Chapter 1373 - Any time

MGA: Chapter 1373 - Any time

At this moment, many people present were stupefied. Even though they knew beforehand that Chu Feng’s battle power was very strong, and that he had also grasped very fierce martial skills and a method to increase his cultivation, they never imagined that Sun Lei, the most battle crazed among the younger generation of the World Spiritist Alliance, would be unable to withstand a single blow from Chu Feng.

If the people who had seen the battle between Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were, to a greater or lesser degree, prepared for this scene, then the people from the Sealing Ancient Village like Zhou Long, as well as Huang Feng and his siblings from the World Spiritist Alliance, could be said to be completely and utterly stunned. Never had they ever imagined that Chu Feng was not only very powerful in terms of world spirit techniques, even his battle power was this strong.

“That guy is actually this powerful?” Zhou Long muttered with fear across his face. It was only at this moment that he realized how frightening this young man by the name of Chu Feng really was.

At this time, the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng no longer contained the disdain and hostility from before. In their place was an intense amount of reverence, as well as a deep lingering fear.

He was regretting that he had provoked Chu Feng before and set himself up to be Chu Feng’s enemy. That was because Chu Feng was most definitely the most powerful and the most frightening person from the same generation that he had ever seen.

As for Chu Feng, he completely ignored the gazes from the crowd. After he finished saying those words to Sun Lei, he turned around and began to walk towards Old Village Chief Ma.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!” However, to everyone’s surprise, Chu Feng had only walked a short distance when that Sun Lei who had been lying on the floor suddenly stood up. His eyes were reddened and martial power completely covered his body.

He was forming hand seals with one hand as he snarled in anger. After that, his body blossomed with blazing red flames. The blazing red flames surged nonstop. Like blades, they charged towards Chu Feng with a frightening speed.

“That’s one of the World Spiritist Alliance’s most famous Taboo Martial Skills, the Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash,”As they saw the raging flames forming into a blade ray, many experts began to frown deeply.

That was because not only did Sun Lei mount a sneak attack from behind, he even used the Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash, a very powerful martial skill. Although it took a comparatively long period of time to activate, once the Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash was activated, it would bring forth an unstoppable might.

Earlier, it was likely that Sun Lei had been enduring the beatings from Chu Feng so that he could gather enough time to activate this Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash. Else, it would have been impossible for him to be able to unleash it so quickly.

At this time, many people began to sweat cold bullets for Chu Feng. They were not afraid of whether Chu Feng possessed the ability to withstand this attack. Instead, they were afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to react in time because of how close the sneak attack was from him. If Chu Feng were to be struck by it, he would likely end up dying.

Thus, even Old Village Chief Ma made the preparations to act and help should Chu Feng be unable to withstand the incoming attack from Sun Lei. He would not sit by and watch Chu Feng be killed by Sun Lei.


Right at this time when everyone was worried for Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly turned around. In an instant, his body was covered with lightning, and his cultivation increased to that of a rank seven Martial King. Then, he raised his palm to the sky and an ear-piercing thunderous noise exploded from above him.

After the thunderous noise exploded, an astonishing energy appeared. It actually blocked Sun Lei’s Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash.

“Rumble, rumble.”

After that strange energy appeared, the sky and the earth started to tremble. Wind, Lightning, Water, Fire and Earth, these five different kinds of elements appeared above Chu Feng at the same time. Like surging wild beasts, they were fused together and rapidly spun.

As their rotation grew more and more intense, the trembling of this region grew stronger and stronger. It was as if the sky and the earth were about to collapse, as if this region was about to perish.

“It’s also an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Chu Feng actually managed to unleash an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill in an instant. Furthermore, this sort of might, it’s even stronger than Sun Lei’s Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash.”

When they saw this scene, the crowd was stunned once again. At this time, what Chu Feng had unleashed was the Earthen Taboo that he had created, Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation.

