Chapter 1433 - Dongfang Imperial Clan

MGA: Chapter 1433 - Dongfang Imperial Clan

“Senior Ma, this is truly too much. I cannot accept it,” Seeing Old Village Chief Ma trying to hand half of the remaining Sealing Glacier to him, Chu Feng hurriedly refused.

Although he needed a piece of the Sealing Glacier very much, he merely needed one that was the size of a palm. Actually, the two pieces that Old Village Chief Ma had given to Sima Ying and Miao Renlong were precisely the size that Chu Feng needed.

However, the piece that Old Village Chief Ma was trying to give to Chu Feng right now was nearly a hundred times larger than what he actually needed. As such, how could Chu Feng be willing to accept it?

“Little friend Chu Feng, please listen to me. Not only did I wrongly accused you before all those people in our Sealing Ancient Village, and thus owe you a large favor, it is also only because of you that I managed to retrieve the Sealing Glacier today.”

“Although it is true that the Sealing Glacier is our village’s treasure, this portion that I have kept is sufficient for the continued existence of our Sealing Ancient Village.”

“As for this here, it is what you deserve. You must accept it. Otherwise, this old man will not be able to rest or eat in peace. For the rest of my life, I will be tormented by shame and guilt toward you,” Old Village Chief Ma said in a very sincere manner. His tone actually contained traces of pleading.

“Chu Feng, since Village Chief Ma has said it like that, you should just accept it. However, this enormous amount of Sealing Glacier is inevitably going to cause others to covet it. You must make sure to not expose that you possess it; you must definitely be careful with it,” Miao Renlong said with a beaming smile.

“Since this is the case, Chu Feng will accept it,” Originally, Chu Feng had been refusing to accept the Sealing Glacier because he knew how important the Sealing Glacier was to the Sealing Ancient Village.

The Sealing Glacier was fundamental to the continued existence of the Sealing Ancient Village. Its value was not limited to only now. It possessed a much greater importance to the future generations of the Ancient Sealing Village. Thus, the more there was left, the longer the Sealing Ancient Village would continue to exist.

However, Old Village Chief Ma had already said it in such a manner. It was no longer suitable for Chu Feng to continue to refuse. Therefore, he accepted it.

“Chu Feng, what do you plan to do next?” Miao Renlong asked.

“Chu Feng, you should return to the World Spiritist Alliance with me. In a short period of time, the Nine Powers Hunt will begin. Let’s proceed for the Cyanwood Mountain together then.”

“Grandpa Miao will also be going to the Nine Powers Hunt this time around. With Grandpa Miao present, I shall see who will dare to act disrespectfully toward us. I shall properly teach those Cyanwood Mountain’s bastards a lesson,” Sima Ying said.

“Sure, let’s return to the Cyanwood Mountain to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt together. However, before that, I still have a personal matter that I must take care of. You should return to the World Spiritist Alliance first and wait for me there. After I finish my personal matter, I will go there to find you,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it that you need to do? Wouldn’t it be fine if we were to accompany you and return to the World Spiritist Alliance together after you’re done?” Sima Ying asked.

“Foolish girl, Chu Feng has said that it’s a personal matter. Yet you still wish create trouble for him?” Miao Renlong said with a smile.

“I… forget about it… in that case, you must be careful,” Sima Ying was not someone who didn’t understand the implication of a ‘personal matter.’ Merely, she was unable to rest at ease while Chu Feng traveled alone.

“Gotcha,” Chu Feng smiled and held his thumb up.

“Even if you have something you must take care of, you would still have to use the ancient Teleportation Formations, right?” Miao Renlong asked.

“Mn, I would indeed have to pass through the ancient Teleportation Formations,” Chu Feng nodded. He did not have Miao Renlong’s astonishing speed. Thus, he would have to pass through the ancient Teleportation Formations.

Especially this place, which was at the border of the Alliance Domain and very far away from the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest that Chu Feng wanted to go to.

If Chu Feng were to not rely on the ancient Teleportation Formations and rely only on his strength instead, who knew how many months or years it would take for him to reach his destination.

After they decided on their respective destinations, the four individuals all stepped onto the path to their own destinations. Although their destinations were both near and far, they were currently extremely happy traveling together.

Sima Ying and Miao Renlong had killed Han Helai and obtained their revenge.

Old Village Chief Ma had retrieved the Sealing Glacier, which would allow the continued existence of the Sealing Ancient Village.

This sort of ending was what they had wished for at the beginning. And now, with their desires accomplished, they were naturally very happy.

However, in terms of happiness, the happiest person right now was Chu Feng. Chu Feng was the one who had obtained the greatest harvest from this journey. Not only had he managed to obtain an extraordinary amount of Sealing Glacier, he had even become a royal-cloak world spiritist.

