Chapter 1404 - Your End

MGA: Chapter 1404 - Your End

“Hahaha. And here I was wondering what sort of world spirit you’d bring out after boasting like that, but it turns out, after spending all this time, it’s actually such a weak world spirit.”

“Rank five Martial King, with that sort of cultivation, are you sure that you’re not playing a joke on me?”

“A rank five Martial King-level world spirit dares to contend against my Demon Spirit? Chu Feng, I see that you have been frightened stupid by Demon Spirit, right? Hahaha…”

Suddenly, Zhao Kai burst into loud laughter once again. Furthermore, his current laughter was filled with even more mockery and ridicule compared to his previous laughter.

Following him, the younger generation of the World Spiritist Alliance also began to laugh loudly. Even though they had been charmed by Eggy’s beautiful appearance, they, nevertheless, looked down on her because of her cultivation.

“Woosh.” Right at this time, Eggy raised her long, shapely eyebrows. After that, her petite body shot explosively toward Zhao Kai.

“Pow!” However, at the moment when Eggy was about to reach Zhao Kai, an enormous body suddenly appeared before her, blocking her path.

It was Zhao Kai’s Demon Spirit. Moreover, at this very moment, he had created numerous ropes with his boundless demonic energy and bound Her Lady Queen’s arms and legs with it.

“Ignorant little chick, I do not care which spirit world you might be from. However, it is impossible for you to contend against me, for you must know that your daddy here is from the strongest Demon Spirit World.”

“Earlier, you tried to attack my master. Thus, you should be put to death. However, your daddy here shall give you a chance. If you decide to serve me, I shall let you live.”

Demon Spirit’s eyes revealed a nefarious shine. As he fixed his gaze on Eggy’s beautiful body and pretty face, he extended his tongue and licked his upper lips.

Even though he was a world spirit, he was unable to resist Her Lady Queen’s enticing beauty.

“The strongest Demon World Spirit? Ignorant trash, do you know who it is that is standing before you right now?” Eggy’s eyes narrowed as anger appeared in her eyes.

It was the first time since her arrival in this world that someone had dared to treat her in such a manner. Furthermore, it was not a person. Instead, it was another world spirit.

“Who you are? Tsk tsk, little chick, before me, you are nothing more than a plaything.”

“Come, your daddy here has grown tired of enduring himself. Let your daddy here have a taste of you right now.”

Demon Spirit’s licked his upper lips with his disgusting tongue once again. After that, he controlled his demonic energy and brought Eggy closer to him. He was actually thinking about violating Eggy’s chastity.

“Wow! I’ve heard that senior brother Zhao’s Demon Spirit was very lecherous., However, never was I able to tell that that was the case. Yet, it seems today that he is truly like that.”

“It is not that he was not lecherous in the past. Merely, when before this many people, he had been exercising restraint. However today, that Cyanwood Mountain’s trash’s world spirit is truly too beautiful. Not to mention the Demon Spirit, even I am tempted by her.”

“Not to mention violating her, I would be content even if I were just able to approach her and smell the fragrance of her body. Hehe.”

“Haha, Demon Spirit, go ahead. No one will stop you. Violate and trample that little lass. It’s the perfect timing for us to enjoy the craving with our eyes too.”

Seeing that Demon Spirit was planning to publicly violate Eggy, not only did no one try to stop him, there were even vicious disciples who revealed gazes of anticipation.

When facing a beauty like Eggy, even they, the world spiritists who should have possessed a certain level of moral integrity and inner quality, were unable to contain their lusts. With anticipation, they awaited the time to watch the feast before their sight.

After all, this would not only be able to satisfy their lustful desires, it would also be a complete humiliation toward Chu Feng.


However, right at this time, a muffled snarl sounded from within Eggy. That snarl was truly too frightening. Just hearing the sound caused the crowd to shiver and tremble with fear. They were deeply intimidated by it.

Even that Demon Spirit from the Demon Spirit World that was the embodiment of demonic nature was startled upon hearing that sound. Immediately afterward, his expression took a huge change.


In the instant the Demon Spirit was stunned, a boundless amount of dark black gaseous flames violently surged out from within Eggy’s body like an eruption.

