Chapter 1441 - The Key Aspect

MGA: Chapter 1441 - The Key Aspect

“Humph,” Dongfang Zexuan’s sneer had clearly angered Lin Yezhou. Lin Yezhou snorted coldly and then started to move his hands to rapidly form hand seals.

As he formed his hand seals, the spirit power that hovered around him became more and more pure. In the end, it actually condensed into a golden spear that appeared in the empty space above him.

The spear was ten meters long and extremely thick. It looked as if it could pierce through everything. The power that this spear contained was definitely not inferior to that of a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill.

Seeing the golden spear that Lin Yezhou had formed, many of the World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples started to cheer. Even the people sitting on the spectator’s viewing platform, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly’s elders, nodded their heads in a satisfied manner.

All of them were able to tell that the golden spear that Lin Yezhou had formed with his spirit power was extremely remarkable. It was a very high level technique, and was not something that just anyone could accomplish.


Suddenly, Lin Yezhou shouted. He pointed his finger at Dongfang Zexuan, and his golden spear created a sonic boom as it was shot explosively toward Dongfang Zexuan.


The spear collided onto the shield and produced the sound of metal colliding against metal. However, after that loud sound was heard, the complexions of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance all turned ashen. They were all stunned.

That was because, at this very moment, the shield before Dongfang Zexuan was still undamaged. However, Lin Yezhou’s golden spear had been fractured into many pieces and fallen to the ground.

“Heavens! Dongfang Zexuan’s world spirit techniques are actually this powerful?” At this moment, everyone from the World Spiritist Alliance felt that the situation was bad. It seemed that they had all underestimated this opponent of theirs from the Dongfang Imperial Clan.

“It’s my turn now,” Right at this moment when the crowd was still shocked, Dongfang Zexuan extended his right hand and began to twist it.

Under the control of his finger, the enormous shield before him actually started to dissolve into a gaseous substance. Furthermore, at this moment, that gaseous substance was rapidly rushing toward Lin Yezhou.

This scene once again stunned the people from the World Spiritist Alliance. As world spiritists, they all knew that a solid form was the strongest form for world spirit techniques, whereas its gaseous form was the weakest.

This Dongfang Zexuan’s shield had clearly been in a solid form. Yet, he had actually turned it into into a gaseous form, weakening the strength of his spirit power before attacking Lin Yezhou with it. What did this mean?

This meant that Dongfang Zexuan was deeply looking down upon Lin Yezhou. He despised Lin Yezhou so much that he actually weakened his own spirit power before unleashing it to attack him.

“You dare to underestimate me?”

Being looked down upon in such a manner caused Lin Yezhou to be extremely enraged. He put forth all of his strength and condensed three layers of spirit formation walls before him. Each and every one of those spirit formation walls was extremely firm and strong.

Lin Yezhou staked his all on this defense without holding anything back. He was planning to use this opportunity to prove himself, prove that his reputation of the World Spiritist Alliance’s number one disciple was well-deserved.



However, following a loud explosion, everyone heard a scream.

Not only were all three of the world spirit walls that Lin Yezhou created destroyed in an instant, even Lin Yezhou himself was affected in the aftermath. He was knocked back several meters before finally being able to stabilize himself.

Although Lin Yezhou did not receive a serious injury, he ended up receiving superficial wounds. The outcome of this match had been determined.


At this moment, on the viewing platforms, the upper echelons of the World Spiritist Alliance were all struck dumb. They had never imagined that Lin Yezhou would be defeated, and defeated so utterly on top of that.

As for the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance, their mindsets were even more complicated. They had all received a severe shock to their egos. They, who believed that they were matchless in world spirit techniques, received a firm slap to their faces by someone not from the World Spiritist Alliance. That slap to the face was so painful that even their souls started to shiver.

However, compared to the male disciples, the state of the female disciples was a lot better. In fact, there were even female disciples feigning sorrow but actually emitting expressions of adoration and admiration within their eyes.

