Chapter 1439 - Dongfang Zexuan

MGA: Chapter 1439 - Dongfang Zexuan

Chu Feng did not know about Hong Qiang’s expectations for him. Currently, there was only a single matter in Chu Feng’s mind -- to hurry to the World Spiritist Alliance.

The reason why Chu Feng was so impatient was not only because something might happen in the World Spiritist Alliance. Most importantly, it was because he had obtained a special spirit formation from the many spirit formations he had gained from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

This was a spirit formation especially used to control the pain of one’s side-effects, one’s backlash toward procedures or medicines. Furthermore, as long as one was able to understand the profoundness of the formation, it would not hard for that person to use it, and they would be able to set it up in a short period of time.

Chu Feng felt that this spirit formation might be able to help Su Mei alleviate the pain of her side effects.

If it was truly useful, then after Su Mei learned this spirit formation, it would be extremely useful to her when her side effects came.

Being impatient, time felt extremely slow. Even though this was not the first time that Chu Feng had traveled through the central region of the Alliance Domain, it felt especially slow this time around.

Fortunately, after a very long and tormenting journey, Chu Feng finally arrived at his destination, the World Spiritist Alliance.

Due to Chu Feng’s special status, and the fact that Miao Renlong had given Chu Feng a passage title plate, Chu Feng was able to come and go in the World Spiritist Alliance as he wished.

Right after he stepped into the World Spiritist Alliance, Chu Feng immediately felt that everyone’s frame of mind was very strange. The sensation of facing a great enemy was being emitted from every single one of them.

Intuition told Chu Feng that, regardless of whether it was because of the people of the Dongfang Imperial Clan or not, something major had happened in the World Spiritist Alliance.




Suddenly, wave upon wave of ear-piercing bell sounds resounded from deep within the World Spiritist Alliance.

Chu Feng knew the place where the noise was sounding from. It was a plaza. It was the location where Lil Mei had competed when she had come to challenge the World Spiritist Alliance with Left Reverend.

“It’s begun. Quickly, quickly, quickly.”

After this bell sound was heard, regardless of whether it was the World Spiritist Alliance’s elders or the disciples, they all stopped what they were doing and started to rapidly fly toward the direction where the tolling of the bell was coming from.

“Senior brother, please wait.”

Seeing their actions, Chu Feng jumped forward and stopped a World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple that was rushing over there.

Even if he were to go and see what was happening, Chu Feng still had to know exactly what had happened.

“Fuck! Are you courting death? Why the hell are you block my path?”

“It, it, it, it… it’s you?”

Initially, that disciple was extremely enraged after being stopped by Chu Feng. However, after he saw Chu Feng’s appearance, he was so frightened that he started to shiver all over. His legs grew weak and, if it weren’t for Chu Feng lending him a hand, he would have fallen to the ground on his butt.

“Jun, junior brother Chu Feng, it, it’s you? Whe, when did you return?”

“I, I, I didn’t know that it wa, was you earlier. If I ha, had, I would def, definitely not have dared to say those words.”

“Thus, I truly did not speak to you that rudely on purpose. Please do not take it to heart. Heh heh…” That man tried his best to squeeze out a smile. He was extremely scared that Chu Feng would do something to him. Thus, he laughed a very eager and attentive laugh.

Currently, very few people in the World Spiritist Alliance did not know of Chu Feng. Not to mention that Chu Feng was an Asura World Spiritist, merely the fact that he was being shielded by Miao Renlong was sufficient to cause no one to be daring enough to offend Chu Feng.

This disciple knew that he had been rude earlier. Therefore, he was trying his hardest to apologize to Chu Feng.

“Senior brother, I wish to know what has happened in the World Spiritist Alliance to cause everyone to become this anxious,” Chu Feng said.

“Eh… junior brother Chu Feng, do you know of the Dongfang Imperial Clan?” That man asked.

“I do,” Chu Feng nodded.

“In that case, you must know about the princes of the Dongfang Imperial Clan, right? They are all peak geniuses of our Holy Land of Martialism. They are all good saplings that are capable of becoming Martial Emperors in the future,” The man said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded his head again. Actually, he did not know about how amazing those princes of the Dongfang Imperial Clan might be. However, he knew that the Third Prince of the Dongfang Imperial Clan, Dongfang Zexuan, was very powerful.

“The Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince, Dongfang Zexuan, is currently in our World Spiritist Alliance. He is challenging our World Spiritist Alliance’s geniuses. Furthermore, he is challenging them in what we are most proficient in, our world spirit techniques.”

“Furthermore, not only has he come, he has even invited the people from the Jadewater Temple, the Firerain Hall and the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges to come and watch.”

“It is clear that he has come prepared. He has come to challenge us, to smash our signboard. As for today, it is the date we had decided to compete on. That bell tolling signified that the matches are about to begin,” That disciple said.

“Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges?”

“They are all parts of the Nine Powers, enormous powers that rule entire regions. Even they have come? Furthermore, they’ve come to watch? Aren’t the Nine Powers of the same root? Why would they help the Dongfang Imperial Clan?” Chu Feng said in a slightly confused manner.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you are mistaken about this. Although it is true that the Nine Powers are of the same root, they are actually nine separate camps. Each and every one of them wishes to become the boss of the Nine Powers, and thus have fought in secret for countless years.”

“Furthermore, with how enormously powerful the Dongfang Imperial Clan is, there are naturally a lot of people who wish to obtain a friendly relationship with them. Among them are the Jadewater Temple, the Firerain Hall and the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges,” That disciple said.

“I understand now. Thank you senior brother for informing me,” As Chu Feng spoke, he leapt into the sky and began to follow the crowd, flying toward the plaza.

When he arrived at the plaza, there was already a vast crowd gathered at this place. However, the thing most worthy of mentioning was that this vast crowd was all quiet. The sensation of tenseness was being emitted from everywhere.

Even if someone were to speak, they would only do so through voice transmission. Very few people dared to speak out loud.

Chu Feng knew that it was not that the crowd did not want to speak, it was merely that they could not speak too loudly. After all, the people gathered in the center of the plaza were all very influential people.

Thus, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance all wanted to leave behind a good impression for those people. As such, the most basic method of showing their inner quality would be to not run their mouths and discussing everything like a bunch of old married women. At the very least, they had to present themselves as calm and collected before the competition began.

“The Dongfang Imperial Clan is truly not to be underestimated. This battle array that they have presented is indeed something capable of causing headaches.”

Chu Feng discovered that not only was the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Miao Renlong, and the various management world spiritists present, there were also a lot of old monsters who had lived for an extremely long time and possessed unfathomable cultivation sitting beside them.

Chu Feng knew that the strength and status of these people were all not inferior to the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Miao Renlong. In fact, their status was even higher. That was because they were all people from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly.

This time around, the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly had sent forth a total of twenty-three people. Last time around, when Lil Mei and Left Reverend had come, they had only dispatched two people.

This time, the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly had dispatched over ten times the amount that they had dispatched for Lil Mei. From this, it could be seen how much importance they held the Dongfang Imperial Clan in.

In fact, the Dongfang Imperial Clan had also brought a lot of experts with them. Without mentioning the tens of thousands of foot soldiers, merely the peak Half Martial Emperors numbered twenty.

At this moment, these twenty peak Half Martial Emperors, these grand characters, were all surrounding a youngster like a bunch of bodyguards.

This youngster had a mediocre appearance. However, within his brows was an air of absolute arrogance not found in ordinary people. It was as if he did not place any of the people present in his eyes.

As for this youngster, he was naturally the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince, Dongfang Zexuan.