Chapter 1331 - The New Headmaster

MGA: Chapter 1331 - The New Headmaster

“Is this senior Hong Qiang’s strength? Exactly what sort of level is his cultivation at for him to be this powerful?” Chu Feng was deeply frowning and gasping with admiration in his heart.

“He is most likely a peak Half Martial Emperor. That is because, regardless of how powerful his might is, the emperor-level power is still impure. This means that he has yet to become a Martial Emperor, and is still a Half Martial Emperor,” Eggy explained.

“A peak Half Martial Emperor? In that case, doesn’t it mean that senior Hong Qiang is approaching Martial Emperor?” Chu Feng was shocked.

After arriving at the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng had met a lot of Half Martial Emperors. However, this was the first time that he had met a peak Half Martial Emperor-level expert.

It was no wonder that Hong Qiang would be this powerful, so powerful that even Half Martial Emperor White Ape was inferior to him.


After a burst of violent trembling and turbulent winds, the world finally returned to normal.

Merely, when everything returned to normal, everyone’s expression changed greatly. They were all struck dumb. Even Chu Feng was no exception.

At this time, many people were lying on either their backs or their stomachs in midair. It was evident that these people had been greatly affected by the might displayed by Hong Qiang earlier.

However, no matter what, they were still alive. In fact, they were not injured in the slightest.

However, when the crowd turned their gazes to the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head and the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster, they discovered that neither of them were where they had previously been standing. Instead, they were lying on the ground.

Furthermore, both of their heads had disappeared from their bodies. An irregular cut could be seen on their necks. It was as if their heads had been ripped apart. At this time, a large amount of blood was violently rushing out from their bodies.

Not only did the two of them not show any signs of life, even their source energies had been completely sucked dry from their bodies. They were completely dead.

When the crowd turned to look at Hong Qiang, they saw that he was still standing in the same place. However, there were two additional items in his hands.

Those were the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head and the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster’s… heads.

“He… he… he actually killed the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head and Lord Headmaster!” Suddenly, someone was unable to contain their fear and alarm and cried out with a shaking voice.

Immediately afterward, all sorts of cries of fear began to rise again and again. Everyone started to panic. There were even people who began to turn around and run away.

After the first person began to run away, there was a second, then a third...

In an instant, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s magnificent army of thousands of men that stood in the sky had lost all of their former morale and, like defeated soldiers, began to flee in disarray. Each and every one of them wanted to quickly escape this place.

They were truly frightened and scared witless. That was because they had never thought that Hong Qiang was this frightening, that he was actually able to instantly remove the heads of both the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head and the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster.

One must know that those two people were the most powerful existences in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. The two of them were both Half Martial Emperors with very high levels of cultivation.

However, such powerful existences were actually so easily beheaded by Hong Qiang. Furthermore, during the time of their deaths, they did not even have the time to utter a scream.

This inevitably led the crowd to think about what sort of cultivation this Hong Qiang, who had previously been low-key, yet now was unstoppable once he began to act, possessed.

“Martial Emperor, could it be that this Hong Qiang is a Martial Emperor?”

As matters stood, many people felt that it was possible that Hong Qiang was a Martial Emperor-level expert. That was because they, like Chu Feng, had only seen such a powerful character for the first time.

However, the more powerful Hong Qiang was, the more fearful they became. After all, they had set themselves up to be Hong Qiang’s enemies earlier.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh.”

However, right at the moment when the countless elders and disciples were trying to escape, Hong Qiang waved his sleeve. Then, a boundless amount of rays of light formed by spirit power were shot out frantically like rainstorm of sharp swords. One by one, they entered the bodies of the elders and disciples.

Everyone pierced by those rays of light uttered miserable cries. After that, they lost their ability to fly and, like burlap bags, they fell from the sky and crashed ruthlessly into the ground.

It was like the sky above the Discarded Bamboo Forest was raining people as countless figures fell from the sky and crashed into the ground.

“Damn it, why have I lost my strength? Exactly what did he do to me?”

“Heavens, what is happening? I am unable to sense any martial power. My cultivation is gone!!!”

