Chapter 1370 - Are You Certain That I’ve Lost?

MGA: Chapter 1370 - Are You Certain That I’ve Lost?

“Of course,” Chu Feng unhurriedly agreed.

Once those words were heard, many of the people present began to sweat cold bullets for Chu Feng out of worry.

Chu Feng’s actions were truly too careless. Even though Chu Feng’s speed at passing through the Village Entering Pass was shockingly fast, it remained that he had been determined to be cheating in the competition of spirit power.

Thus, many people felt that in terms of only spirit power, Chu Feng was inferior to even Zhou Long.

And earlier, even Zhou Long had been utterly defeated by Huang Feng. This was already enough to completely prove how powerful Huang Feng was. Yet, Chu Feng still dared to rashly challenge Huang Feng. While that would be fine by itself, he actually even accepted such unfair match conditions. As such, was this not the equivalent of bringing about his own destruction?

As matters stood, practically no one was optimistic for Chu Feng. They all felt that Chu Feng was courting death, seeking the path of his own destruction.

“In that case, let’s begin,” Seeing that Chu Feng accepted, Huang Feng was overjoyed. As he spoke, he swung his sleeve, causing his Cosmos Sack to flicker with light. Immediately afterward, a large cauldron that emitted a blue light flew out from his Cosmos Sack, appearing before everyone’s sight.

It was a medicine concocting cauldron, a very good quality one on top of that. When using this sort of medicine concocting cauldron to concoct medicine, the quality of the medicinal pellet produced would be upgraded enormously. It was much stronger than using only a spirit formation.

In other words, this medicine concocting cauldron itself was a rare treasure, something that all of the world spiritists present would want to possess.

“It’s one thing to select what he is proficient in. However, he actually even took out such an excellent-quality medicine concocting cauldron. This is simply too much bullying!”

As they saw the sapphire-like cauldron that was filled with runes and symbols, the eyes of the world spiritists present all shone. That was because this medicine concocting cauldron was truly no simple item.

However, at the same time, they also began to curse in their hearts, crying out injustice for Chu Feng. That was because they felt that Huang Feng, who already possessed the absolute advantage, was being extremely excessive by taking out that medicine concocting cauldron. He was simply not planning to give Chu Feng even the slightest chance of victory; he was planning to completely crush Chu Feng by means of absolute superiority.

“Very well, let’s begin,” However, to the crowd’s surprise, Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack also shone with light. Something then dropped to the ground with a ‘bang.’ As the dust rose from that item colliding with the ground, a medicine concocting cauldron that shone with light appeared in front of Chu Feng.

“Heavens, that is…” When they saw Chu Feng’s medicine concocting cauldron, the eyes and mouths of those people crying out for injustice for Chu Feng earlier became wide open with shock. They were stunned.

Even the eyes of Huang Feng, Sun Lei and the others shone with shock. They all began to frown afterwards. That was because none of them expected that Chu Feng would actually possess such a high quality medicine concocting cauldron. At the very least, this medicine concocting cauldron that Chu Feng took out was not the slightest bit inferior to Huang Feng’s medicine concocting cauldron. In fact, it was even a bit better than Huang Feng’s medicine concocting cauldron.

If the crowd were to learn that this medicine concocting cauldron had been gifted to Chu Feng by a management elder of the Cyanwood Mountain’s Medicine Concocting Department, and that an elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department had also gifted Chu Feng a weaponry refinement cauldron by the name of Golden Dragon Cauldron, the expression the crowd would have would not have only been one of simple shock. Instead, they would have been completely astonished.

That was because it would signify that Chu Feng was no small matter in the Cyanwood Mountain, that he was a super genius that the management elders from various different branch power organizations were all fond of.

“Doesn’t matter if you have a good cauldron, since what a world spiritist relies on is still his own world spirit techniques,” Huang Feng snorted coldly. After that, he began to set up his spirit formation. After he set up his spirit formation, he began to throw medicinal herbs into the spirit formation. By the time the spirit formation was closed, he had long since began to concoct the medicinal pellets already.

“Heh…” Chu Feng did not respond to Huang Feng’s words. Instead, he merely smiled. After that, he began to set up his spirit formation and throw in the medicinal herbs in succession. He did all of this very smoothly, like moving clouds and flowing water. His technique in medicine concocting was not at all slower than Huang Feng’s. In fact, it could even be said that Huang Feng was inferior in all aspects.

“Bastard! Didn’t you say that you didn’t know about the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet? If you didn’t know about it, how would you be able to possess such a fluent technique in concocting it?”

