Chapter 1392 - Two Geniuses

MGA: Chapter 1392 - Two Geniuses

Miao Renlong’s residence was called the Dragon Garden. This place possessed very beautiful scenery and special constructions. It could even be said to be an forbidden area in the World Spiritist Alliance.

That was because this place was not a place where just anyone could set foot in. In the entire World Spiritist Alliance, regardless of whether they might be elders or disciples, only a few people dared to set foot in the Dragon Garden to disturb the rest of this grand dragon.

However, Sima Ying was different. Miao Renlong did not possess an heir, and thus, he was very fond of Sima Ying and had taken care of her since she had been a child. He had simply considered her as his own granddaughter.

It could be said like this: Sima Ying was the person from the younger generation who Miao Renlong loved and doted on the most.

As for the reason why Sima Ying was someone who so many people in the World Spiritist Alliance feared, it was actually not because of her grandfather Sima Huolie. Instead, it was because of Miao Renlong.

After all, in the World Spiritist Alliance, Miao Renlong was an otherworldly existence.

To Sima Ying, Miao Renlong was also a very important person. It could be said that, in the World Spiritist Alliance, he was the person who she was closest to other than her late grandfather. In fact, she really regarded Miao Renlong as her grandfather.

And now that Sima Huolie was no longer in this world and no one in the Sima Family was fond of Sima Ying, Miao Renlong had become the person Sima Ying was closest to.

It was precisely because of this special relationship that Sima Ying had become a frequent visitor of Miao Renlong’s residence. Regardless of what the occasion might be, she could enter and exit the Dragon Garden at any given time.

“Grandpa Miao, Grandpa Miao, I have an important matter that I need to find you for.”

At this moment, Sima Ying was pulling Chu Feng along with her and arrived at Miao Renlong’s residence, the Dragon Garden. As she shouted, she pushed open the entrance to the palace hall that Miao Renlong would frequently stay in to rest.

“Yah….” Merely, after she opened the entrance, Sima Ying was startled.

Although Miao Renlong was present within the palace hall, there were two other figures in the palace hall in addition to him.

They were two men. One was white-skinned, whereas the other was dark-skinned. However, both of them were very handsome.

Judging by their appearances, their age should be about the same as Qin Lingyun’s. In fact, even their cultivation was the same as Qin Lingyun’s; they were both rank nine Martial Kings, the peak of the Martial King level.

Even those these two men were slightly concealing their strength, Chu Feng was still able to sense from their auras that they possessed exceptional battle power.

Not only did the two of them possess heaven-defying battle power, their heaven-defying battle power was even on par with Chu Feng’s, capable of surmounting three levels. In other words, although their cultivations were only those of rank nine Martial Kings, their actual strengths were on par with rank three Half Martial Emperors.

With their cultivations and their battle power, even though Chu Feng was already a rank six Martial King, he still felt a great deal of pressure standing before them.

When Chu Feng saw them, he felt as if he had encountered Qin Lingyun, an opponent who the current him was unable to defeat.

Even if Chu Feng were to increase his cultivation to that of a rank eight Martial King through the use of his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, he would still not be able to defeat geniuses like them.

“Chu Feng, let me introduce these people to you. This is senior brother Fu, Fu Feiteng,” Sima Ying pulled Chu Feng over and pointed at the dark-skinned man.

Then, Sima Ying pointed to the white-skinned man and said, “This is senior brother Lin, Lin Yezhou.”

“The two of them are the two strongest geniuses of our World Spiritist Alliance. Not only do they possess extraordinary battle power, they are also royal-cloak world spiritists now. Among all of our World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation, the two of them are the strongest.”

After she finished introducing the two men to Chu Feng, Sima Ying began to introduce Chu Feng to them.

With beaming smiles, she said, “Senior brother Fu, senior brother Lin, this is that Chu Feng whom I have mentioned to the two of you. He is a great genius from the Cyanwood Mountain. Although his current cultivation is inferior to yours, I feel that he will, sooner or later, be able to surpass you both~.”

“Chu Feng pays his respects to the two senior brothers,” Chu Feng took the initiative to clasp his fist with one hand and greet the two men.

Chu Feng had heard about these two men before. Indeed, they were the two strongest existences in the younger generation of the World Spiritist Alliance. While the Cyanwood Mountain possessed the Cyanwood Succession List, the World Spiritist Alliance also possessed the World Spiritist Succession List.

This Lin Yezhou was ranked number one on the World Spiritist Succession List. As for that Fu Feiteng, he was ranked number two. However, in actuality, their strengths were on par with one another. It was a similar situation to the Cyanwood Succession List’s Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun.

However, the reason why Chu Feng had decided to greet them so respectfully was because Sima Ying had told him that the two of them had treated her extremely well and loved her as if she were their younger sister.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to greet them courteously. It was not because of their powerful strength or high status. Instead, it was because he was giving Sima Ying face.

“Ying’er has mentioned Brother Chu Feng to us before. Meeting you today, Brother Chu Feng is even more extraordinary than I imagined. Thank you very much for looking after Ying’er in the Cyanwood Domain. As her senior brother, I shall express my thanks to you here.”

Fu Feiteng was very courteous. Not only did he clasp his fist respectfully, he even bowed to Chu Feng, presenting him with a grand gesture of respect.

Logically speaking, with his identity and status, he should not have bowed. However, from his words, it could be determined that he knew about the bitter experience that Sima Ying has had in the Cyanwood Domain, and that the relationship between Sima Ying and Chu Feng was pretty good. Thus, he was very grateful to Chu Feng.

“Senior brother Fu, you are being too courteous,” Faced with such a Fu Feiteng, Chu Feng felt a bit embarrassed. He had truly never expected someone like Fu Feiteng to display such an action.

After all, Fu Feiteng’s strength and status was on par with the Cyanwood Mountain’s Qin Lingyun. Upon remembering Qin Lingyun’s arrogance and then seeing how courteous Fu Feiteng was, it was truly a difference that was the distance between heaven and the earth.

However, from that, Chu Feng was also able to tell that Fu Feiteng truly cared about Sima Ying’s safety, that he was someone who cared deeply about Sima Ying, and that he was a righteous person. At this moment, Chu Feng had a favorable impression toward Fu Feiteng.

However, at this time, that Lin Yezhou angrily shouted, “Ying’er, you’re not young anymore. Do you still not know the principle that men and women should not touch hands?”

“How can you casually grab onto the hand of a man and pull him around? Moreover, he’s an outsider too.”

Only at this moment did Chu Feng discover that Lin Yezhou’s gaze was firmly fixed on his hand that had been pulled by Sima Ying’s hand. Furthermore, within his gaze were traces of anger and jealousy.

“It would seem that this Lin Yezhou is interested in Sima Ying. Never would I have expected that this girl would be so popular in the World Spiritist Alliance.” At this moment, Chu Feng snickered in his heart. However, his first impression of Lin Yezhou was extremely bad.

At this time, Chu Feng discovered that people like Qin Lingyun were present everywhere.

For example, this Lin Yezhou. He was most definitely the Qin Lingyun of the World Spiritist Alliance. It was impossible for Chu Feng to befriend someone like him.

“Eh…” Hearing those words, Sima Ying started to blush. It was evident that she was feeling embarrassed. However, immediately after that, in a slightly angry manner, she turned to Lin Yezhou and said, “Outsider? Senior brother Lin, what are you saying? Chu Feng is no outsider.”

Seemingly fearful that Chu Feng would be angry, Sima Ying turned to Chu Feng and said apologetically, “Chu Feng, please don’t mind him. That’s the kind of person he is, he speaks with no manners.”