Most importantly, Chu Feng now grasped all of the world spirit techniques that had been recorded in the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. With all these world spirit techniques, it was likely that no one among his fellow Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists would be a match for him.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Suddenly, right at the time when the four of them were happily proceeding toward the ancient Teleportation Formation, a sudden tremble sounded from the far-away horizon.

That sound grew closer and closer. Its speed was extremely fast. Soon, Chu Feng and the others discovered what it was. A vast amount of golden light was shining from the location where those rumbling noises were coming from. The golden light was extremely vast in size. Furthermore, in merely a blink of an eye, it arrived at the sky above Chu Feng and the others and stopped.

At this moment, the golden light covered the entire sky above them. At a glance, no edge could be seen. It was as if the blue sky with white clouds had all of a sudden turned golden.

As he saw the golden light that stopped in the sky above them, Miao Renlong started to frown. In a very puzzled manner, he asked, “Why would they be here?”

“Grandpa Miao, what is that?” Sima Ying asked with unease. She was able to vaguely sense threat from the golden light.

“It’s the people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan,” Miao Renlong replied.

“Dongfang Imperial Clan?” Hearing those words, Sima Ying was instantly shocked with her mouth wide open. This girl who feared nothing in Heaven or Earth actually grew nervous after discovering the identity of the golden light.

Furthermore, this was when her Grandpa Miao was beside her. From this, it could be seen how powerful of a reputation the Imperial Clans possessed. It was no wonder that they were super clans capable of being ranked above the Nine Powers.

Compared to Sima Ying, Chu Feng was not nervous in the slightest. Instead, a trace of anticipation appeared on his face.

Back then, in the Nine Provinces Contient, the Jiang Royal Clan had been the ruler of the entire Nine Provinces Continent. As for the Imperial Clans, they were clans that greatly surpassed the Royal Clans. Although their Bloodlines had the same roots, the difference between their strengths was akin to the distance between heaven and earth.

After coming to the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng had heard about the famously powerful Four Great Imperial Clans many times. Especially after he had experienced Bai Ruochen’s Imperial Bloodline, Chu Feng had grown extremely curious about the Four Great Imperial Clans, and wanted to know exactly how powerful the people of the Four Great Imperial Clans were.

And now, the Dongfang Imperial Clan had appeared before him. Furthermore, they had brought with them such an enormous disposition of forces. This was the perfect opportunity to answer Chu Feng’s curiosity.

Being curious, Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect the golden light up above.

“They’ve come with great numbers,” After seeing through the golden light, even Chu Feng was startled.

It turned out that there was a magnificent army of thousands of men within that golden radiance, and countless gigantic flags were being flown above that magnificent army of thousands of men. On the fluttering flags were four characters: Dongfang Imperial Clan. [1. Dongfang is two characters, ‘dong’ and ‘fang’. It’s one of those rare dual character surnames.]

The main composition of this magnificent army of thousands of men was a group of soldiers in golden armor.

There were so many of these soldiers that they numbered at least a hundred thousand.

As for their strength, none of them could be looked down upon. Even the weakest among them were Martial Kings. Sitting atop enormous monstrous beasts with golden armor over them, they appeared to be extremely majestic.

However, other than these golden armored soldiers, there were over a thousand Half Martial Emperor-level experts. There was a little bit of difference in the armor that these Half Martial Emperors were wearing when compared to the Martial Kings. As for the quality of their armor, it was also different.

These Half Martial Emperor.level experts were arranged in a square-shaped formation and surrounded a palace like a bunch of guards guarding a moving palace.

As for the moving palace, it was a dazzling sight. The palace was being pulled by ten enormous and very ferocious-looking monstrous beasts.

These ten enormous monstrous beasts all possessed cultivations above the thousand Half Martial Emperors. Their auras were so robustly powerful, they were not at all inferior to Old Village Chief Ma.

For monstrous beasts like those, they would definitely be top existences in the Holy Land of Martialism. Chu Feng truly did not understand why they would willingly become mounts for pulling a palace cart around.

However, upon further thought, Chu Feng could only come to with one conclusion. That was, their master must be extremely powerful, and had suppressed them to a level of not daring to resist.

Thinking till this point, Chu Feng felt extremely curious about the people within that moving palace. However, there was a special spirit formation around this palace that made even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes incapable of seeing through it. Thus, Chu Feng didn't know what or who exactly was in that palace.

“Audacious brat, you actually have the cheek to spy on our Dongfang Imperial Clan. You are truly courting death.”

Suddenly, a voice filled with killing intent exploded from that golden radiance. As for that voice, it was clearly meant for Chu Feng.