Huang Feng was unable to contain himself. As matters stood, he discovered that he had been deceived by Chu Feng.

From Chu Feng’s appearance, how did he even resemble someone who was concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets for the first time? He was instead simply a master at concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.

“Sorry about that, I deceived you earlier,” Chu Feng casually said those words. There was not the slightest bit of guilt on his face. It was as if everything was only natural.

“You…” Hearing those words, Huang Feng was so enraged that his complexion turned deep red. He was already extremely composed by being able to not vomit a mouthful of blood after hearing that. Else, he would have definitely been angered to death by Chu Feng just now.

Chu Feng had scammed him, yet he still dared to speak such bold and self-confident words. Had there ever been such a person before?

Furthermore, it was one thing to betray his trust. But, this Chu Feng had actually also robbed him of his medicine concocting materials. This Chu Feng was simply too shameless.

“Thanks for the materials, you’ve managed to help me save quite a bit of money. Heh…” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. However, there was not the slightest bit of thankfulness in his tone. Instead, it was filled with ridicule and mockery.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, not only Huang Feng, even Huang Ping, Huang Lang, Huang Jing and Sun Lei were so utterly angered that they were unable to contain themselves. They pointed to Chu Feng and lashed out cursing, “You, you are completely and utterly shameless. Damned shameless man!”

At the beginning, they thought that they had received an advantage. Only now did they learn that they were actually losing out. Unknowingly, they had been played by this rash youth from the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Fu, fu, fuck! I th, thought I was sh, shameless enough, ne, nev, never would I have exp, expected that he’s eve, even more shameless than me!” At this time, even Wang Qiang was unable to contain himself. He was blown away by how shameless Chu Feng was.

As for the people who had felt that Chu Feng was bringing about his own destruction, they were all standing there expressionlessly like stunned chickens.

As matters stood, they finally realized that they had all underestimated this young man by the name of Chu Feng. While he might be young, he was actually much more scheming than they were.

Losing out? No, he had simply received an enormously cheap advantage from Huang Feng.

At this time, spirited discussions filled the crowd. Everyone was praising Chu Feng for how he had played a genius of the World Spiritist Alliance through his schemes.

Compared to Zhou Long, Chu Feng’s intelligence was much more commendable.

At this moment, when the crowd was praising Chu Feng, the geniuses of the World Spiritist Alliance were thoroughly angered.

However, at such a time, Huang Feng did not say anything anymore. He had decided to endure and turn all of his attention towards concocting the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.

After a very long time, Huang Feng said, “Humph, quite good skills of deceit you have there. However, I’ll tell you the same thing: in a competition of world spirit techniques, what one needs is true ability.”

After he finished saying those words, he waved his sleeve. Then, a ‘bang’ was heard. His previously-sealed medicine cauldron was opened. At the same time, several golden lights exploded into the sky like reverse meteors. In the end, they stopped in midair.

These things were emitting a large amount of golden light and a dense medicinal aroma.

When they saw the golden lights in midair, the world spiritists present were all stupefied with expressions of shock on their faces.

“Amazing, truly amazing. He actually managed to concoct a total of eighty High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets in such a short period of time. This sort of speed, it’s truly too amazing.”

The crowd was filled with shock. Even though they knew that the World Spiritist Alliance was extremely powerful in terms of concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets, they had not expected them to be this powerful.

“Chu Feng, there is no need for you to continue, you’ve already lost,” Huang Feng looked to Chu Feng, who was still concocting his medicinal pellets, and spoke with a beaming smile on his face.

Hearing those words, the crowd present, especially those who had hoped for Chu Feng to win, started to deeply sigh and shake their heads. Expression of helplessness filled their faces.

Lost, they all knew that Chu Feng had lost.

No matter how much they wanted Chu Feng to win, they knew that it was impossible for Chu Feng to win. Before Huang Feng’s amazingly powerful medicine concocting technique, even they themselves would have no choice but to admit defeat. As such, how could Chu Feng possibly be able to win?

“So that’s the true strength of that bastard? Damn it!”

At this time, Zhou Long was filled with regret. As matters stood, he finally realized how enormous the gap between him and Huang Feng was. He was simply no match for Huang Feng at all, and simply should not have tried to compete with him.

However, at the very next moment, he started to smile. He looked to Chu Feng and said with schadenfreude, “An idiot who doesn’t know true strength, see how you’ve flaunted your abilities. This time around, you’ve been miserably defeated. Serves you right.”

“Are you certain that I’ve lost?” Right at the time when everyone felt that Chu Feng had lost, Chu Feng, who had been quiet for a very long time, suddenly spoke.