Chapter 1436 - Fighting Side By Side

MGA: Chapter 1436 - Fighting Side By Side

There are two sides to everything. As this Sealing Sword was this miraculous, it was naturally also extremely difficult to control. For ordinary royal-cloak world spiritists, it would likely be extremely difficult to learn this spirit formation.

However, this was different for Chu Feng. He had been bestowed all of the spirit formations within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram by Emperor Gong’s successor’s strand of aura.

This included even that most powerful World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation. Chu Feng was able to use that spirit formation at will too. Thus, the Sealing Sword was naturally nothing difficult for Chu Feng.

One hour. Using merely a single hour, Chu Feng finished setting up this miraculous Sealing Sword.

After the formation was completed, it turned into a ten meter long enormous sword. Then, being controlled by Chu Feng, it rapidly grew smaller in size, turning into a sword that was less than three feet long before landing in Chu Feng’s hand.

This was the miraculous aspect of this spirit formation, it was a sword capable of lengthening or shortening at will.

Compared to ordinary sealing formations, this Sealing Sword was extremely different. That was because the Sealing Sword was an attack-type sealing formation. Once it was thrust into the body of a Natural Oddity, it would be able to seal a great portion of the Natural Oddity’s power.


Right at this moment, a loud explosion sounded from the deep underground and caused the entire underground palace to tremble violently.

This was not the first time this sort of violent explosion had sounded. After Hong Qiang had entered the deep underground, these sorts of rumbling explosions had been arriving nonstop. Furthermore, as the time passed by, this sort of loud rumbling grew more and more frequent. As matters stood, they were sounding in continuous succession.

Chu Feng knew that the battle between Hong Qiang and the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower must have grown even more intense. Likely, their battlefield must have turned into a sea of fire filled with energy ripples, a place as frightening as hell itself.

Chu Feng wanted to rush to help Hong Qiang. However, he did not urgently set off to help Hong Qiang right away.

Hong Qiang had given him a time limit of two hours. He had only told Chu Feng to escape if he did not return after two hours’ time.

This meant that Hong Qiang was confident that he would be able to defeat the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower within two hours.

Thus, even if Chu Feng were to help, he could not be too anxious in doing so. Else, he might make Hong Qiang unhappy.

As for now, there was only a single thing that Chu Feng could do… wait.

Wait. He must wait until the two hour time limit had passed. If Hong Qiang was to not return after two hours, then he would act.

Only by waiting till the two hour mark to act would Chu Feng be seen to be confident in Hong Qiang. At the same time, this would allow Chu Feng to be able to save Hong Qiang without him blaming Chu Feng for deciding to interfere on his own without listening to his advice.

If Hong Qiang were to return before the two hour time limit, that meant that Hong Qiang had managed to subdue the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower with his own strength.

That would also mean that there was no need for Chu Feng to act. As for this result, it was precisely what Chu Feng hoped for. However, Chu Feng was worried about things going against what he had wished, he feared that Hong Qiang would not be able to subdue the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. That was the reason why he set up the Sealing Sword to turn the fight around if need be.

Time slowly passed. More and more rumbling noises were coming from deep within the cave. The inside of the cave started to tremble more and more intensely. It was if the cave would soon be unable to withstand the trembling and might collapse at any moment.

Being in this sort of situation, Chu Feng felt that the time was passing extremely slowly. This period of time truly felt like torment to him.

Chu Feng was extremely worried. He was worried that an accident might occur. He was worried that Hong Qiang would not be able to last for two hours. If that was the case, Chu Feng would not be able to save Hong Qiang and would also face a calamity himself.

Fortunately, everything worked out as planned. The time limit of two hours had arrived. Although Hong Qiang had yet to appear, the battle was still ongoing.

“Senior, you’ve thought about this junior’s safety. Naturally, junior cannot leave you behind either.”

“Perhaps my actions will go against your desires, but, even if you are to become angry, junior must still fight alongside you.”

After Chu Feng finished saying these words, he clenched his hand around the Sealing Sword in his hand and began to fly toward the location where Hong Qiang was fighting against the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower.

However, Chu Feng’s path was not as smooth as he had expected. The reason for that was because of Hong Qiang’s defensive formations.

Although his defensive formations had been set up to block the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, he had also indirectly blocked Chu Feng. However, perhaps because the fight between the two of them was too intense, those defensive formations had all been affected, and their strength had become much weaker compared to before.

