Chapter 1328 - Truly Shameless

MGA: Chapter 1328 - Truly Shameless

“In that case, what should I do?” Chu Feng realized that obtaining the Sealing Glacier would not be as easy as he had imagined it would be.

“What you must do is very simple, you need to make them become extremely fond of you, and then find an opportunity to steal the Sealing Glacier,” Hong Qiang said.

“Steal? Are you certain that’s okay?” Chu Feng was a bit hesitant. He was not someone who was fond of doing immoral things.

“You merely need to obtain a piece of the Sealing Glacier the size of a palm. As for the entire Sealing Glacier, its size is as large as a bear. If you only take a portion the size of a palm, it cannot be considered to be destroying their village’s guardian treasure.”

“Furthermore, if you are able to obtain it, then leave this behind as compensation to them,” As Hong Qiang spoke, he took out a wooden box from his Cosmos Sack.

That wooden box was extremely exquisite in appearance. When it was opened, a red glimmer immediately blossomed from the box. Upon closer inspection, there were a total of thirty-six red pearl-like objects emitting blazing hot fiery air.

“Senior, these are?”

Chu Feng was startled. It was obvious that these thirty-six red pearl-like objects were no ordinary items. It was so much so that Chu Feng was able to sense the aura of Natural Oddities from them.

Unfortunately, while these pearl-like objects might be related to Natural Oddities, they were not cultivation resources. Instead, they were treasures capable of increasing the might of world spirit formations.

“These are the Deep Sea Red Pearls. They are treasures of considerable value, capable of increasing the strength of sealing formations.”

“These thirty-six Deep Sea Red Pearls are definitely superior in value to a palm-sized Sealing Glacier.”

“Leave these to them as compensation,” Hong Qiang said.

“It would seem that this is the only way,” Seeing this, Chu Feng accepted the Deep Sea Red Pearls from Hong Qiang.

In order to increase his cultivation, as long as he was not tasked with willfully slaughtering the innocent or committing outrageous and bloody atrocities, Chu Feng was willing to do practically anything.

However, he could not be blamed for his decision. After all, he carried an enormous burden on his back.

What he wanted to defeat was an enormous power, an enormous monster that, with merely a single movement of its leg, would be able to completely obliterate all of the powers in the Holy Land of Martialism.

His enemy was his powerful family that was located in the unknown Outer World.

After this, Chu Feng left the place with Hong Qiang. However, when Chu Feng returned to that crystal coffin, he suddenly stopped his footsteps.

“Senior, do you about the origins of this woman?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

This woman in the coffin was truly too mysterious. Chu Feng really wanted to know about her origins.

“I don’t. However, I know that she should have been an extremely powerful expert when she was alive. At the very least, I am incapable of moving any of the things she left behind,” Hong Qiang said.

“Even senior Hong Qiang is unable to open this coffin?” Chu Feng gasped in surprise.

“Not only that coffin, I am unable to even damage that tombstone,” Hong Qiang shook his head and sighed.

Then, he added, “She was the first person to discover the Raging Flames Iron Lotus Flower. However, she did not do anything to it. Instead, she buried herself in this place.”

“This woman is too mysterious. However, I have a guess as to her origins,” Hong Qiang said.

“What is it?” Chu Feng hurriedly asked.

“It is very possible for this woman to be the founder of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest,” Hong Qiang said.

“The Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s founder?” Chu Feng was shocked.

“The founder of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was extremely mysterious. It was so much that no one even knows whether the founder was a male or a female.”

“However, according to the records, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s founder was extremely powerful and was likely a Martial Emperor-level expert.”

“However, the founder disappeared all of a sudden many years ago and never once reappeared after that.”

“I’ve made calculations before, and this woman’s time of death is very close to the time when the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s founder disappeared.”

“On top of that, this woman possessed unfathomable strength when she was alive. Thus, I think that it is very possible that she was the founder of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest,” Hong Qiang said.

“Wow! She was a Martial Emperor?! A Martial Emperor’s source energy, this is truly an enormous enticement!” Hearing what Hong Qiang said, Her Lady Queen began to leap and jump in excitement. Her two eyes were shining very brightly and she appeared as if she were about to start drooling.

To Eggy, source energy was extremely important. As for the source energy of a Martial Emperor, it was an enormous enticement.

“She’s actually a Martial Emperor-level expert?” In fact, even Chu Feng was shocked. Although he had guessed that this woman had been extremely powerful when she had been alive, he had never expected her to be this powerful.

Martial Emperor, this was the peak level for experts in the Holy Land of Martialism. All those who had became Martial Emperors, each and every one of them, were existences in the Holy Land of Martialism who could bring about fear to all the various powers by merely lifting their legs.

“That is only my guess. This coffin is too powerful, I am simply unable to sense what sort of cultivation she had when she was alive.”

“On top of that, her physical body is completely undamaged. Thus, I am also unable determine her cultivation from her bones. Therefore, I am unable to determine whether my guess is correct or not.”

“However, whether or not she was a Martial Emperor or the founder of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest is not important.”

“The important matter is that her source energy is still intact. Else, it would be impossible for her physical body to be still preserved after so long.”

“To world spirits, an expert’s source energy is an extremely valuable supplement. On top of that, this crystal coffin and the tombstone are also very valuable items. Thus, this woman, her coffin and the tombstone are all priceless treasures.”

“However, unfortunately, the current me is simply incapable of obtaining this treasure,” Hong Qiang suddenly laughed. His laugh was a laughter of helplessness.

From this, it could be seen that he had wanted to obtain this mysterious woman’s source energy, the crystal coffin and the crystal tombstone very much. After all, he was also a very powerful world spiritist.

At this moment, both Chu Feng and Eggy felt a sense of disappointment.

With how powerful Hong Qiang was, even if he was currently unable to obtain this mysterious woman’s source energy, sooner or later, if he wanted, he would be able to obtain it.

At that time, it would be fated that Eggy would not have a chance with this source energy of a Martial Emperor-level expert.

“Buzz.” Right at this moment, Hong Qiang’s hands began to form hand seals. A very powerful spirit energy began to rush out from his body like a flood.

Under his control, his spirit energy began to change nonstop. In the end, it formed a large and majestic spirit formation and completely covered the crystal coffin, the mysterious woman and the tombstone.

Soon, the formation that flickered with golden light began to dim. Furthermore, the light grew dimmer and dimmer until it finally disappeared.

However, what disappeared along with that spirit formation were the crystal coffin, the mysterious woman and the crystal tombstone. It was like they were never there in the first place. At this time, other than the stones from the cave, there was nothing in that region.

“Truly shameless, he actually set up a concealing spirit formation and a protective formation to hide that source energy. Did he think that we would be planning to fight over it with him?”

“He is truly too excessive. Chu Feng, it is obvious that this damned old man is distrusting of you. You have respected him in vain,” Seeing what Hong Qiang said, Eggy began to gnash her teeth and curl her lips. She felt that Hong Qiang was excessively shameless.