The crowd began to panic. Not only had they lost the ability to fly and felt powerless from head to toe, they were also unable to sense martial power. Their current state was akin to that of cripples who had lost their cultivation.

Right at the time when the people from the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest were lying on the ground on their stomachs like dying dogs, Hong Qiang spoke with a beaming smile. “Everyone, do not panic. All of you still have your cultivations.”

When they heard Hong Qiang speaking, those frantic members of the crowd immediately shut their mouths and anxiously looked to Hong Qiang. At this moment, they all realized that it was actually Hong Qiang who had turned them this way.

“Since ancient times, regardless of what sect or school it might be, the position of the headmaster has always been held by the person with the greatest ability.”

“I, Hong Qiang, was originally not interested in this so-called power and authority. However, I am also unwilling to watch as the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest turns into a headless dragon, declining with each passing day, and finally wasting all of the efforts that the previous headmasters of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest had put forth.”

“Thus, today, I, Hong Qiang, shall reluctantly and temporarily take on the duty of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster.”

“As for you all, regardless of how enormously wrong you all have been, how enormously mistaken you all have been, I, Hong Qiang, will take all of the previous headmasters into consideration and give you all an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and not look further into your wrongs,” Hong Qiang said.

“So he wants to become the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster?”

“He’s not planning to look into our disrespect toward him?”

“If that is truly the case, then wouldn’t this be a good thing?”

“That’s right. This Hong Qiang is this powerful, if he were to become our headmaster, who, other than the World Spiritist Alliance, would possibly be able to contend against our Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest?”

After hearing what Hong Qiang said, the crowd that had been filled with fear finally felt relief. There were even people who secretly felt delighted and excited.

The reason why they were in so much fear was because they had been disrespectful toward Hong Qiang. Not to mention what they had done in the past, just earlier, under the instigation of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster, they had been loudly humiliating Hong Qiang.

Thus, it was natural that they would be afraid of Hong Qiang killing them.

However, if Hong Qiang did not plan to kill them, and instead planned to become the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster, then it would definitely be a good thing for them.

As elders and disciples of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, who among them would not want the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to be stronger?

They had all seen Hong Qiang’s strength for themselves. He was definitely not only a bit stronger than the previous headmaster. If Hong Qiang were to become the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster, it would definitely be a good thing.

“However, all of you, listen carefully. In the future, regardless of whether you might be a head of a bamboo forest, an elder or a disciple, no one is allowed to take advantage of one’s position to bully others, no one is allowed to look down on your fellow members of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.”

“If I am to discover anyone who dared to do anything that goes against the rules of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, then, regardless of who that person might be, I will not let them get away,” Hong Qiang added

No one uttered any objection to what Hong Qiang said. The strictness of the rules signified the sagaciousness of a headmaster.

If possible, they also wanted the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to be more amiable overall and become stronger. After all, as long as the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest became stronger, they too would become stronger.

Suddenly, the Golden Bamboo Forest’s head asked, “Lord Headmaster, we will do all that you’ve said. Merely, the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head has died. We will need a new appointment to the position of the head. Lord Headmaster, might you have any suitable candidate for the head of the Colorful Bamboo Forest?”

The Golden Bamboo Forest’s head actually said those words with a selfish motive. Although the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head had been killed, it remained that the Colorful Bamboo Forest was the most powerful bamboo forest in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

Among all of the experts in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, the person with the greatest qualifications to take up the position of the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head would be him, the Golden Bamboo Forest’s head.

Thus, while he might seem to have said those words because of consideration for the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, he was actually seeking benefits for himself and striving for an opportunity for promotion.

In fact, it was not only limited to the Golden Bamboo Forest’s head; many other people were interested in the position of the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head. All of them hoped to be able to obtain this high position of being below a single person and above tens of thousands.

Thus, at this time, they were all closely staring at Hong Qiang with hope in their hearts. They all desired for Hong Qiang to say their name.

Merely, when Hong Qiang said his following words, not to mention these bamboo forest’s heads, even the elders and disciples were stunned.

Hong Qiang looked to Chu Feng and said, “As for the position of the head of the Colorful Bamboo Forest, Chu Feng will take up that position.”