Chapter 1323 - Lord Hong Qiang

MGA: Chapter 1323 - Lord Hong Qiang

He was wearing extremely plain and simple ordinary clothes, with grizzled hair and a very tidy appearance.

He had wrinkles across his amiable-looking face. However, at this moment, an unrivalled air of oppression was being emitted from his pair of aged eyes.

He was the old man who had appeared in front of Chu Feng and stopped the fatal attack from Jiang Chenshan.

The appearance of this old man shocked all of the people present greatly.

That was because he had appeared without any hint or sign. It was as if he had appeared from thin air. His appearance was unimaginable to everyone present.

Suddenly, someone who recognized this old man said, “It’s Hong Qiang, it’s the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest, Hong Qiang,”

Once he said those words, the entire crowd burst into an uproar. Many people did not expect that this powerful old man was actually the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

However, when compared to the others, Chu Feng was overjoyed. That was because his plan had been a success. After the enormous ruckus he had created, sure enough, he had managed to force Hong Qiang out.

However, what delighted him the most was that Hong Qiang had actually helped him. During the moment when his life was in crisis, Hong Qiang had extended a helping hand.

This meant that Hong Qiang cared about him. Even though they had only met once, and their meeting could not even have been considered to be actually meeting each other, Hong Qiang was still willing to stick out for Chu Feng.

“Get out of the way! That child killed my grandson. Today, I insist on dismembering his body into ten thousand pieces!” Jiang Chenshan shouted angrily.

His grandson being killed had sent him into a violent rage. Much less the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest that he looked down on, even if he was to be met with a true expert, he would still not give up on killing Chu Feng.

Thus, at this very moment, his attitude was extremely arrogant. The tone that he used when speaking to Hong Qiang was simply not a tone used to speak to a bamboo forest’s head. Instead, it was more of a tone of berating a lowly pawn.

“That Jiang Wuyi had signed a Life and Death Agreement with my Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciple. As his skill was inferior, his death was well deserved. If one must blame, then one can only blame him for having inferior skills.”

“Yet you, as a management elder of the Colorful Bamboo Forest, actually do not even understand this bit of reason, and dare to act so arrogant and violent in public by attacking my Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciple.”

“You are truly a disgrace to our Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s name,” Hong Qiang said.

“I told you to fucking move aside!” Jiang Chenshan was truly enraged. He was disinclined to speak further with Hong Qiang, and angrily snarled at him once more. Furthermore, he even cursed.

“Pow.” Right at this moment, Elder Hong Qiang waved his sleeve. Then, a resounding slap landed on Jiang Chenshan’s face.

Although the two of them stood very far from each other, Hong Qiang’s slap to the face was extremely powerful. It caused Jiang Chenshan’s body to waver in the air, and he nearly fell from the sky.

“You…” Feeling his cheek that was scorching with heat and then looking at the movement that Hong Qiang had used to slap him, Jiang Chenshan’s expression changed greatly. Disbelief filled his eyes. Never would he have imagined that that this person he had thought to be trash was actually able to slap him.


Right at this moment, Elder Hong Qiang waved his sleeve once more, and a resounding slap landed on Jiang Chenshan’s other cheek. Furthermore, this slap was even more powerful than the previous slap, causing Jiang Chenshan to take several steps back in midair.

“You damned old trash, I’ll rip you apart alive!”

Being slapped twice in front of all these people, Jiang Chenshan was unable to contain his anger. After an angry shout, heaven and earth began to tremble. Even the surrounding space was shattered like mirrors. He was planning to unleash a fatal attack at Hong Qiang.


However, right at the moment when Jiang Chenshan was planning to unleash his attack at Hong Qiang, Hong Qiang casually threw out a palm strike.

“Boom!” A loud explosion followed by a ferocious energy ripple exploded in front of Jiang Chenshan. Its speed was so fast and its power so strong that Jiang Chenshan was directly knocked flying by the explosion. After that, he fell from the sky.

After crashing into the ground, Jiang Chenshan struggled for a very long time before finally able to get back up.

He pointed to Hong Qiang in the sky and said, “Old trash, I’ll definitely kil…”


However, before Jiang Chenshan could finish what he wanted to say, a mouthful of aged blood burst out from his mouth. Then, he began to waver back and forth. Finally, his legs grew weak and he fell to his stomach.

Not only was he seriously injured and incapable of fighting, he had also lost consciousness.

“Heavens! Is he really the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest? How could he be this powerful?”

Seeing a grand management elder from the Colorful Bamboo Forest being beaten unconscious before their eyes, all the people present were unable to help themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

One must know that Jiang Chenshan was a very powerful existence even among the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s management elders, and he possessed a powerful reputation in the entire Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

It was so much so that even the head elders of the Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron Bamboo Forests would have to give him face. He was one of the top existences in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

Yet, an existence like him was actually knocked unconscious by Hong Qiang with only a single palm strike. This truly surpassed everyone’s imaginations.

Regardless of whether they might be elders or disciples, no one had ever imagined that the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest would actually be this frightening.

He was simply too powerful, so powerful that it was likely that there were not many people in the entire Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest who could contend against him.

This sort of conclusion was something that the surrounding crowd found very hard to accept. Each and every one of them was trembling with fear.

Seeing that the situation had turned bad, those elders who had attacked Chu Feng earlier all began to hurriedly turn around in silence; they wanted to stealthily leave this place, as they were deeply afraid that Hong Qiang would attack them.

After all, Hong Qiang was daring enough to attack a powerful figure like Jiang Chenshan, how would he not dare to attack them?



However, right at the moment when many people were planning to escape stealthily, a flash of coldness shone through Hong Qiang’s eyes, and a boundlessly oppressive might fell from the sky.

Those elders who had attacked Chu Feng were all crushed to the ground from the sky. Like dying dogs, they lay there on their stomachs. Other than wailing in bitter pain, they were unable to do anything else.

Suddenly, Hong Qiang removed that ferocious oppressive might, pointed to those elders on the floor and said, “All of you, kneel.”

Hearing that, not a single elder dared to resist. Furthermore, not a single one dared to try to escape. Instead, they all climbed back up and kneeled on the ground.

“I said, all of you, anyone that is not part of my Discarded Bamboo Forest, kneel!”

Hong Qiang shouted angrily. His voice was louder than thunder, and his might was world-shakingly powerful. Even the sky began to tremble and appeared to be about to collapse from his voice.

In this sort of situation, how could anyone possibly dare to hesitate? Thus, other than the people from the Discarded Bamboo Forest, regardless of whether they might be elders of disciples, they all kneeled on the ground, not daring to even raise their heads.

As matters stood, they had all experienced how powerful Hong Qiang was. Thus, none of them dared to offend Hong Qiang in the slightest.

“You, you, you, you, and you.”

After everyone had knelt onto the ground, Hong Qiang pointed to five elders, one from each of the five different bamboo forests, and said, “Go and call your heads over here. Else, the rest of them will be kneeling here until they die.”

Hearing that, those elders who had been pointed out by him immediately got back up and immediately flew away with their bodies shivering in fear.

Not only were they going back to report what had happened, they were also trying their best to escape this place as quickly as possible.