Chapter 1402 - The True Demon

MGA: Chapter 1402 - The True Demon

“Yoh, I have truly underestimated you. Turns out that you actually understood my intention.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Zhao Kai smiled. However, the very next instant, his expression turned cold. Following that, he began to form hand seals with his hands and shouted, “Since that’s the case, prepare yourself for my attack.”


Right after his words left his mouth, golden radiance began to shine through the surroundings. As his gold world spiritist cloak fluttered in the wind, a boundless amount of golden spirit energy surged out violently, like a volcanic explosion, or floodwater that had broken through a dam.

The golden spirit power was extremely powerful and came toward Chu Feng like a torrent. In the end, it turned into a giant world spirit net and abruptly dropped down over Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation, binding it within.


With its body bound, the Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation uttered a low roar filled with grief and indignation. However, no matter how it roared, no matter how it struggled, it was unable to break free from the world spirit net and was tightly sealed by it.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”

Right at this moment, that Zhao Kai unleashed more attacks. His boundlessly powerful golden spirit power turned into many different golden weapons.

Blade, spear, sword, halberd, hatchet, battle-ax, hook and fork. [1.GNE: I'm imagining all these weapons... and a fork :D (Yes, I know what the actual weapon is)]

Trident, rod, lance, club, whip, mace, hammer and claw.

There were those with hooks, those with blades, those with pointed edges and those with thorns. All sorts of different kinds of weapons attacked Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation ferociously like a torrential storm.

“Clank, clank, clank, clank, clank, clank.”

In an instant, golden light flashed through the region, and sparks were being formed nonstop. The cold weapons were colliding with the rhinoceros’s golden body and creating dazzling sparks in their wake.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

Energy ripples were being formed nonstop as the sound of collisions echoed repeatedly. The collision between the cold weapons and the Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation created ferocious waves of energy ripples.

The might of the collision was truly too powerful. It caused many of the surrounding crowd to back away from the battlefield in fear of being caught in it.

However, no matter what, all those who were able to see could tell that Chu Feng had entered an absolutely passive state.

Although Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation had not received any damage, it was also unable to fight back. All it could do was allow itself to be ruthlessly pounded upon by Zhao Kai’s weapons.

Regardless of whether Chu Feng was willing or not, he had to admit that this Zhao Kai was very powerful. At the very least, his world spirit techniques were the strongest that Chu Feng had encountered so far.

This was the first time that Chu Feng had ever felt this sort of pressure from the world spirit techniques of a person of his same generation.

The World Spiritist Alliance was truly worthy of being called the place with the strongest world spirit techniques in the Holy Land of Martialism. The mastery of world spirit techniques that the younger generation here possessed was truly superior to that of the younger generation from the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Haha, marvelous! The power of this sort of world spirit technique is definitely not inferior to an attack from King-level martial power.”

“Senior brother Zhao is truly powerful. He has actually already grasped such a powerful slaughtering technique. With merely that, he has stabilized the situation and made it so that the previously arrogant Chu Feng can now only wait for a beating without being able to fight back.”

At this moment, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance began to cheer loudly. Finally, they were able to see hope, see the dawn of victory, in this confrontation between their World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation and Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he simply ignored the cheers from the World Spiritist Alliance, as he firmly believed in his logic. That is, that the true victor would be the one laughing in the end.

Even though he was beaten down so much that he could not even fight back right now, even though he had realized that this Zhao Kai’s world spirit techniques were very powerful, that his slaughtering techniques had reached a very fierce level and that he now felt quite a bit of pressure when fighting Zhao Kai...

However, it remained that Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation was not something to be trifled with. The Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation that he had spent an entire hour to set up was most definitely not for decorational purposes only.

Even if his Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation was bound for now, even if he was unable to fight back, he firmly believed that if Zhao Kai only used these methods, not to mention being able to injure him, Zhao Kai would not be able to breach the defense of the Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation even if he were to continue attacking it for ten more days and nights.

Sure enough, after Zhao Kai’s torrential storm of attacks continued for a while, Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation was still completely undamaged. At that time, the cheering voices gradually grew quieter, and those people that had been cheering in joy also began to close their mouths.

What sort of situation was this? Zhao Kai had attacked Chu Feng for so long. Yet, he was unable to even shake up Chu Feng’s formation. If this were to continue, regardless of how ferocious Zhao Kai’s attacks might be, regardless of how marvelous the scene might look, there would be absolutely no use other than exhausting his strength.

Finally, Zhao Kai also realized this issue and stopped his attacks against Chu Feng; he also removed the golden world spirit net.

After all the attacks stopped, Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation became even more clear to the crowd’s view. Not only was it not damaged in the slightest, it was even lying on the ground and displaying a posture of laziness.

This was even truer for Chu Feng. Not only was he lying in the center of the Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation, he was even resting his head on his hands with his eyes closed. Chu Feng was actually sleeping!

“Fuck! That Chu Feng is actually sleeping!” When they saw this scene, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance were all struck dumb. As for Zhao Kai, he was so deeply enraged that his complexion turned ashen, and expression became very ugly. It was as if he had just eaten dog crap.

“What’s wrong? Continue with the tickling. I was actually feeling rather comfortable from the tickles,” Chu Feng opened his eyes and then stretched lazily. He was displaying an expression of great comfort.

“Chu Feng, don’t you act so complacently. If I, Zhao Kai, wish to break apart this formation of yours, it will only be a question of whether or not I want to do it,” Zhao Kai was so enraged that he started to gnash his teeth in anger as he coldly said those words.

“Oh? In that case, earlier, were you wanting to break apart my formation or were you not wanting to break apart my formation?”

“Since you wish to break apart my formation, why didn’t you break it apart?”

“And if you didn’t want to break apart my formation, then why would you unleash those attacks at it?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“You…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Zhao Kai was deeply enraged, and nearly died from being suffocated by his anger.

Even he did not expect Chu Feng to be so vile with his words. He had not given him any footing to step down at all. It was simply equivalent to slapping his face in front of all these people from the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Laugh... I shall see if you can continue laughing later on.”

Zhao Kai had been angry to begin with. And now, being provoked by Chu Feng, he was completely enraged. With a thought, a dark black vortex appeared behind him.

Once the vortex appeared, the sky immediately changed color as a demonic aura filled the air. That aura was being emitted by the vortex.

After that vortex formed completely, a dark black figure walked out of it.

It was a man. He was over thirty feet tall. Standing behind Zhao Kai, he looked like a small giant.

This man was wearing black armor. Furthermore, two sharp horns extended from his black hair.

Most importantly, this fellow’s aura was extremely powerful. He was a Half Martial Emperor. Although he was only a rank one Half Martial Emperor, his aura remained extremely frightening. That aura was most definitely not the aura of a human. No, it was an aura from the underworld, the aura of a demon.

Demons. They were ruthless, fierce, malicious, cruel, frightening, vicious and dreadful existences.

At this moment, that man that stood behind Zhao Kai was precisely one such demon.

“It’s a world spirit from the Demon Spirit World! It’s senior brother Zhao Kai’s strongest trump card, Demon Spirit!” [2. Yes, the name of his Demon world spirit is Demon Spirit… Bee and his naming sense…]

“Haha, after so long, we finally get to see the Demon Spirit again. I remember that the last time we saw him was when senior brother Zhao Kai defeated Sun Hao.”

After seeing this person, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance who had been silent for a very long time grew noisy with excitement once again. In fact, many among them were looking at that world spirit with gazes of adoration.[3. GNE: Insert DBZA's "Hail Satan" clip here. YWL: ]