Chapter 1428 - My Life Is Worth

MGA: Chapter 1428 - My Life Is Worth

“Little girl, are you urgently trying to die so that you can reunite with your family?”

“Very well, I shall help you,” After approaching Sima Ying, Han Helai let out ruthless laughter.

Following that, his right hand thrust toward Sima Ying’s chest like a sharp blade. The speed of his attack was extremely fast and, its might was extremely powerful. With Sima Ying’s strength, it was simply impossible for her to dodge this attack. If this attack were to land, Sima Ying would undoubtedly die.


However, right at the moment when Han Helai’s attack was about to strike Sima Ying, he was knocked back by the defensive barrier that surrounded her.

“What? That damned Miao Renlong…”

At this moment, Han Helai started to gnash his teeth in anger. Three of his fingers had been snapped apart when he had been knocked back by the defensive barrier.

It turned out that even Han Helai was unable to break through Miao Renlong’s defensive barrier. He was simply unable to harm Sima Ying at all.

However, Sima Ying was able to unleash attacks at Han Helai out of the defensive barrier.

Unfortunately, her strength was too weak. Even though she possessed the absolute advantage of being able to attack her enemy without her enemy being able to harm her, she was still unable to injure Han Helai. This was the absolute gap between their strength.

“Damned girl, I’ll take care of you later.”

Seeing that attacking Sima Ying was useless, Han Helai turned his focus to Old Village Chief Ma again. As for Han Helai, his strength was most definitely not to be underestimated.

As Old Village Chief Ma did not have the protection of Miao Renlong’s defensive barrier, he ended up at a disadvantage against Han Helai. Although their cultivations were on par with one another, Old Village Chief Ma was no match for Han Helai at all.

Nearby, the combined attacks from Old Village Chief Ma and Sima Ying were simply useless against Han Helai. They were at an absolute disadvantage.

Far away, Miao Renlong was leading his eighteen world spirits and fighting against the enormous Divine Spirit, and was also being utterly defeated. In fact, two of his world spirits had died in battle and ten had been injured. Even Miao Renlong himself had lost an arm and was drenched with blood. He was already on the verge of dying at any moment.

“Damn it, what should I do?”

This situation before him caused Chu Feng to feel extremely vexed. Escape? He did not have the heart to abandon Sima Ying, Miao Renlong and Old Village Chief Ma.

Furthermore, even if he were to escape, where could he possibly escape to? After all, that Long-browed Old Freak was still standing there enjoying the show. If he were to attack, then Chu Feng, Sima Ying and Old Village Chief Ma would all undoubtedly die.

Not escape? If he didn’t escape, there would be no way for him to survive. What awaited them would be complete annihilation. In fact, they might even die without corpses remaining.

“Boy, you’ve started to panic.”

Right at this moment, a voice that contained a light laughing intent sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

That voice was not Sima Ying, not Old Village Chief Ma, and not Miao Renlong.

At the same time, it was not Han Helai, not the Long-browed Old Freak, nor was it the world spirits or that Divine Spirit.

This voice was from someone else!!!

“Senior, it’s you? You’re alive?” Hearing this voice, Chu Feng was both shocked and scared. That was because he was able to tell who this voice belonged to.

This voice was from that strand of aura from the Sealing Ancient Village’s formation. However, that man had clearly dissipated in front of Chu Feng and the others before. How could his voice be heard again now?

Furthermore, this voice was coming from the compass in Chu Feng’s hand. Could it be that he hadn’t died?

“Of course I’m alive. If I were dead, how could I be talking with you? Actually, with my strength, I can create another compass. I have not yet reached a state where the formation I’m in will shatter and I will die.”

“However, I was able to sense that there were dangers in this place, and that you all would still definitely come here. Thus, I decided to help you, boy.”

“Thus, I instilled all of my power into the compass, so as to lend you all a hand during your moment of crisis.”

“Who would’ve thought that what I expected truly came to pass?” The man said with a laugh. His tone contained a trace of complacence. It seemed that he was feeling proud of his smarts.

“Senior, in that case, you have a way to help us?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was overjoyed. Truly, at a time when he had reached this dead end, during his darkest hour, a glimmer of hope had appeared before him.

He never would’ve thought that at the moment of their crisis, a grand individual would appear to help them.

“Of course, why else would I tell you all this? However, I am merely a strand of aura, and am unable to unleash my true power. Even if I were to go out now, I would, at the very most, possess the strength of an ordinary peak Half Martial Emperor. I would not be a match for that monster.”

“Thus, I need your help,” The man said.

“My help? What must I do?” Chu Feng asked.

“Relax and do not try to resist at all. I will be borrowing your body,” The man said.

“Understood,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately closed his eyes and relaxed his body. Chu Feng knew that this man was planning to use his body to unleash his true strength.

“Buzz.” Sure enough, after Chu Feng relaxed his body, the compass in his hand turned into a strand of golden gaseous substance like a little snake. This gaseous substance entered Chu Feng’s palm, then Chu Feng’s body.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt like his entire body was fiery hot and that there was a very strong power trying to take control of his body.

Chu Feng did not try to stop this energy. Instead, he allowed it to enter into him. He knew that this was that senior.

“Boy, what is that thing within your dantian?” Right at this time, the voice sounded once again. His tone actually contained a very strong sense of fear.

“Eh…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to hesitate. However, in the end, he said, “Senior, it’s junior’s Inherited Bloodline.”

“Inherited Bloodline? There’s actually such a frightening bloodline in this world?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, the man spoke with a tone of surprise. However, he soon started to laugh with joy.

“Haha, good, very good. I have not sacrificed myself to help you in vain. Boy, you are worthy of my help, you are truly worthy of my help.”

“Haha, perhaps my helping you today will give birth to another overlord of an era, a ruler above all else.”

“It’s worth it. To be able to help you, my life is worth it.”

The man laughed out loud. His laughter was extremely frantic. In this sort of situation, the fiery sensation in Chu Feng’s body grew even more violent. At this moment, his body was being controlled by that man.


Right at this moment, Old Village Chief Ma suddenly uttered a scream. It turned out that he had been struck in the chest by Han Helai. Not only were several of his ribs broken, his body was drenched with blood and he even vomited out a mouthful of blood.

“Haha, trash is truly trash. How could you possibly contend against me?” Han Helai coldly laughter rang out repeatedly. His laughter was filled with the intent of mockery.

While laughing, he tightly held onto the Royal Armament in his hand. Soon, the Royal Armament began to emit an overflowing amount of killing intent. He was planning to kill Old Village Chief Ma.


However, all of a sudden, a figure appeared before him and blocked his attack. As for this person, it was Chu Feng.

“It’s you?” Seeing Chu Feng, Han Helai was greatly shocked.

Firstly, he did not expect that Chu Feng would appear all of a sudden. Secondly, Chu Feng was completely different from before.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes were deathly pale in color. It was as if he did not have irises at all. However, those eyes were filled with spirit, and his entire body was covered with a layer of golden light. That golden light took the form of a person; it was as if another person had covered Chu Feng.

The most frightening matter was that, at this very moment, the aura being emitted from Chu Feng was abnormally powerful. It was so powerful that it surpassed Miao Renlong and the Long-browed Old Freak, and was even comparable to that enormous Divine Spirit.