On top of that, Chu Feng was currently a royal-cloak world spiritist who had grasped many kinds of miraculous spirit formations. Thus, even though Hong Qiang was a Snake Mark royal-cloak world spiritist, it was still not difficult for Chu Feng to break apart the formations that he had set up.

Finally, Chu Feng broke through layer upon layer of spirit formations and arrived at the place where the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was sealed.


However, right after Chu Feng entered the vast cave that appeared like a separate world, a frightening, ear-piercing and strange roar was heard.

As Chu Feng looked toward the location of the strange roar, he immediately started to frown. Sure enough, the situation right now was extremely bad.

The Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower had undone its original seal. It was now capable of unleashing its power.

It possessed an enormous body no smaller than the combined Divine Spirit formed by the nine evil spirits of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

It was truly too frightening. An enormous lotus flower was wreaking havoc in the air. This scene was truly even more frightening than that combined Divine Spirit.

Chu Feng also discovered that there was a spirit formation on the body of that Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. It was a sealing formation that possessed the aura of the Sealing Glacier. It was evident that Hong Qiang had set up that sealing formation.

This sealing formation had managed to seal a portion of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s power. However, even with this being the case, this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower still gave off an extremely powerful aura not much weaker than that combined Divine Spirit. This perfectly displayed how frightening the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was.

If the sealing formation that Hong Qiang had used with the Sealing Glacier had not been present, Chu Feng was absolutely certain that this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower would be even more powerful than the combined Divine Spirit. In fact, even stepping into the Martial Emperor realm would not have been impossible for it.

Suddenly, Hong Qiang’s voice sounded. “Chu Feng, why are you here? Quickly, leave. This Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is about to mature. I am no match for it.”

Chu Feng looked toward the source of the voice and saw Hong Qiang’s silhouette. At this moment, Hong Qiang was standing high up in midair within the vast cave. A golden radiance was being emitted from his body. Chu Feng didn’t know what sort of method he had used, but his body’s size had managed to increase by tenfold.

At this moment, Hong Qiang did not appear like a mortal at all. Instead, he appeared more like an invulnerable God of War.

However, even with this being the case, when compared with that extremely gigantic Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, Hong Qiang was still extremely small, unable to be put on par with it at all.


Suddenly, another strange roar sounded from that Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. Its body started to move, and then a boundless amount of flames swept toward Chu Feng like a sea of flames.

When it discovered Chu Feng, it decided to attack Chu Feng without the slightest hesitation. Sure enough, its hatred, its evil tendencies and its killing intent were immense. It was as if it would not allow for any other lifeform to appear before it.

“Damn it.”

At this moment, Chu Feng started to frown. Even though he was a royal-cloak world spiritist, even though he was now capable of fighting against rank three Half Martial Emperors, Chu Feng was still powerless before the attack of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. The only thing he could do was to wait for his death.


However, at the moment of Chu Feng’s imminent peril, a figure suddenly appeared before Chu Feng and blocked the flames in front of him.

It was Hong Qiang. Although Hong Qiang’s body size was nowhere as enormous as the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, he was still as large as a giant.

With him blocking Chu Feng, the sense of crisis that Chu Feng felt earlier not only disappeared, it was even replaced with relief.


In truth, Hong Qiang was indeed extremely powerful. He waved his sleeve and then shot forth a fist strike. That first strike was actually a Taboo Martial Skill.

Hong Qiang’s Taboo Martial Skill was dark black in color. Like a black ocean wave, it surged forth and collided with the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s attack.


When the two energies of black and red collided with one another, violent energy ripples began to surge all over. Hong Qiang had managed to successfully block that Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s attack.

“Chu Feng, quickly leave. This Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is too powerful. The sealing formation that I’ve placed on it is gradually weakening. Its power is growing stronger and stronger. I will not be able to continue for long,” Hong Qiang urged Chu Feng to leave again.

“Senior Hong Qiang, use this,” Without demur, Chu Feng waved his hand and turned the three foot long Sealing Sword in his hand into a ten meter long enormous sword. Then, he threw it to Hong Qiang.

“What?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Hong Qiang was confused. However, he subconsciously turned around and caught the Sealing Sword thrown by Chu Feng.

“This is?!” When he saw that Sealing Sword, Hong Qiang’s expression took a huge change immediately. He was greatly surprised.