Chapter 1362 - Exorbitant Demand

MGA: Chapter 1362 - Exorbitant Demand

Zhou Sitian walked forward and said, “Today is our Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestral worship ceremony. Naturally, it would be bustling with noise and excitement.”

“Am I talking to you? Why are you interrupting my conversation?” However, to Zhou Sitian’s surprise, before he could finish saying what he wanted to say, he was berated by the oldest man from the World Spiritist Alliance.

Hearing those words, Zhou Sitian’s expression instantly changed. As he was a grand vice village chief, being berated in public by someone from the younger generation made him feel extremely humiliated.

He wanted to say something back. However, at this time, the Old Village Chief coughed and indicated something to him with a gaze.

He understood that the Old Village Chief was indicating for him to not say anything. Thus, he could only endure and forcibly swallow the words that he wanted to say. Zhou Sitian spoke no more, and instead went and stood behind the Old Village Chief. He had decided to let the Old Village Chief handle this matter.

“Little friend Sun Lei, what might have brought you to our Sealing Ancient Village this time around?”

The Old Village Chief walked toward the group of young people and questioned them with a smile on his face and a very well-natured tone. From the fact that he called out that young man’s name, one could tell that he knew who that young man was.

At this time, hearing the whispers from his surroundings, Chu Feng came to know that that man by the name of Sun Lei was actually extremely famous in the Sealing Ancient Village.

He was a genius from the World Spiritist Alliance. He had an older brother by the name of Sun Chao. Reportedly, the two brothers were different in the World Spiritist Alliance.

In the World Spiritist Alliance, the majority of the geniuses possessed relatively weak martial power.

For example, the four men and women who had followed Sun Lei here. Even though they also possessed heaven-defying battle power, they only possessed the battle power to overcome a single level.

A battle power like theirs was the lowest tier among the heaven-defying battle powers. However, one could not simply deny their status as geniuses because of this. Merely from the gazes of these four individuals, Chu Feng was able to tell that, although they did not possess very powerful battle power, they were most definitely exceptional in world spirit techniques. As such, they fully deserved their titles of geniuses. Merely, they were the same sort of genius as Sima Ying. Their talent was in the field of understanding world spirit techniques.

This was the main characteristic of the geniuses of the World Spiritist Alliance. Their main expertise was not in battles of martial powers. Instead, it was in their ability to use world spiritist techniques.

The reason why Sun Lei and his older brother Sun Chao were said to be different was because they possessed relatively ordinary world spirit techniques when compared to the other disciples of the major powers. Yet, they possessed powerful martial power.

For example, this Sun Lei, not only did he possess the cultivation of rank eight Martial King, Chu Feng was also able to tell that he possessed heaven-defying battle power capable of crossing two levels. In other words, this Sun Lei’s battle power was at the level of a rank one Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, it surpassed ordinary rank one Half Martial Emperors. Thus, only rank two Half Martial Emperors would be capable of fighting him.

The reason why this Sun Lei and his older brother were extremely famous in the Sealing Ancient Village was because of their grandfather. Their grandfather was also a very powerful person. He was said to be the World Spiritist’s Alliance’s management world spiritist with the fiercest battle power. He was also one of the most famed people of the World Spiritist Alliance due to his prowess. In the past, he had once completely wiped out a large and strong power by himself.

Sun Lei and his older brother relied on the vicious reputation of their grandfather, and would come to the Sealing Ancient Village repeatedly. Every single time they came here, they would always make unreasonable demands and demand that the Sealing Ancient Village present them with Sealing Glacial Water.

Thus, even the Old Village Chief of the Sealing Ancient Village had no choice but to act courteously toward this Sun Lei. What they were afraid of was not this Sun Lei. Instead, they feared his powerful grandfather.

“Ha, it’s Village Chief Ma who knows how to speak,” After hearing what the Old Village Chief said, Sun Lei displayed a pleasant smile.

Then, he said, “Village Chief Ma, you know me very well. After all, it is not the first time that I’ve come to your Sealing Ancient Village. However, I presume that you do not know about these four people beside me.”

“Well, that’s alright since I’ll be introducing them to you. The four of them are siblings. From the oldest to the youngest, they are called Huang Feng, Huang Ping, Huang Lan and Huang Jing.” [1. When their names are combined, it means a tranquil setting. Feng → wind. Ping → still. Lang → wave. Jing → quiet. E.g. The wind is still and the waves are quiet.]