Once the dark black gaseous flames appeared, the Demon Spirit’s demonic energy that he had used to bind Eggy was actually dissolved. Even the demonic energy that had filled the sky and covered the earth started to violently tremble, losing all of the dominance it had displayed before. At this moment, the demonic energy was trembling as if it was afraid.

This scene came as a shock to everyone. As for the thing that was most shocking, it would be the dark black gaseous flames that Eggy had emitted.

As the dark black gaseous flames surged out from within Eggy, they filled the sky and covered the earth. Not only did they scare away Demon Spirit’s demonic energy, they also turned into an enormous hand and tightly caught Demon Spirit within it, leaving him unable to move in the slightest.

“Brother Zhao, this sort of feeling, could it be?” Seeing this scene, the elder of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly Chen Sanyuan’s eyes instantly shone. Sensing that the situation was bad, he immediately turned his gaze to Zhao Qinghen.

“There’s no mistake. Although it is also the first time that I’ve seen such a thing, I am practically certain that that world spirit is from the Asura Spirit World,” Zhao Qinghen said. Even though he was trying to keep his composure, his face was no longer able to retain its calmness.

“This… exactly what is the origin of that Cyanwood Mountain brat? He actually managed to contract an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit?!”

After his guess was verified by Zhao Qinghen, Chen Sanyuan’s expression also became extremely ugly. After all, he also knew very well what the world spirits of the Asura Spirit World signified.

“Heavens! Exactly what is the origin of that lass? Why is her aura so frightening?”

“Asura Spirit World, you’re a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World?” Right at the time when everyone was guessing Eggy’s origin, that Demon Spirit that had been bound by Eggy said that sentence in a incomparably frightened manner.

“What? A world spirit from the Asura Spirit World? That lass is actually a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World?”

“Is this for real? The Asura Spirit World’s world spirits are the world spirits of legends. How could that trash from the Cyanwood Mountain possess such a world spirit?”

After hearing those words, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance was even more stunned. As they were world spiritists too, they all knew about the Asura Spirit World’s world spirits. However, to them, it was nothing more than a legend.

Yet, at this moment, one such world spirit from the legends had actually appeared before them. As such, how could they not be shocked?

At the beginning, there were many people who didn’t believe this. After all, the Asura Spirit World’s world spirits were extremely powerful. In the circle of world spiritists, they were seen to be legends.

Yet, after they sensed the frightening aura emitted by Eggy, and then saw how Eggy had suppressed the rank one Half Martial Emperor Demon Spirit with her cultivation of rank five Martial King, they had no choice but to believe.

Eggy’s strength was truly too powerful. Her heaven-defying battle power truly surpassed their imagination. In fact, it had even surpassed the range of what they could accept to be reality.

“What’s wrong? Scared? Didn’t you declare that the Demon Spirit World was the strongest Spirit World?” Eggy narrowed her eyes and displayed a very harmless looking smile.

However, even though she was displaying such a smile, her aura was unable to be concealed. That aura was filled with viciousness and killing intent. It was capable of causing the crowd to be frightened from the bottoms of their hearts.

Especially that Demon Spirit World’s Demon Spirit. His entire body had been bound by Eggy’s dark black gaseous flames. Thus, he was the one who was able to sense the most of how frightening Eggy was.

Suddenly, he shouted, “Master, save me!!!!” The Demon Spirit had actually cried to his master Zhao Kai for help.

At this moment, the famous Demon Spirit had not only lost all of his viciousness, he was also badly battered and left in a miserable state.


At the very next moment after the Demon Spirit cried for help, he emitted an incomparably sorrowful and tragic scream.

When the crowd saw this scene, each and every one of them sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Everyone was able to clearly see that Demon Spirit’s body was turning fuzzy at this moment. His body was turning into a gaseous substance and was being decomposed, being eliminated nonstop.

This renowned Demon Spirit was being broken down by Her Lady Queen from the Asura Spirit World.

“Stop!!!’ Sensing that the situation was bad, Zhao Kai shouted angrily. How could he possibly tolerate his strongest world spirit being extinguished in such a manner?

However, at the moment when his words left his mouth, Her Lady Queen’s eyes flashed with coldness. After that, with a ‘bang,’ the Demon Spirit exploded.

Not only was its body gone, its aura was also completely gone. It had dissipated within heaven and earth, killed by Her Lady Queen.

“To dare act disrespectfully to this queen, this is your end,” Eggy said calmly.