After his Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation was unleashed, it completely suppressed Sun Lei’s Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash. At this time, the five elements of Wind, Lightning, Water, Fire and Earth had not only disintegrated the Earthen Taboo: Blazing Flame Slash bit by bit, it also completely covered the sky above Sun Lei and was growing closer to Sun Lei with an unstoppable might.


Although Sun Lei was an extremely arrogant and proud person, he was akin to an ant before Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation.

At this time, Sun Lei no longer had any strength left to unleash another supreme skill. That was because even if he were to unleash all of his strength, he would not be able to withstand Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation’s destructive powers.

“Stop, stop right away. Do you wish to kill him?” Seeing that the situation was bad, Huang Feng and the others immediately shouted for Chu Feng to stop. They were able to tell that Sun Lei was simply unable to withstand Chu Feng’s attack. If this were to continue, Sun Lei would undoubtedly die.

However, at this time, they could do nothing other than to shout for Chu Feng to stop. After all, none of them possessed the ability to stop Chu Feng either.

As matters stood, they finally realized how powerful this disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain that they had looked down on really was. He was an existence that none of them could contend against.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it’s enough,” At this time, Old Village Chief Ma spoke to urge Chu Feng to stop. While he did not wish for Sun Lei to kill Chu Feng, by the same account, he also did not wish for Chu Feng to kill Sun Lei.

However, Chu Feng ignored all of them. Just like that, he continued to control his Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation. Gradually, his attack grew closer and closer toward Sun Lei, causing him to panic nonstop.

“Putt,” suddenly, Sun Lei was unable to withstand the enormous pressure from the Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation and was forced to his knees. Furthermore, because the pressure was so enormous, the crowd was even able to hear the sound of his kneecaps shattering.

With no alternatives left to him, Sun Lei shouted, “Chu Feng, I admit my defeat, I admit my defeat, please stop.”

His words shocked everyone in the crowd. Even Huang Feng and his siblings were no exception.

They all knew what sort of character Sun Lei was. He was a very conceited and prideful individual who would refuse to admit his defeat.

Yet, this time around, he actually admitted his defeat on his own accord. This was truly unimaginable. However, this also indirectly showed them how enormously powerful Chu Feng was. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to be able to force Sun Lei to such a state.

“Humph,” after Sun Lei admitted his defeat, Chu Feng coldly snorted and then stopped his Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation.

However, although he stopped it, the power of the Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation did not disappear immediately. Instead, it turned into five murderous elements that seemed to have their restrictions lifted. Carrying along with them five strands of very terrifying might, they blended into the space around Chu Feng.

Although their remaining power was very weak, their might was still as deterring as before.

After that Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formations disappeared, Sun Lei heaved a long sigh of relief. Then, with a ‘putt,’ he fell to the ground powerlessly.

At this moment, not only was his body covered with blood, there was also not the slightest bit of strength left in him. He had been defeated, utterly defeated. Even though he was famed for his tyrannical battle power, he had had no choice but to admit that the gap between him and Chu Feng was not at all small.

Huang Feng, Huang Ping, Huang Lang, Huang Jing and everyone else present all saw this with their own eyes. Chu Feng’s battle power greatly surpassed Sun Lei’s. Furthermore, it was not only limited to battle power; every aspect of Chu Feng made him someone that Sun Lei could not compare with.

Thus, when Chu Feng began to walk toward Old Village Chief Ma again to receive the spoils of war, not a single person uttered a word. They all knew that Chu Feng’s victory was well deserved, and that those spoils of wars had been won by him.

“Chu Feng, I will not let this matter stand. Although you’ve won against me, this does not mean that you will be able to win against my big brother.”

“I will return and bring my big brother with me. Not only will he avenge me, he will also take your life,” Sun Lei said those words with his very weak voice. Even though he admitted his defeat, the hatred he felt for Chu Feng had only grown more intense.

As for Chu Feng, he merely smiled at Sun Lei’s threatening words and left behind two words, “Any time.”