Chapter 1431 - An Opportunity

MGA: Chapter 1431 - An Opportunity

Once Miao Renlong and the others began to wait, they waited for three entire days and nights. After three days and nights passed, they were still waiting without moving from their original locations. They were still watching the energy ripples, which had not diminished in the slightest, with hearts filled with worry.

In that three days’ time, Han Helai was unable to endure the torment and had died. At the time of his death, Han Helai’s body was mutilated beyond recognition. It could be said that he had received his deserved punishment.

However, Han Helai’s death was unable to give joy to Miao Renlong, Sima Ying and Old Village Chief Ma. Instead, the three of them became even more worried.

Even after three entire days, there was still no news from Chu Feng. This was not a good sign. This meant that a disaster had most likely befallen Chu Feng.

However, in reality, not only was Chu Feng alive, he had also obtained quite a harvest. Merely, even he did not know that he had obtained this sort of harvest. That was because during the time when he obtained it, he fallen into a coma.

“Where am I?”

While still muddleheaded, Chu Feng opened his eyes. His head was still aching.

This sort of pain startled him. After he opened his eyes and saw the surging energy ripples surrounding him, Chu Feng was stunned. He truly did not know where he was and what exactly had happened. It was as if he had amnesia.

It could not be said that Chu Feng’s memory was bad. Merely, he had suddenly received an extremely strong power that did not belong to him that affected his consciousness for the time being.

“I got it. This is that explosion. I’m still in that explosion?”

“But I’m alive. Did that senior save me?” Finally, Chu Feng came to this realization. He managed to recover his memories and recall what had happened before.

“Not bad. Your body is indeed constructed differently from those of ordinary people. You actually managed to regain your consciousness so quickly,” At this moment, a very weak voice slowly sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

“Senior, is that you?” Hearing that voice, Chu Feng was overjoyed. Even though this voice was extremely weak right now, Chu Feng was still able to tell that it was the voice of that strand of aura.

“That’s right, it’s me. Fortunately you’ve woken up at the right time. Else, I fear you would never be able to hear my voice again,” Sure enough, a strand of aura soon emerged from Chu Feng’s palm and took the form of a man before Chu Feng. It was Emperor Gong’s successor’s strand of aura.

Merely, at this moment, this aura was weak to the extreme and appeared to be about to disappear at any moment.

“Senior, exactly what happened? What happened to Ying’er, Senior Miao and Village Chief Ma?” Chu Feng asked with great worry.

He only had the memories of the explosion. Furthermore, that explosion had been extremely powerful. As for what had happened afterwards, Chu Feng had no idea at all. That was because he had lost consciousness.

“Rest assured, with me here, they are naturally fine. On the same account, the energy ripples here will not be able to harm you.”

“Chu Feng, I do not have much time left. Allow me to make this long story short.”

“That day, I should have been able to easily kill that monster formed by nine evil spirits. There was no need for me to suck it into your body and put you in danger.”

“However, the reason why I did that even though it was dangerous was because it was a rare opportunity.”

“With my power, I happened to be able to present this opportunity to you. Thus, that is the reason why this current situation occurred.”

“As for the opportunity that you’ve obtained, it is the power contained within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Right now, if you are to go to your world spirit space, everything in there is yours,” The man said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and immediately sent his awareness into his body, into his world spirit space.

When he entered his world spirit space, Chu Feng was instantly overjoyed. He discovered that his world spirit space was completely different from before. Right now, every nook and corner of his world spirit space was covered with golden-bright and dazzling runes and symbols.

Those were no ordinary runes and symbols. They were runes and symbols formed with royal level spirit power. Furthermore, contained within those runes and symbols was a vast jumble of information.


Suddenly, the vast amount of runes and symbols started to rush toward Chu Feng like a tide. They began to enter Chu Feng’s mind.

After all of this was over, Chu Feng was so overjoyed that he wanted to shout. At this moment, an intrinsic transformation had happened to his body.

His spirit power had leveled up to royal level spirit power. Although it was only that of Insect Mark royal spirit power, Chu Feng had still managed to grasp this power. From a gold-cloak world spiritist, Chu Feng had become a royal-cloak world spiritist.

All of this had happened in an instant. However, it was not only because of this that Chu Feng was so overjoyed. There were also countless different spirit formation techniques within his mind. Those spirit formation techniques were all from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

Those spirit formations were extremely profound and powerful. Many among them were spirit formations that Chu Feng had never seen or heard of before.

Furthermore, their range was so vast that they practically covered all aspects of world spirit techniques. Medicine concocting, weaponry refinement, healing, and all sorts of other types.

There were even a lot of different slaughtering techniques. As for the defensive techniques, there was no need to mention those. Chu Feng was able to sense how powerful these spirit formations techniques were.

As for the matter that brought the most excitement to Chu Feng, it was that these spirit formations had all fused with him. He was able to use all of them simply by desiring to.

With the royal level spirit power that he just obtained, if he were to use these spirit formations, Chu Feng’s might would undergo an intrinsic transformation.

For example, Chu Feng’s current cultivation was that of a rank six Martial King. If he were to use his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, his cultivation would increase to rank eight Martial King.

With the cultivation of rank eight Martial King and a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, Chu Feng was totally capable of fighting against rank two Half Martial Emperors.

However, right now, Chu Feng was able to not use any martial power and rely only on his world spirit techniques. Using his defensive techniques and slaughtering techniques, Chu Feng would be able to contend against rank three Half Martial Emperors.

This was the first time since Chu Feng had become a world spiritist that the power of his world spirit techniques surpassed that of his martial power.

This could be said to be a qualitative leap. And all of this, it was all thanks to that man, Emperor Gong’s successor’s strand of aura. It could be said that it was him who had bestowed Chu Feng’s current power to him.


However, at the moment when he was overjoyed, his expression suddenly took a huge change. His eyes that had been filled with joy were now filled with shock and unease.

It was as if he had instantly gone from spring to winter. Chu Feng became extremely worried.

That was because Chu Feng was shocked to discover that Eggy, who should have been jumping and leaping about in an active manner, was actually lying in midair in his world spirit space. Furthermore, her entire body was covered with royal level spirit power.

“Eggy, what happened to you? Eggy!!!”

Chu Feng started to panic. Not only was he unable to remove the royal level spirit power from Eggy, he had also lost his connection with her. He truly did not know what had happened to Eggy.

In fact, he didn’t even know whether Eggy was alive or dead.