Su Mei.

As for the reason why he did that, it was because he knew very well that the spirit formation that he had set up was only capable of dulling Su Mei’s pain. However, the spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up was actually capable of removing the pain from the side effects.

Just like that, using the spirit formation from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, Chu Feng began to help heal Su Mei with all of his strength. In this sort of situation, after only a short period of time, Su Mei actually opened her mouth and spoke.

“Big brother Chu Feng!!!”

Su Mei uttered those words. She called Chu Feng’s name. Not only was her tone very close and dear, she even threw her delicate body into Chu Feng’s bosom and hugged him tightly.

This scene shocked Miao Renlong, Sima Ying and the black-faced elder.

What sort of situation was this? The adopted daughter of the great Left Reverend, the strongest genius of the World Spiritist Alliance, not only called a Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple’s name with such closeness and dearness, she even threw herself into his bosom, hugging him.

“Lil Mei, even if little friend Chu Feng has helped you, there is no need for you to be this passionate, right?”

At this time, the Left Reverend coughed and spoke. Compared to the others, he actually knew about the relationship between Chu Feng and Su Mei. However, because of that blind old man’s request, not only did he have to pretend to not know about their relationship, he even had to pretend to not know anything about Chu Feng.

“Eh…. I’m sorry, I was a bit too stirred up.”

Su Mei was overjoyed to see Chu Feng right after she had woken back up. After all, she had yearned for him day and night. However, the Left Reverend’s words had woken her up. Regardless of how much she longed for Chu Feng, she still had to exercise restraint when in front of others.

Thus, at this moment, she separated herself from Chu Feng’s bosom. Then, she said, “However, Chu Feng, I must truly thank you. That spirit formation of yours is really miraculous.”

“This spirit formation is very simple. Even if you are to set it up yourself, it would not be very hard to do. I can teach it to you.”

“However, before this, Miss Lil Mei must first beat back that Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Compared to Su Mei, Chu Feng was a person who knew how to act in public better. In this sort of situation, he had to pretend to be distant. At the very least, he had to give off this sort of distant sensation for now.

“It’s already started?” Only after hearing what Chu Feng said did Su Mei manage to react. When she had received the pain of her side effects, the pain had been so great that it had made her forget about the passage of time. Thus, she did not know how much time had passed and what sort of state the match was in.

“Miss Lil Mei, not only is that Dongfang Zexuan a royal-cloak world spiritist, his world spirit techniques are also very powerful. Among the younger generation, world spiritists of his level are rarely seen.”

“Right now, Lin Yezhou has been defeated. Only you are capable of repelling that Dongfang Zexuan now. It will also be up to you as to whether or not we will be able to preserve our World Spiritist Alliance’s reputation,” Miao Renlong explained.

“In that case, let’s leave right away,” Su Mei said.

“Lil Mei, are you certain that the current you is capable of handling that Dongfang Zexuan?”

The Left Reverend was still worried. He knew about Su Mei’s side effects and the pain she experienced during the times when they manifested. Thus, he was worried that her body had yet to recover.

“Adoptive father, my current condition is very good. This is all thanks to Chu Feng,” As Su Mei spoke, she looked to Chu Feng.


Hearing those words, the Left Reverend, Miao Renlong, Sima Ying and the black-faced elder all turned their gazes to Chu Feng. All of their gazes were flickering with complicated expressions of appreciation and admiration.

Especially that black-faced elder. At this moment, there was no longer any contempt in the gaze with which he looked to Chu Feng. Instead, there was now a trace of admiration. He now had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.