Chapter 1386 - A Martial Skill From The Ancient Era

MGA: Chapter 1386 - A Martial Skill From The Ancient Era


Piercing through the space in front of it, the long spear thrust forth with peerless, unstoppable power, as if it were the strongest blade in the entire world, with nothing capable of standing before it.

However, even when faced with this sort of martial skill, Old Village Chief Ma’s expression remained unchanged. As his eyes flickered, a boundless amount of Royal spirit power that emitted dazzling golden light and boundless symbols and runes surged forth, forming a golden shield in front of him that covered the entire earth and sky.


Finally, the two collided. The collision gave birth to countless energy ripples. The entire sky above the Sealing Ancient Village was engulfed by that golden radiance. As for the ear-piercing sound of the collision, like the deafening cry of ten thousand thunders, it echoed nonstop.

Before such might, many experts from the younger generation were unable to endure it. In fact, some people who were beneath the Martial King level of cultivation were so shaken by the aftereffects that their seven apertures began to bleed as they lost consciousness in the process. For some others, their internal organs were damaged, and even their cultivation might have been lost in the process.

When looking carefully at the scene behind the golden radiance, even Chu Feng’s eyes involuntarily shone with radiance. That was because, although that golden spear that contained a frightening destructive power managed to create numerous thick cracks on Old Village Chief Ma’s golden shield, it was unable to pierce through the golden shield that Old Village Chief Ma had set up.

Relying only on a world spirit technique, Old Village Chief Ma had actually managed to thoroughly block Sun Feiyang’s Earthen Taboo Martial Skill.

Furthermore, this was not the most important aspect. The most important thing was that Old Village Chief Ma’s shield was actually restoring itself at this very moment. Those thick cracks on the shield were rapidly growing smaller in size. If this were to continue, the shield would, sooner or later, be completely restored.

“Amazing! What sort of degree of control would one have to possess to use world spirit techniques to block such a frightening Earthen Taboo Martial Skill? Senior Ma’s world spirit techniques have truly broadened my horizons!” Astonished. At this moment, everyone was astonished, even Chu Feng was no exception.

World spirit techniques were already known to encompass the strongest defensive techniques. In truth, that was precisely the case. The defensive abilities of world spirit techniques were extremely strong.

This was something that Chu Feng understood the most for himself. At the time when he had first became a world spiritist, he had relied on only his world spirit techniques and swept through all of the cultivators of the same cultivation as him.

Unfortunately, as one’s cultivation increased, world spirit techniques became weaker and weaker. In the end, he had simply been unable to contend against martial skills by just using world spirit techniques.

At that time, Chu Feng had pondered whether world spirit techniques were still the strongest defensive techniques or not. He had come to think that the so-called strongest defensive techniques, the world spirit techniques, would not be able to live up to their reputation.

However, Chu Feng now came to a realization. World spirit techniques were still the strongest defensive techniques. Merely, there were simply too few world spiritists who were capable of truly utilizing the world spirit techniques to such a degree.

It was not that world spirit techniques were weak. Instead, it was the world spiritists who were too weak. The issue was not the world spirit techniques. Instead, it was the world spiritists themselves.

At this moment, Chu Feng made a firm resolution to learn the world spirit technique’s slaughtering techniques.

It was said that the world spiritists who were acknowledged by world spirits from the Asura Spirit World would all become grand world spiritists.

Chu Feng, being a world spiritist who had contracted an Asura World Spirit, felt that he was qualified to bring forth great heights of development to world spirit techniques so that martial cultivators would be able to see the true strength of world spirit techniques.

“Senior Ma, you have truly given me a great demonstration. You’ve shown me that world spirit techniques can become this powerful. Thank you for opening my murky eyes covered with darkness. Thank you for allowing me to come to this realization.”

Chu Feng’s words were said from the bottom of his heart. If he had not seen Old Village Chief Ma being able to use world spirit techniques to such a state, he would never have believed that world spirit techniques could be this powerful when used in battle.