They had been enchanted by Dongfang Zexuan’s absolute strength. Even though they were part of the World Spiritist Alliance, even though they were enemies with Dongfang Zexuan, if Dongfang Zexuan was willing, these female disciples would cast aside all that they currently possessed to rush into Dongfang Zexuan’s embrace. Even if they were to become maid servants, they would still be willing to do so.

This was the charm of a powerful man…

For some men, they would try all means to obtain the love of a woman. Yet, they would not be able to even move the hearts of those women in the slightest.

However, for some other men, they were capable of causing countless women to fall for them and even become hell-bent on them without doing anything other than revealing their strength.

This was the difference. This had nothing to do with one’s status, nothing to do with one’s appearance and nothing to do with one’s character. It was merely the difference in strength.

To worship and admire the strong, this was the nature of women. Even though the majority of women would still be moved by men who were truly heartfelt toward them and might even be with them, there was still a portion of women who would disdain the men who were actually heartfelt toward them and only think about clinging to those powerful men instead. For that, those women were even willing to give up all that they possessed, they would spare no effort and try to obtain those men by fair means or foul.

Right now, some of these women were disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance. They had already been charmed by Dongfang Zexuans’ Strength.

Unfortunately for them, they were simply unable to enter Dongfang Zexuans’ eyes. One must know that from the very beginning, Dongfang Zexuan had never looked to anyone in the crowd with his own eyes.

“Heh…” At this moment, Chu Feng sneered. He sensed those admiring gazes for Dongfang Zexuan and felt them to be ridiculous.

However, at the same moment when he sneered, he also started to rejoice. That was because, when compared with these women who sought nothing more than personal profits, Chu Feng felt that the women that he had by his side were extremely outstanding and examples of utter perfection.

“So the world spirit techniques of the World Spiritist Alliance are only of this level. In my opinion, the outside world has thought too highly of you all,” Right at this moment, Dongfang Zexuan spoke. His words were filled with ridicule.

“Dongfang Zexuan, one must know when to keep a low-profile. With how arrogant and conceited you are, do you not fear that you might bite your tongue while speaking, do you not fear retribution?” An elder of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly said resentfully.

“Senior, it is not that I am looking down on your World Spiritist Alliance. I was merely speaking the truth. After all, the world spirit techniques that I have experienced so far are truly not up to much.”

“If you wish for me to have a whole new level of respect for your World Spiritist Alliance, that is doable too. You merely need to send forth a disciple with actual strength to broaden my knowledge,” Dongfang Zexuan said.

“Rest assured, you’ll learn soon. Our World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple will let you know exactly what true world spirit techniques are,” That elder said.

“Is that so? In that case, I am truly impatient to experience exactly what these true world spirit techniques are.” Dongfang Zexuan said with a smile on his face.

Faced with the arrogance that Dongfang Zexuan displayed, the upper echelons of the World Spiritist Alliance on the viewing platform all started to frown. More or less, they were becoming angered from his actions.

However, there was nothing that they could do other than frown. After all, this was a competition between members of the younger generation. Other than sending forth powerful disciples, the only other thing that they could do was watch the show.

“Miao Renlong, why isn’t that Lil Mei girl here yet?”

“If this is to continue, our World Spiritist Alliance will truly become that Dongfang Zexuan’s stepping stone to fame. We will become everyone’s laughingstock,” That World Spiritist Sacred Assembly’s elder was anxious.

After all, Lin Yezhou had been defeated. Lil Mei was the now the only one that was capable of defeating Dongfang Zexuan. Thus, Lil Mei had become the key aspect of this competition. It could be said that whether the reputation of the World Spiritist Alliance could remain intact would all depend on Lil Mei. However, at this moment, Lil Mei had yet to show herself. Naturally, he would become worried.

“Let me go check,” As Miao Renlong spoke, his body shifted. He stealthily left the viewing platform.

“I’m going too,” Sima Ying who was sitting behind Miao Renlong also left and chased after Miao Renlong.