“Village Chief Ma, while you might not know who they are, I’m certain you know who their grandfather is.”

“That was because their grandfather is the person who competed with you in world spirit techniques back then and crushingly defeated you, our World Spiritist Alliance’s management world spiritist, Senior Huang Xiuji,” Sun Lei said with a beaming smile on his face.

Hearing those words, the complexions of the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village turned ashen. They were so angered that they started to gnash their teeth.

That was because what Sun Lei had just said was simply the equivalent to a public insult of their Sealing Ancient Village’s Old Village Chief. One must know that there was more than only the people from the Sealing Ancient Village gathered here. There were also a lot of guests. As such, how could they possibly be able to contain their anger?

However, when compared to the villagers, Old Village Chief Ma appeared to be very calm.

With a smile on his face, he spoke to the four men and women beside Sun Lei, “So these four little friends are called Feng, Ping, Lang and Jing. It could be said that I am an old acquaintance of your grandfather. Thus, I naturally have heard of you four before. To be able to meet you all today is fate. May I ask, how is your grandfather doing lately?”

“Senior Ma, thank you for your concern. Our grandfather is doing extremely well. Originally, he had planned to come and personally visit senior Ma. However, due to the fact that he was preoccupied and could not leave, and also that our parents are also preoccupied, it ended up being us four siblings who came to greet senior Ma,” The man by the name of Huang Feng spoke. The other three people smiled in agreement.

“Brother Huang is being truly courteous. However, four little friends, it must’ve been a weary journey for you all to travel so far to here. I think it would be best for you all to stay and have a proper rest,” As Village Chief Ma spoke, he was planning to order for people to prepare guest rooms to receive the five young people of the World Spiritst Alliance.

“Senior Ma, there is no need for you to go through all this trouble. We have merely come to greet Senior Ma on behalf of our grandfather and do not plan to stay for long.”

“However, we are currently training in world spirit techniques and require the assistance of Sealing Glacial Water. Thus, we are also thinking about requesting some from senior Ma,” Huang Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Sure enough, they have not come to send a greeting at all. After all those words, they have still come to demand Sealing Glacial Water.”

Hearing those words, the people from the Sealing Ancient Village all began to curse in their hearts. They knew for certain that the people from the World Spiritist Alliance had not come here with good intentions.

However, they could only curse out in their hearts. After learning of the identities of that Feng, Ping, Lang and Jiang, how could any one of them dare to actually speak out against them? After all, the grandfather of this Feng, Ping, Lang and Jing was someone who had surpassed their Old Village Chief Ma.

Old Village Chief Ma was the strongest person in their entire Sealing Ancient Village. An existence that could surpass the Old Village Chief Ma, how could any people from the Sealing Ancient Village dare to provoke that person?

“May I know how much you require?” Old Village Chief Ma asked indifferently. He appeared to be very calm. It was as if he had already anticipated this happening.

“Not a lot, we merely need a hundred thousand drops of the Sealing Glacial Water. That should be sufficient,” Huang Feng said.

“What? A hundred thousand drops?” Hearing those words, the expressions of the villagers from the Sealing Ancient Village instantly changed. They even started to shiver in anger.

Although the Sealing Glacial Water was the speciality of the Sealing Ancient Village, a gift that they presented to guests, they would only gift one or two drops to a guest every time. Furthermore, not all guests would be presented with Sealing Glacial Water as gift.

In fact, not even the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village were allowed to use Sealing Glacial Water at will.

Else, there would be no reason for Zhou Long and the others to work so hard in this spirit power competition. That was because the first prize of a thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water was already a very precious treasure to them.

Thus, when Huang Feng demanded a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water, it was simply an exorbitant demand.

Village Chief Ma shook his head and said, “Little friends, if you need Sealing Glacial Water, then, taking your grandfather into consideration, this old man could unconditionally present all of you with two hundred drops each. Little friend Sun Lei, I am also able to present this many drops to you.”

“As for a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water, haha… please forgive this old man for being unable to comply with your desire. Not to mention that our Sealing Ancient Village does not possess that many drops of Sealing Glacial Water, even if we did, I do not have the authority to gift them to you all.”

“After all, the Sealing Glacial Water is not something that I own. Instead, it is formed by the expenditure of our Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestor and successive generations of seniors.”