“Old Ma, I have truly underestimated you. Who would’ve thought that the rumors were true, and your world spirit techniques have really reached such a state. I must admit, in terms of mastery over world spirit techniques, you are truly not someone to be looked down upon. You are already able to be compared against those several old fellows in our World Spiritist Alliance.”

“However, I wish to tell you this. No matter how powerful your world spirit techniques might be, they will not be able to contend against Emperor-level martial power. Before my Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear, regardless of how firm your world spirit shield might be, it will nevertheless be pierced through.”

“Haaah~~~~~~~~~” After he finished saying those words, Sun Feiyang shouted. After that, he began to form hand seals with both of his hands. Then, he pushed them forward. At that time, the radiance on his Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear instantly and greatly increased. At the same time, a strange rumble also began to sound from that Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear.

“Damn it.”

In this sort of situation, Old Village Chief Ma began to frown. He did not dare to be careless at all. He began to control the golden shield to defend against the attack from the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear with all of his strength.

However, the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear was truly too powerful. Even though Old Village Chief Ma’s world spirit techniques were very powerful too, even though he was pouring all of his strength into his golden shield, he still felt an enormous pressure before the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear.

“Kacha, kacha.” Snapping sounds began to be heard nonstop. The cracks that had already restored themselves began to appear once more. Furthermore, the cracks were growing bigger and bigger and became increasingly numerous.

“That martial skill, it’s actually even more powerful than I imagined it to be. It’s simply not inferior to my Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash,” When he saw the scene before him, Chu Feng started to frown deeply.

“Heavens! The martial skill that Sun Feiyang is using is actually the legendary Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear?! He actually managed to master the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear?!”

At this moment, the surrounding crowd began to exclaim in shock nonstop. One by one, they began to display pessimistic appearances.

From the discussions of those people, Chu Feng came to know that this Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear was actually a very amazing martial skill.

That martial skill was actually from the Ancient Era. It was something that the World Spiritist Alliance discovered from an ancient remnant twenty thousand years ago. Back then, for the sake of obtaining this Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear, even the World Spiritist Alliance had suffered disastrous losses.

However, that Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear was extremely difficult to learn. Even though the World Spiritist Alliance possessed numerous experts, in numbers akin to the clouds in the skies, very few among them actually managed to master this Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear.

In the span of twenty thousand years since they had obtained it, less than thirty people had managed to successfully learn this Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear. However, without exception, all those who managed to master the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear ended up becoming peak experts.

In the past, there had been a person who learned the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear and relied on this Ancient Era’s martial skill to sweep through all directions he passed. One against a thousand, he beheaded a thousand Half Martial Emperors of the same cultivation as his own.

However, it had already been eight thousand years since the time of that expert. Yet, in these eight thousand years, the World Spiritist Alliance had not managed to produce another person capable of learning the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear.

In other words, this Holy Land of Martialism’s Ancient Era’s martial skill had been lost for eight thousand years.

Yet, Sun Feiyang actually used the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear. As such, how could the crowd not be shocked? After all, the fierce and famous name of the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear was something that they all knew of.

At this moment, everyone in the Sealing Ancient Village, including even Old Village Chief Ma, displayed a single expression on their faces - despair. Before the Earthen Taboo: Golden Spear, there was only a single thing they could do -- despair.

“Senior Ma, use this.”

Seeing that the situation was bad, Chu Feng waved his sleeve and threw an item toward Old Village Chief Ma with explosive speed.

At the beginning, even Old Village Chief Ma was confused by what Chu Feng was doing. However, when he saw the item that was thrown to him, he was immediately overjoyed.

“Little friend Chu Feng, many thanks,” Overcome with excitement, even Old Village Chief Ma, who had been unflustered the whole time, burst into a loud laugh.

He extended his palm and grabbed onto the thing that Chu Feng had thrown at him. When the item was held in his hand, confidence re-emerged in his previously despair-filled face.

The reason for that was because what Chu Feng had thrown to him was the most valuable treasure capable of strengthening one’s world spirit techniques, the Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter.